Monday, June 30, 2008

Back To School II

Back to School

Need I to say more?Arghhh...I hate 1st day of school & I hate Monday!!!! I had to drag my feet (or legs?) to the bathroom, then out from the bathroom back to my bedroom, then *CENSORED* this scene had to be censored.. XD Finally made my way to downstairs, went out started the engine of my car & hubby's too. Then dragged my a$ back inside to the kitchen have a sip of tea.. Then went upstairs to call my hubby hehe... He is my driver for today since he is not working *wink*... Now I'm waiting for him to pick me up!!!

Wanted - The movie

1st I want to apologize for this late review. I watched this movie last week with my husband (as usual). It's a movie adaptation from the graphic novel 'Wanted' hence the movie title. I found the movie was... erm... so-so not so boring but not so exciting.. Just ok.. 3stars out of 5stars.. It's about a guy who had a very normal life who don't know anything about his parents. The rest was history, what I liked best is 'his training part'. Well if u happened to read the graphic novel like my husband did, then I didn't recommend it to you ^_^

Last Night @ ShabbyChic

Finally!!! I bought rubber stamps, sizzix dies,3 spool of ribbons,diecuts (12 pieces in a plastic) & 2 pieces of papers (wow that was my 1st time buying just two pieces of scrap paper!). Next time I'll try to take a shot of all the scrap things I buy.

The Upcoming Movies:
This Week - Hancock
The Next Week - Dark Knight (Batman)
The Next Next Week - I forgot hmm...

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Boredom & Fitness Schedule

School Holiday = Less Boredom
A'kum. Hallo.. I'm so bored whenever I think of school!! Right now I can't play my online game "Cabal" u know today is 'the server maintenance day'.. So I'll continue some of my scrapbooking & school works arghhhhhhhhhh............... I can die because of boredom u know hahaha...

My Fitness Schedule:
@ Paul & Olivia Image Studio
23/06 5.30-6.30pm StickAero - u know u are doing ur aerobic using stick (weigh abt 2lb)
24/06 5.30-6.30pm BollyAero - aerobic mixed ala bollywood dance ^_^
25/06 7.00-8.00pm BellyDance - ~shake ur booty, shimmy, scoop~
26/06 7.00-8.00pm BellyDance - same as above hehe..

My membership is almost expire!!! Need to pay again...

Saturday, June 21, 2008

SwiMMing & 'GET SMaRT'

Swimming (Yesterday)

Only two of us were swimming, my sis & I. Rena couldn't make it coz it's Mr. Moon (Ernie borrow ur phrase ^_^ ). When I got into the pool, I felt like in SEven HeaveN hahahaha...??? Tia karang.. Anyway my swimming skill a bit rusty oopss.. I need to practice again. Yesterday I barely make a full lap!! I used to be able to make at least 5-6 full laps! Oh My God thinking about it make me really want to practice more harder hehehee.. So next Tuesday, I'll be swimming @ Anggerek Desa since it is a 'Ladies Only' day. Beside, the fee is cheaper it's $2 per entry!! $$$ counts now.. $_$ have to save money......

Movie - Get Smart

I watched this movie with my beloved husband. Actually he 'dragged' me as I think this movie could be boring you know some stupid comedy..But at the end I love this movie! I gave it 8.5 stars! It's a very smart comedy, a very logic comedy, not the stupid type one.. So I rest assured you all, watch this movie whole heartedly, laught out loud & enjoy it! If u like 'The Rock' in comedy this is a good one eventhough his parts not many but I guarantee you all going to enjoy the movie. I love every fighting scene hehehehe.. I'm not going to reveal any of it, not even give a synopsis when you can watch it ok? Well ok, it's a movie about a worker in an office who want to be an agent meaning the real agent.. That's all for today.

*P/s: My husband pointed out that I mostly laughed before the funny scenes hehehe why? Because I already know what was going on just by watching it... When you are not in a good mood & watch it, I'm sure it will lift up your mood later.. Hehehehehee...

Thursday, June 19, 2008

FeAsT Ur EyEs ON My LaTesT *ART*

Here iS my Latest ScrapBooking, that I tried to send it for the Team Design Call by Shabby Chic. But sadly, I'm not 1 of the chosen ones. Well, it's okay, since I'm not a serious 'scrapbooker' hehehe.. Just trying my luck right? Why not? Hehehe.. So feast your eyes 0_0 I present u my work.. So feel free to comment..TQ.

