Saturday, August 30, 2008

Babylon AD @ 7.10pm on 30th Aug.

I watched Babylon AD starred by Vin Diesel, Michelle Yeoh & I don't remember the other girl's name. It's about this young lady named Aurora. Vin as Toorok was taking a job of delivering the lady to the US. I'm not going to say more about this movie, cause at the end I don't like the ending.. Too bad the story line was just nice but towards the end, I was like huh?? Even hubby also said the ending should be different.. It just hmm..I wished they changed the ending & make more understandable because I myself not sure what the hell was going on, I mean I was lost for a while. Like why they save the young lady? The reason not clear, etc.. If not I'm sure I'll enjoy & give the movie a better rate!

So overall my rate for this movie? St*r Factor : 6/10.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Another LO for SiC is on The Way..

I just completed my LO, well not fully completed just half completed?? I dunno.. Anyway this time I tried to use Emily's sketch. I'm not sure whether I can finish it by tonight... Actually I want to make another LO, but due to my 'busy life' (as if!Lazy life is more suitable hehehe) I don't think I can make it..Huhuhuhu... So long..

Monday, August 25, 2008

Vote me................. Pleaseeeee..... =p

Hello.. So girls (& guys) out there who are my friends, my dear fellow readers, please feel free to vote me in I really appreciate it.. TQ. =) Those who already voted me I APPRECIATE IT!! Next time I'll try to scrap about u gals (& guys).. Arigatou gozaimaste..

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Death Race =x

The Movie..

WoW!!! If I'm a guy I want my body to be like his!!!!! Hahaha..

Sure it's a movie! I watched it at 9.30pm well yesterday? Since it's already 12am now hehe.. Anyway I like this movie so much!! It's about a car race between inmates.. So, hence the title Death Race... The main actor is John Statham (Transporting? Any1?) Well, I'm not a fan #1 of John Statham.. But in this movie he's super cool!!! I bet the guys will love it!!!


St*r Factor : 8/10 =)

Thursday, August 21, 2008


I love this video enjoy it!

P/s: Thanx to my sister she told me this video.. Hehhee...

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Another LO ~ Romantic Couple~

August's Challenge (SiC)

I finished it yesterday at 12.10am!!! Yup I didn't realize it was already late.. ARgghh... Hehehe.. This LO is for the Scrap Inspire Create's August Challenge - make a Layout based on the designer team's sketch.. Hmm.. I was thinking to try another LO.. Hahahaha.. If I'm not lazy... :p Once again I'm not hoping to win *grin* I just want to join the fun... Me being a lazy bum to scrap, so this is my chance to make peace with scrapbooking..??? What the hell am I talking about??? Hehe.. I'm confused..

P/s: I chose Jessie's sketch..

My LO ~ My Mummy~

Hi again. Here I posted my LO for the win-a-rak challenge.. I was going to put it on the 23rd Aug.. Unfortunately, Win-a-rak had posted it today!! Arghh.. My LO pretty simple compared to the other scrapper, Renoa's.. Hers 'a beauty'.. Wow.. Well I know I'm not going to win hehehe.. But I don't care I just want to enjoy the fun & want to know my limit as a scrapbooker.. *Ehem* still in beginners level.. Hehehe no worries, be happy! :)

Monday, August 18, 2008

My 5th Anniversary.

Today is my 5th Anniversary in Teaching profession. Actually I didn't realise it was today until a good friend of mine text messaged me! Wow!! It has been 5 years.. I missed my 2 good friends, Yatie & Ronnie.. We went through thick & thin, up & down during our UBD years.. So I'm planning to make a date with them by arranging another family's day out!! But this time, different girlfriends.. :D

Fuhh.. Another LO for the SiC..

Last night, I finally decide to choose other LO!! Remember I told you, I'm torn between 2? Then my hubby chose the 1st LO he originally chose? But yesterday, I chose another 1 not the former 2 we liked!! Hahahaha.. But then, it was after I consulted my hubby... He then noticed, this LO was also nice hahahaha typical us!! Briefly, I cut the paper & already made the LO except haven't glue the pic, add the title & the embelishment. I'll continue later when I get home. Oh yes, before I forget to tell you, I actually decided to try to make all the given sketches (SiC)... Hehheehehe.. I said 'try'.. So most probably I'll be able to make at least 2 LO only.. Hahaha.. Wish me luck..

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Another fraction of my LO..

Here I post another fraction of my LO, as I promised you yesterday. So be patience, I'll post it bit by bit. Mark my word!! Hehehe..

Saturday, August 16, 2008

A fraction of my LO..

Here I show u..ermm.. maybe a quarter of my LO? LOL... XD

Here I show u girls (& guys?) just a fraction of my LO on Mother.. Hehehe.. I'll show u bit by bit ok? :D I just submit this LO to the win-a-rak... Yippee.. 1 more LO to go.. Wish me luck girls..

P/s: I'm sorry, I didn't post my sketch of this LO.. Maybe some other day..


