Thursday, July 31, 2008

The Mummy : Tomb Of The Dragon Emperor & Unexpected Foursome

The Mummy : Tomb Of The Dragon Emperor

Snowy Yeti!! Beautiful Creature!!

Hahaha... It was been a long time I want to take a picture w/ the BEE!!

So.. Here I am again. Blogging endlessly! Haha..Today was the most 'Posting' I've ever done! Anyway back to the title, yes I watched it w/ my hubby & of course w/ mamashasha & hubby too!! Well it was totally unexpected. Actually, my hubby planned to watch the 3 pm show but then I got headache & my lovely hubby asked me to rest for a while cause he said he wanted to watch the 4pm show. So sweet of him!! XOXO

Then I woke up @ 3.20, still feel a bit unwell but better than before. I went to the bathroom, washed my face & ohh do I have to tell you in details what was happened in the toilet? Ermm.. No.. :p after that went to my bedroom, do my routine before going out, you know put some powder on your face, lip gloss on your lips, wear necklace, yea, yea, yea I know, I know I better straight to the point hahaha.. Then my hubby asked me why not ask mamashasha to book the tickets for us since they'll be there for the 4 pm show too. I was like yeah why not?? Hehe tq hubby! Looked at the clock.. Oh My God! It was 10mins to 4pm..

So there we were rushing to the Q'lap Mall. Fuhh.. Right on time.. We went straight to the tickets booth & saw mamashasha & hubby just booked the tickets hehehe... Tq dear.. Unfortunately, we were not in the same row.. Nevermind..

We watched the movie, then it made me realized I watched 2 Brendan Fraser's movies in a week!! Hahaha coincidentaly both are adventure/family/action movies! Well, I was a bit dissapointed in this movie because the original actress, Rachel Weisz was not there.. I like her very much!! She's perfect for that role! But then Maria Bello's performance was quite good, not bad. I love the YETI!!! The most beautiful creature in this movie! I want to hug & pet them!! Are they Truly Exist? -The Truth Is Out There- (X-File theme hehe). The moment of father & son touched my heart the most.. I even cried!! Oh yes I'm quite a softie when it come to the 'family drama' hehe oh I did cried on the last movie, The Journey To The Center Of The Earth.. Yup when they in front of the father's grave & the uncle reading the diary yes I cried! So what?? I don't care.. Hehehe.. Ok back to the movie, hmm.. I gave this movie 8/10stars only. I still prefer the first Mummy, which full of actions & nice story line. This Mummy? I don't know why but it lack of something, how should I put it? I don't know.. Well just watch & tell me what do you think ok?

After we were watching the movie, Mamashasha complained she was hungry... Hehe so we went to Jollibee after a short discussion. The rest was history.. You can check her version well on her blog lah... *Yawn* I need my beauty sleep now... Zzzzz...

Performance @ DTE

This morning we had to bring all the kids to the DTE. We had to perform in front of our SUT... I was a bit nervous & I told my headmaster about it & asked him to come if he can. He said just text him whether the SUT were really coming or not. I said OK.

@ 8.05am, we arrived at our destination. So we went to a hall & settled down. Hmm.. I don't want to talk about it in detail.. I just got lazy to say something about it. However the SUT didn't come, so I gladly texted my headmaster told him about it.

Yeah I forgot 1 thing! MamaShasha was there too!!! I'm so happy to see her face :D my mood getting better :D haha..

Anyway if you want a full coverage you can go to


My Scrap titled 'Girlfriends'

The 'Girlfriends' Poem

The Picture Of Us

The Title of This Scrap.. Obviously duh!

My Favourite Flower! :D

Sorry for the wait girls! Now feast your eyes on my art! I'm sorry for being late.. I'm so busy in juggling my life as a wife & a teacher! Hahaha.. So here I sincerely present my poem in my way girls.. Hope you'll like it.. :) If you girls have any questions about my scrap please ask me in my comments.. Tq :)

Belly Dance Last Nite..