SwiMMing LasT CaLL..

PLace : A swimming pool in a House @ Sg. Tilong.

Time :8.30/9am - 9.30/10am

Fee : $5 per person Fried Bananas aka 'Goreng Pisang' & Hot Drinks will be serve after that ^_^

Interested? Msg my hp, email me o nudge my MsgR now!!!!

SAdly I know none of u Gals couldn't make it. I know.. Don't worry..That's mean i'll be lonely~ I'm so lonely~ I have nobody~ I'm on my own~ Ooooo....~ Uwahahaha no worries my sis Emma & my friend Rena will be available oh Thanx God!! ARgghhh I forgot to take my swimsuit @ my other home!!!!!Uwaaaaa I just got back home (I'm in Jangsak now) from there (my home in Beribi)!!!!!
$#*%(@&(@)*%*@(#@($)*$@# = try to understand this UR DEAD!! Hehehee....


Didn't Do ANything This Few DayS..

Assalamu'alaikum & Allo! It's been 2-3 days I didn't update my blog. 1st I'm not feeling very well lately. Smpai aku baru antar mark sheet tadi bah janji on MOnday bagi C.Hjh Azizah oops..Atleast its not next week hehehe.. 2nd I want to make full use of my rest doing nothing @_@ kweng kweng kweng hehehe..

Belly Dance Last Night @ 7-8pm

Ok back to reality, last night we (my sis Emma & my friend Rena) attended the belly dance class. This time Nes (our instructor) taught us the movement of our tummy!! Which was so hard to follow for the 1st time but then I DID IT!! Then Emma did it & lastly my friend Rena hahahahah she was a bit slow & can't quite make the right movement hahaha well Rena no worries I'll teach u some other time! ^_^ oh yes I forgot only 3 of us were present last nite! Hehehe & before I forgot another thing, we had to roll up our shirt to show our TUMMY!! OH MY GOD!! Hahahaha u can imagine how HORRIBLE WE ALL FELT!!! Of course lah malu2 @ first, then when we were into it who cares! Beside the windows were all closed & Nes the considerate guy, he even switched the light to a very dimmed one. TQ Nes atleast kurang malu kami!! Inda jua basar kemaluan hahahaha....
*Mental Note : Need to bring a singlet well half singlet..0.o

Belly Dancing Class Twice A Week -_<

After we finished the session, Nes told us he wanted to make the belly dancing class twice a week which I'm the 1st 1 to agree (anguk2 inda beranti telampau iski! NOT! just kidding hehehe). He proposed to make the class on sunday evening but I suggested why not 2 consecutive days? It's better & we'll remember our moves much better? Right? So our dear Nes agreed to my suggestion, starting from next week we'll attend on Wednesday & Thursday. HOORAYYY...

Sunday, June 15, 2008

SwiMMing = CANCEL =(

I'm so sad :( none of my friends can make it tommorrow...

*Btw I'll be swimming on Friday, 20th June @ 8.30/9am. So gals, if you are interested please inform me here, sms or nudge my msgr. TQ.


Gals I already msg the owner of the pool but I still don't get her reply. So be patience. I proposed the time @ 9am or 9.30am tommorow. Ok later I'll confirm it again...

The Incredible Hulk

Yesterday, my husband & I were watching Incredible Hulk @ 5pm. I love this movie, just like I love Iron Man. This movie is not a sequel to the first Incredible Hulk (Remember Eric Bana become very very GREEN?). In fact they remake it, it's by a different production, so don't get confuse ok? It's totally a new movie not a sequel. Edward Norton plays as Dr.Bruce Banner and Liv Tyler plays as his sweetheart Elizabeth Ross. I love Edward Norton in this movie, he really made his character come alive, he made me believe he is B.Banner & Hulk. He really made a great effort to make this movie a success. I'm very satisfied with this movie unlike the previous 1 which gave me *bored to death* syndromme. Maybe because this movie got humours? Yes, I admit it. It made the movie interesting to follow. What I think if the movies are make based on comics, the movies should atleast have a bit of humour. Well it doesn't hurt right? In fact it will make the movie better. Do I need to give u guys the sypnosis? I don't have too, you just have to watch the movie.If you don't like 'comics/superheroes/actions' movies, then don't go. If you are just like me then go for it!What are you waiting for??? I give this movie 2 thumbs up/ 9 stars out of 10 stars.

Friday, June 13, 2008

MyTh Of FriDay The 13Th... Read This..

Ohhh I juz realize today is Friday The 13th!!!Which is according to the 'Western Belief' it's a 'very bad luck day'..Hmm actually it's not a bad luck day, it's juz some irresponsible 'westerns' spread the false belief.. In Islam, Friday is Our Holy Day. 13 is the number of Our Basic Principles of Prayer or in Malay '13 Rukun Sembahyang'. So u get the idea?? This 'Belief' wanted to corrupt the minds of easy believer into thinking & believing of this 'False Belief' which indirectly is an 'Insult' to Our Religion Islam.. So please spread this message, why they used the phrase specifically.. Ya Allah mudahan dorang ani nanti sadar, memfitnah saja karaja dorang ani nada lain..

TyPinG TuToR FreNZy, MarKiNg FrEnZY & OuR OwN UniFoRmS!!!!

Typing Tutor

The last few days, Mamashasha & I were testing our typing skill hehhehe..Actually I promised her to give the 'TyperShark' game, it's a typing tutor but in a game format which is fun. Alas, it never happened..I didn't have it after my husband 'enhance & fixing' my lappie..Hehehe sowi Mamashasha. Then during the school time, I tried to google hmm so many free typing tutor available. I tried 1 & got hooked, Mamashasha was beside me looking at my 'speedy typing' hahaha.. She got jealous ^_^ I persuaded her to try it..Now she's addicted XD HAHAHAHA...

Marking Frenzy & 'Our Own Uniforms'

Ahhh the least favourite part in my life.. What a bless..NOT! Hehehe I know Teddy Kuma & Dara Pingitan already finished their marking I envy them. But it's ok, it's alright they got their reasons. I'm going to miss u gals..Now come to think of it we never take pictures together...Hmm we should take picture when we were 'wearing the same colour baju kurung' alamak rugi lah..This Saturday will be too late, too bad..Erm oh ok I need to start my MarKinG FreNzY again..Arghh..

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Belly Dancing & New Movies..

Belly Dance Class..

Hello..Last night, we got Belly Dance class. Finally I wore my Belly Dancing Coin Scarf* over my trousers..I felt like a real Belly Dancer!!!Hahahaha well it was fun u know the sounds of the coins hitting my hips, well u know how the coins sound??Hehehe oh yes when I danced it motivated me to sway my hips more harder & faster just to hear the sounds of the coins...OH YES..FasTer, HarDer!!! Oh NO Jgn kUning ah ahahahahahaha....Our niece joined us again but this time she got complains..Hehehehehe she told "Sakit pinggang Faten" (My waist hurt) hehehe so cute.. U can imagine an almost 6yrs old girl tried hard to folow every move..Hehehe..She stole the limelight from Nes hahahaa... When in the car she said "Faten inda pandai begagar atu bah, Angah pandai?" (Faten didn't know how to shimmy the butt, Angah(it's me) know how?) I said "Pandai, nanti Angah ajar Faten ah." (Yes I know, next time I'll teach u ok.) She nodded aggresively hehe :D

*Correction: it's Belly Dancing Coins Scarf not Belly Dancing Coins Skirt.

New Movies..

My husband asked me last night about the new movies..Hmm..There are 2 new movies that I would like to watch..1-The Happening & 2-The Hulk..Ofcoz my hubby want to watch The Hulk first, tepaksalah mengalah maybe we'll watch it tommorow..Then I can give my own review later..Hopefully both movies will grab my full attention otherwise I'll be bored to death hahaha..K that's all for today...

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

MOnDay & TuesDay..