Me & Rena

I got my bellydance class last nite.. W/ my dear fren Rena.. Well we learnt new moves arghh.. I have to move harder!! Shake, shake ur booty!! Move your body to the left to the right w/out moving ur hips!! Move ur abs up & down which was very hard to do!! ARghhh... I have to practise more!!
After we finished our belly dance class, there was a Chinese girl ( I don't remember her name, sorry, I'll make sure ask her next time I see her) who had a ballroom dance after our class. We said 'Hi' to each other, talk a lilttle bit & out of sudden she told me my *ehem* tummy getting flatter a bit.. I was like "No lah! Still the same!" But she kept insisted, my tummy did looked getting flatter.. I was still not convinced.. Hehehe really! After chit chat w/ her, I went to the P&O office. There I found Rena & Necie sitting comfortably w/ the aircon switch on!! I was like aahhh... AIRCON!!! Then chit chat w/ them & out of sudden Necie also mentioned about my tummy getting smaller!! I was like are they blind or me???
Well it was nice to hear some compliments but still I'm not convinced hahahaa.... Anyway if my belly get flatter like Jennifer Garner, Angelina Jolie, sure hell I'll be proud of myself!! Uwahahahaa no way I can get their body not in a million years time!!
Oh I forgot to mention! Maybe we'll (Rena & I) learn the ballroom dance!!!! Yea yeah!! Wish us luck!! Ermm.. That's mean I have to buy a pair of high heels to learn the ballroom dance oh no!!

Tuesday Was another BORING DAY!!

Ello! Just want to rant something nonsensely haha.. Anyway to my 2 girlfriends, watch out this space ok! For I will post something special for u 2! Mwaah!

Ok back to the title, it was a truly deeply madly true!!! I don't know why I felt so bored, that I had to drag my a** just to do some routine! Beside I got no class that day because my pupils went to the Majlis Ilmu & my music lesson for Primary 4 had already done for good, I mean music class for Primary 4 had finished & as for music lesson for Primary 1 still goes on but then still I got no class, because we didn't have the LP(music Pri1) for this week as the scheme is provided by the Curriculum.. Fuhh.. Take a deep BREATH!! *sigh* so to shorten my long story.. I was so damn bored as I don't have anyone to talk too... :_( uhuk uhuk... my dear gf Mamashasha is now in UBD!!! Yeah I miss u!

By 11am my pupils just got back from 'Majlis Ilmu', so I had to teach them as it was my lesson. My so 'uncertain moody mood doody woody day' what the hell I'm talking about? Oh yes I was ranting again haha.. Anyway my teaching was affected too! Because I could see a few pupils *yawning*! But I didn't do anything, I just taught them dully hahaha... Let them be bored!! Usually when it's come to my lesson, my class will get hyper, enjoy, anger (that's me when I 'berus' them), full of laugh etc.. Briefly it will become alive! But on last TUESDAY?? Hehehe God know how I felt that time..

Now my mood getting better coz I met Mamashasha!!! In DTE, so many many thanx to u dear! Mwaaah! :D

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Journey To The Center Of The Earth

I wished that was Me! So I can feel my adrenaline pumping! Yehaah!

Big Mushrooms, Anyone?

Last night as usual I watched movie w/ beloved hubby. We watched Journey To The Center Of The Earth. I know, I know it was a bit late hehe.. This movie was obviously a family movie. I still prefer Jurassic Park & Jumanji, these 2 movies are my all time favourites. I'm not excited but not bored w/ this movie, well some parts did grab my attention such as the beautiful view when they first entered the center & the Big Mushroom hahahaha.. I wonder if we were in the Prehistoric Era we'll feel so tiny.. So this movie = 7.5 stars/10stars.

Monday, July 28, 2008

Necie - Instructor @ Paul & Olivia

Now I have the pic! Thank you my dear Rena. Here is the pic of Necie, the instructor & I. This place located at Batu Besurat. He can teach different type of dance. As you all know already 1 of it is Belly Dance. The others are Ballroom Dance, Salsa, I don't remember the name of an Indian Dance, which I want to learn & others I don't know. So those who are shy but interested in Ballroom Dance, you can take a private class. So what are you waiting for? :D

P/s : This picture was taken in June, I don't remember the date exactly when :p

Sunday, July 27, 2008

~Forever In Love~

Forever In Love

Halo. Here I present another work of mine that I made last year hehe.. Forgive me for my lazyness to update my scrap works I'm so lazzzyyy...

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Dinner @ My Brother's Palace ^_^

Just got back from my brother's place. We had a dinner there yummy.. After we went to the Ong Sum Ping, we went straight to my school. Yup, moving the musical instruments from his car to my music classroom..

Then we went to my home, just want to pick up my 'art things' hehe.. In brief, my husband got stuck in the room watching the LOTR Return Of The King DVD!! About 15mins to 7pm we got ready & went to my brother's place. So there'll be no picture because of our own lateness, we couldn't go back to my hubby's place.. Damn! I really wished he brought the camera before we went to the Ong Sum Ping... Hehehe.. After we reached our destination, I helped my sister-in-law preparing & cooking (well actually just doing some frying hehehe XD ) the food. When everything was set, I searched Faten upstairs. Well, well, well, she was with my husband in her room.. Guess what were they doing?? They were playing the PS2 game!! I mean they played w/out me?? Hehehe..

Suddenly, I remembered my present to faten & I tried to look in her room where did she put it? When I saw no sign of it, I asked her. She said she put it on her bed. I was like what? Where? I thought this is ur bed & she corrected me it was the other bed in her parents' room. Oooohhh.. Then she showed me where exactly she put it. Guess where?? She hanged it on her headboard wooden bed frame! Oww.. So sweet.. Hehehe I checked it & it was still intact!!! I'm so proud of her!!!

I'll try to take a picture of it next time. So off i go.. Need my rest of the day.. :)

On my way to Ong Sum Ping - Taking musical instruments!!!

Yippe!! This is the only reason that can motivate me to decorate my music class!!! :) I'm on my way to Ong Sum Ping with hubby. I need to bring him because my Headmaster told me to bring companion.. U know to carry those musical things.. So off I go later will update it again...

Belly Dancing Alone....

Last night I got Belly Dance class all by myself!! There were no other people but only me uwaaaaa...... But then I enjoyed it coz he taught me again all the steps properly :) Oh I forgot to tell u, he was in Phillippines renewing his visa. Before he went to Phillippines, he asked me whether I want the Belly Dancing Attire. It consisted a belly dance scarf, a skirt & a pant. The cost was $100 in Brunei Dollars!! So.. I thought it carefully, since i wasn't sure how much exactly the price but I thought it quiet cheaper. Because I bought the belly dance scarf alone costed me $40+! Fuhhh..... I already got the belly dance scarf & bra *blush*... I'm not going to wear it for the public hehehehe... Malu eh!! Ya, ya I know u gals have been wondering what happened to the skirt & pant? I also thought about it, to make a long story short, I asked Necie what happened to my other pieces? He told me my other pieces will be a pant (thanks) & a veil!! I was like what?? Nevermind... Hehehehe....

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Friendship Nite?

To my Dear Girlfriends M&S! U know who u are.. ;) Thanx for the poems u gals dedicated to us.. Hmm.. I'm not sure if I can write a poem as beautiful as u gals :) so..I'm trying something different ok? But right now I can't think of anything! So be patience, watch this space for I will post something too.. Alrighty! Luv u Gals!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Dancing That I Want To Learn..

Helo! I play an online gaming called Cabal. In this game, your character can dance. Actually I didn't know how to the dance until one day the CM(In Cabal there is CM which means Community Moderator I think hehe) get down to the field & ask all the available players during that time to do the dance. So out of curiousity, I joined them hehehe.. It was fun! I hope I'll learn the moves someday.. :D Here I present u 'The Cabal Dance'. Enjoy!

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Fun Day @ Bowling Utama

Round & Colourful!! 0.o

3 Pretty Ladies ^_^

We & Shasha

Me & Shasha

Date : 20th July 2008

Time : 10.00am - 1.30pm

Place : Jolibee @ Bowling Utama

Guests of Honour : His Majesty My Hubby, Her Majesty Myself, His Majesty Hubby of Mamashasha, Her Majesty Mamashasha, Princess Nurin Shasha, Her Majesty Suzila & Her Prince, His Majesty The Bf of My Sister & Her Majesty My Sister.. Uwahahahaa XD

So we really had fun this morning till the afternoon!! It's been a long time I haven't play bowling fuhh... I really enjoy bowling, in fact I want to buy the bowl & shoes.. Maybe someday.. Hmm.. Eventhough we all are not Professional ahahahahhaa as if! We did enjoyed our time together!! Finally I met Princess Shasha for the second time, she's cute ^_^ hehehe I love the way she laugh! Everytime she laugh, her nose wrinkling & her eyes getting smaller hehehe KAWAIII!!!!! Everyone get along that's important! Maybe another family day out girls??

Result Of The Poll - New subjects should be included in Curriculum

Oh hello everyone! I forgot to mention the result of voting my poll about should music, drama, technology, ict, design etc included in the curriculum long, long time ago are 71.43% Strongly Agree & 28.57% just Agree. Thank you for your time voting my simple poll :)

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Ohaiyo!! Just A Pic Of Us..