On Monday, my pupils were having a mid-year examination. Soon after the exam, i reviewed with them about the question paper especially 'Sivik'. There was 1 question asking 'Kita tidak payah menderma kepada mangsa kebakaran'. The pupils had to state wether the statement was 'True' or 'False'. So I asked them what was their answer? They told me it was 'False'. I asked them why? 1 of my pupils, a boy answered it innocently 'Kan membali spendet'(To buy panty!). I laughed at his answer so I asked again why panty? He said 'Kesian jua tu spendetnya angus jua tu' (Pity him becoz his panty get burnt!) Hehehehe, so my replied to him 'Tapi ia keluar pakai baju jua tu inda jua ia keluar dari rumah telanjang!'(But he got out from the house fully clothes, not naked right?) & so the whole class laughed as soon as they heard my replied :D Well i'm pretty amazed how they can think like that..U see even kids use their brains! Hehehehe then when i got back home I told my hubby. He said I should ask him this question 'Kalau ada duit kana derma bali makanan atau bali spendet? Gerenti ia lama bpikir sama inda ia tau cana kan mjawab hahahahha' (If u have the donated money will u buy food or panty? I'm sure he'll think thoroughly & can't answer it hahahaha!) HAHAHAHA Penyeluru banar my hubby..

Yesterday @ 5.30 - 6.30pm.
My sis, my niece 'Faten' & I were dancing to Salsa. It was fun to watch our niece dancing infront of us, she was trying to follow all the fast moves eventhough she missed a few steps but I'm so glad she succeded. Hehehe..I regretted I didn't bring the camera. :( What i really enjoyed was the Las Ketchup dance ofcoz we danced to the 'Asareje' song ooh I felt great as my fat was burning waaa..... Hehehe....Later we'll have the Belly Dance @ 7 -8pm..Can't hardly wait to wear my belly dancing coin skirt hehehehe :D

P/s: So gals when are we going for a dip in the pool? Cuti Skulah? Want me to Organize? Hehehe..

Sunday, June 8, 2008

~SaLsA~ & KunG Fu Panda..

Hello again..Yesterday @ 5.30-6.30pm my sister, my fren Rena & I went to SALSA FRENZY!!!Im glad our instructor, Necie (i called him Nes) did listen to my suggestion on having salsa :D Well we sweat a lot as I promised to Rena hehehe...& of coz it resulted my body to ache all over all night uwahahaha...Oh yes I already forgot how to sway my hip ;) but when I looked at Nes swaying his hip, my body automatically sway to the music!!Amazing!At the end only god know how tired we were coz of all this fast steps dancing..But I love it...Even the owner was there joining the class & enjoying it..I can't hardly wait for the next class especially Belly Dance.U know ~I like to move it, move it~my hip!!

Today, i watched KUng Fu PanDa w/ my hubby..2 words to describe the movie VERY FUNNY..All audiences seem to enjoy this movie.It's about a PanDa named Po who dreamt of becoming a kung fu master.Po was voice over by Jack Black one of my favourite actors.When i see Po i can see JackB hahahaha u need to watch this movie then u'll understand what i meant.Tigress was voice over by Angelina Jolie, my favourite actress too.Ermm where am i?Oh ok well to make a story short, Po was accidently made 'A Grand Entrance' @ the Jade Temple & get appointed as the Dragon Warrior & then.....Do i need to tell u the story?Nay, i dont think so.I give 4.5stars out of 5.It's a must & suitable for all level even small kids.So enjoy watching it & plz do tell me ur OpiNions tq...That's all for today :D

Friday, June 6, 2008

STrings & BeLLs

Last night I finally made my dream come true. I bought a guitar & a belly dancing coin skirt! I spent a lot last night uhuhuhu T_T nevermind for the sake of my hobbies hahahaha...

Thursday, June 5, 2008

~Belly Dance~Shake~Shake~

Got Belly Dance Class @ 7-8pm last night with my friend Rena...I really had fun! So to all ladies belly dance is good 4 ur body!! You'll feel beautiful & sexy after u mastered a few basic steps, I can assure u ;) yeah shake shake ur booty hehehe....Too bad i didn't bring my camera...

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

My First Blog =D

Assalamualaikum & konichiwa..This is my first time to have&create a blog...I'm sorry I don't have any pic of me yet well it's coming soon..Actually I wanted a blog since few years back...Finally, I made it!!!I'm not sure what should I write, say, shout?, ask? hahaha u tell me...Tq...