I just browse the pics in my hubby's pc then found this pic! Hehehe it was taken on our honeymoon. So ppl take a guess, where do u tink we were during that time?? Hehehe.. Siapa dapat jawab ada hadiah tau hehe...

Batman The Dark Knight

Halo again. My husband & I watched this movie @ 9.30pm last night. Now as you can see the title itself, you know what the hell I'm talking about ok? Well it's Batman I don't have to explain, to give the synopsis or wateva. Half way I just manage to give the movie 8 out of 10 stars. Then when I saw how Heath Ledger acted as Joker I gave 9 out of 10stars. Later when I watched a scene involving the 'Ex-Girlfriend', I gave the movie 10 full stars!!! Just go & watch the movie ok? Enjoy the trailer..

Stayback on Wednesday... 16th July 2008

As usual we went to SR Kiarong for the rehearsal. Ak. Amilin bought his song & played it. Honestly I felt happy as soon as I heard the music. Not only me, but all teacher were happy with the song.For further story you guys can check @

We had a Qur'an recital that day, i meant just Mamashasha & I w/ Ustazah Noredzan. So frankly speaking I forgot all the tajwid so, hahahha I couldn't pronounce properly hehehe i need more practise in reciting the Qur'an..

After that, I suggested cg.Normas that I wanted to eat some junk food. I said my car fuel was almost 'E' so I wanted her to drive hehehe..We supposed to go to the minimart around this area but we ended up @ Giant!! Hahaha..Normas got really mad at me hehehe not very mad just a little mad..Sowi hehe.. Konon kan makan light food tapi makan di Jolibee! Makan burger uu...Hehe..Ok soon after we ate, we went to this fashion shop I don't remember the name. I was attracted to the earring section, it displayed cheap price less than $2 hehehe...I have a thing for dangling earring.. So I looked around & found a very nice earring. Normas looked at the necklace section & I pointed at a very pretty necklace to her. She was reluctant at first, then after 'us' me & the salesgirl kept telling her it was pretty, she bought it hahahaha...Welcome to my club of shopping...To keep a story short, I ended buying 2 pairs of earring & a belt..

Hmmm...I need to teach now arghh!!!! I'll try to continue my updating later.. K c ya mwaahh...

Monday, July 14, 2008

Is iT rEaLLy NeceSSary We Sacrifice ThE FutuRe of Our ChiLdren UnNescessarily??

On last Saturday, 12th July, we went to SR Kiarong. Now we have to practise twice a week which most of us don't agree. But then because of we see the needs of more practise we just accepted the proposal to make the rehearsal twice a week instead of once a week. Arghhhhhhh..... I hate it!!! I mean my teaching is affected by this now!!! For every teacher, the most important thing is TEACHING!!! I mean why we have to involve those poor kids to train/practise/rehearse/watsoeva in any events that don't related to school at all... From their 'too active participation' in such things will only resulted the falling of their grades!!!!!!!!!!!! How I wish they will think from the perspective of parents, children & teacher. How I wish they will listen to our crying for help.. How I wish I was a teacher in the past not the present, which in the past the burden of a teacher was only teaching! So what do u guys/gals think of a TEACHER?

Music Course - 10th July 2008

Last Thursday we Music Teachers from the 5 Trial Schools had a music course. Sadly for Primary 4 this month will be their last lessons... Oh how sad! But then I missed a few music classes so I have to replace it I mean must! Sayang loh! Tomorrow will be public holiday, I'll miss 1 class already! So i discussed w/ their Art Teacher i may take & will take his class later.. Which he's fine w/ it. Alhamdulillah.. Btw during the course, we were told that this music lesson will be introduced into our curriculum hooray!!! Not only music, there are more ; design, art, technology, ict, drama i think that's all (my apology if I made a mistake). So what are u waiting for?? Vote now!! Are you agree or not?? Please refer to my left on the last box on the poll survey... Oh my i myself confuse w/ what im saying?? Hehehe anyway vote now!!!

Sunday, July 13, 2008

HellBoy 2: The Golden Army - Movie - 12th July

HellBoy & Abraham

The Tooth Fairy..

Watched this movie w/ my beloved hubby as usual @ 6.30pm. The movie about a boy from hell who supposedly a devil's child. He was summoned to the world, luckily was saved by his adopted father. So in a brief 'he's a devil w/ human heart'. The scene I love best is when they played one of the song from the cd 'Popular Love Song'! I really loved that moment.. Hehehe so those who loves to sing should watch this hehehe.. Those who loves action/a bit comedy/comic should watch this & those who have seen the Pan Labyrinth & like this movie then I strongly recommend you to watch HellBoy 2. I gave this movie 2 thumbs up/9 stars out of 10! Enjoy the movie!

Friday, July 11, 2008

A peek of my simple craft?

My Handmade B'day Gift For Faten

Here is the pic of my simple craft for my dearest Faten. The upper part I glued the pic "permanently", so my lil' niece will not remove it XD the lower part I made some sort of compartment. In it I put a simple card as u can see. She can either put another pic or other things provided it's flat! Like $$$, business card (as if my niece will get 1!Hehehe), etc...

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

BloG oF ThE DaY ~ continuation part :p

My BuSy LiFe Part 2!!

MoNDaY!!!! 7th July

I HATE MONDAY!! I DESPISE MONDAY!! I LOATH MONDAY!!! MONDAY SHOULD BE BANNED (Unless if it's not a working day), MONDAY, MONDAY, MONDAY.... Need I to tell U more about MonDAY? Hehehe... My LP (lesson plan) wasn't finished that day oops..
During the afternoon, we (my hubby & I) went to SRKg Mata-Mata (my previous school) to pick up my cakes from Cigu Rokiah..Yummy I love the cake, actually I wanted that cake few months ago. So I asked her to bake it for me when she had the time. I told her I wanted 2 cakes. 1 for my mummy & 1 for my mother-in-law.

That night we (Rena & I) went to P&O studio. Luckily we got a free lesson!! Yippe!!! My $$ still in the wallet hahaha (Evil Laugh). XD

Tuesday - 8th July

School Time
Our Choir group went to me asking if they have to practice during the break time. I said no as Mamashasha was not available at that time to practice with them. When in fact, I was so busy finishing my DamN LP!Hehehe.. They were dissapointed & then they asked were they going to sing again during the morning assembly the next day. My answer was perhaps, if I come earlier hehehehe... I loved to tease the kids...They were very serious about their 'singing duty' hmm..very good hehehe...I liked it!

Lunch With Diani
Another tiring day... Afternoon I had lunch with Diani my bestfriend/sister (not real sister hehe but she's a very dear to me like a sister). We had many 'exchanged gossips' *giggle*..

Meeting @ JPT
Then I had a meeting @ the JPT. Mamashasha came this time as she got a part in the pupils' performance for the Hari Guru Year 2008.

'Threesome Dating' @ Taurean Cafe (The Arch)
Soon after the meeting, we met Suzila @ Taurean Cafe (The Arch). We had a 'girls' day out'. Suzila & I hugged&kissed cheek to cheek..It's been a long time, we haven't see/contact each other :) good to know she's still the same. To cut a long story short, we talked, laughed, joked, giggle, etc.. The best part was when Mamashasha told us that we (Suzila & I) are lucky, b'cause she had operations to removed her thyroid glands & need to take medication. Then I asked her with a straight face "But u still can sing right?" Seriously, she answered me of course she can sing because she still has throat! I laughed at her, I was hoping she would say no!! DAmn it!! My Trick Failed!! U know how people can get confused when they were so absorbed in their own world saying something.Erm ok what the hell I'm talking about? Hehehe...

Today - 9th July

Morning Assembly
Our very own Choir group performed the National Anthem. But this time we asked all pupils to try & follow their singing. It was a success once again! BRAVO!!

Gone To SR Kiarong
Soon after the assembly we had to go early as the schedule of practice was changed. Instead of 8.30am, we need to be there @ 8am. ARghhh.... Then the story go on... I tried my fingers on Mr. Jamie's keyboard hmm not bad..It just my hand got 'rusty' hehehe I haven't practice playing my piano for a long, long time... I pitied my piano, it gathering all the dust hahaha..I'm going to make a reminder to clean my piano next week when I get back there.

Back From SR Kiarong
Me & Mamashasha were resting in the staffroom, when I pulled out my music exercise (an exercise for my music classes) Mamashasha asked me to teach her. If she's 1 of my current students, her report will be like this --> 'Currently she is my 'Best student', a very fast learner & willing to learn more. Well done!! Keep it up!!' >_- *wink* hehehee.. Hope she'll not forget all her lesson later!!

Afternoon - We Gone - Lunch @ Giants
Mamashasha & I were having our lunch @ the Giants' food court. We shared some stories, some our own thought etc..Just like any other day..

NOw....Oh Yes Right Now!
U have finished reading my blog, so what are u waiting for? Go now, mind ur own business.. I want to watch my anime Bleach............. See ya!! Mwaah2!!


Tuesday, July 8, 2008

BloG oF ThE DaY..

My Busy LiFe Part 1!!

Konichiwa!! I'm back again! Sorry for the late update my dear friends ^_^ Some of my friends were asking for the latest update hehe..I'm so busy mah'..Like Rena, she was waiting for my review on the Hancock movie.. My apologies dear... So let's the blogging frenzy begin!!

The SR.Katok 'A' own AF - 1st July

Me & Mamashasha were doing our best to become the judges like the AF.. Hehehe.. We were selecting a few pupils for the Hari Guru upcoming performance. The first stage, we asked them to sing the National Anthem as beautiful as they can. Then, we let them to sing individually (the National Anthem) & we heard them & tried to analyse them with our 'not so good brain as we are not professional judges' hehehe.. So 12 pupils left out of 30+ pupils. The second stage, Mamashasha tested them with some 'AF' singing style, I think (I'm not a fan of AF). It narrowed down to 8 pupils. The remainder 4 we let them to practice in school only & thus they all become a brand new choir group.

Wednesday - 2nd July

That day was the day! Me & Mamashasha asked the new choir group to stand up infront of the other pupils during the assembly to perform the National Anthem Song with music. It was a success!! Then @ 8.15am we brought the selected pupils to SR. Kiarong to practice for a performance of Hari Guru Year 2008. As it just a comeback school from holiday, we (all the music teachers&others) just wanted to select best of the best voices for the choir. Apparently our time was wasted by this JPT guy who knew to talk only for about few hours non-stop like a radio spinning in my head, he even condemned us by saying 'I expected to see a performance from the students today but ... u all are wasting my time!' well he said something like this... How can the students performed when the rehearsal hadn't started yet? Well we didn't even know which students' got the best voices.. I was really mad at that time. I was thinking to myself & had to keep my mouth shut!! Urghhh... & the rest was history, I don't want to talk about him eventho' I have the other story about him too.. hilang mood I!!

Fitness routine

We got a free lesson @ P&O Studio! Yahoo! Free lesson @ 5.30-6.30pm. Then later Rena & I continued our 'fitness madness' which meant *ShiMMyinG, ScooPing, Bellying watsoeva *ing ouR body --> the bellydance class @ 7-8pm.

Hancock ~ Movie -3rd July

I watched it last week on Thursday night with my hubby, my youngest sis Anna & her boyfriend. Well it's a superhero movie starring by Will Smith, Charlize Theron & Jason Bateman. Hancock (Will Smith) is just a homeless guy who happened to have super power. He's a tough & rough guy who need to 'polish' his attitude to be accepted by people. One day, he saved a guy who got stucked on the railroad (yup acted by Jason Bateman). Of course as usual Hancock's 'rough life saving' style getting more jeered than cheered by people around him. So he (Jason) tried to defend him stating he still alive because of Hancock. So the series of unfortunate events happened after that...Then, then, erm... I'll tell u my opinion then, I love Will Smith & Charlize Theron. The movie though a bit lame well not as lame as Wanted. Hence I gave Hancock 3.5 sTars only.. I dunno something missing in this movie. Like my husband said they could change the storyline a bit. I believe him with all my heart :) Trust me, when it comes to superheroes movies, he's the best 'critic reviewer' I ever have!! Thanx hubby X0X0
P/s: I cancelled my bellydance class that night just b'cause I wanted to watch Hancock hehe..

Faten's 6th Birthday - My niece :)

On the 6th July, we celebrated Faten's Birthday (her actual b'day fall on every 4th July, oh yes it fall on the United States' Independence Day *choke* God bless Brunei hehehe). I just finished making a gift for her the night before, yes a handmade gift. It was a hanging frame with a compartment..Well not really a compartment it was more like she can put a picture in it or other 'flat items' like a card, a business card, money?, etc. In the 'compartment' I put a birthday card :) It was a simple project for me but yet cute to see by me.. Hehehe.. I'll attach the pic of my creation later ok? I just hoping that she'll appreciate & treasure it.. Hmm...