Finally, I've done my Mother's LO!!! Cheers... In fact I showed it to my mummy, she was smiling & commenting it beautiful :-) I'm glad.. I'll post the LO in a few days hehehe.... Let the suspense build.. Uwahahaha... Apakan???

So later I'll scrap another LO for SIC.. I made my decision (w/ the help of my hubby of course).. Actually this LO was his 1st choice, but somehow I like the other LO.. To make a long story short.. I finally decided to follow my husband's 1st choice.. U know since I can't decide which to choose.. Hehehe... But I need picturesssss..... Arghhhh....

Mother's LO..& The Other LO...

Hi there. Just want to share some news. My LO for the Win-A-Rak is almost finish!!!!! I'm so glad it almost over!! So I'll post a sneak of my LO later when I got home ok? Hehehe so excited I want to finish it now!!! I've never done this kind of LO, so hopefully you'll like it when you see it later >_<

But I need to make another LO for SIC!!! ARgghh I dunno which LO should I choose.. All are so pretty but then I managed to narrow it down to 2 LO... Which I'm still torn between this 2.. *sigh*..

Thursday, August 14, 2008


Finally I made a sketch last nite.... Uhuhuhu.. But then when I tried to make it, I didn't stick to the sketch!!! Hahaha typical me!! Anyway later when I got home I'll try to stick to my sketch, beside I haven't done anything last night.. Well I already cut some paper, matching it w/ other paper & it looked nice but then I abandon it... Maybe when I find the right picture then I'll try to use it. Ok sayonara... I have class right after this hehehee....

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

My First Layout...

Me & My 3 Sisters

Oh yes, this LO was my first time trying my hand on scrapbooking.. U can see it's a novice skill hehe... Well first try. Still I love it! Because I finally made it for the first time! So here I present u my simple art :)

Few days to Mother's dateline!!!

*Panic* arrrghhhhhhhhhhh....... I haven't decided how my layout will look like!!!!!!! *Ommm...* Take a deep breath... Hmm... How hah? I'm so busy w/ my teaching & fasting, so my spare time dedicated to blissful rest hehehe.... Hmm... I should sketch later... After I sleep hehehe.. Need to sleep, I feel like a zombie moving around aimlessly w/ my weak body (iyalah siapa suruh inda sahur di malam? Hehehe) so now, what is important to do is SLEEP!!! Later sketch loh... Maybe if I have the sketch I'll post it later..

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Paper Madness!!!!

Ermm.. So many papers, so little time to do some scrap! *Gulp*..

Konichiwa! So here I'm in the mood to do some brief blogging! Actually, I was in a very foul mood this morning.. Hmm u know the kids.. & I'm fasting today... Hah! Now u know why! Hehehe.. Anyway I waited for my husband to pick me up (finished school hours already) as I told him I wanted to go to Shabby Chic. So there we went, I got my shopping theraphy!!! Hehehe.. But I need to restrain myself not to overbudget!! T_T no money no scrap!!

When I was about to pay for the Oh! Scrap class, then Irene told me, *ehem* I need to pay for 2 at the same time. So it could either I pay for Elda & myself that noon, or Elda will pay for us later when she hop in! To cut a long story short, I text msg her. She called me instantly, we discussed how to pay & great both of us were willing to pay.. Since I was already @ the Mall, then I insisted I pay for us. She said she'll pay me next time we meet for the class.. Oh btw, Elda if u happened to read this.... I charge u 10% per day for that payment! XD hahahaa...

I got a message soon after Elda hang up. It was her! Hehehe... She was asking 'did I shop a lot?' I said luckily w/thin my budget. She asked me again -_< 'what did I buy?' I told her about a dozen of paper!! That's my weakness girls.. Hehehe... She told me, papers also one of her weakness!! WoW!!! We think alike hahaha.... Here I posted the picture of the thing I bought..

Monday, August 11, 2008


Hallo! I was just having my late dinner w/ hubby. After we played game XD hahaha.. Anyway sorry for not posting this few days. So, mostly I'm talking crap now. Hehehe.. I don't feel well, sneezing & coughing this few days. So no mood to update.. Beside nothing interesting happened lately.. Just lazying around.. So you people are wasting your time reading my blog as this is just crap Hahahahaha... C u!

Friday, August 8, 2008

Colour & Design!!!

Me & Elda

The first given materials we need to finish..

My own LO w/ my own design & chosen colour!

The title

Some embelishments

See the 2 blue birds? True Lovely Blue Birds!

Today..I went to Shabby Chic w/ my dearest husband. On my way there, I met Elda. She's my partner for the Color & Design Class. We entered Shabby Chic & there was Bervely (Sorry if I spelt wrongly, 'Sifu'! I'll ask u next time we meet ok? :D), our teacher for this class. Before we started, I asked my hubby to take a photo of Elda & I. We tried to persuade Bervely to join us but she didn't want, malu kali? Hehe..

Anyway, we started off w/ colour. She was explaining it in details, now I know how to match colours but I need to buy the colour wheel!! Darn it!! I forgot to buy before I went home! Then Bervely asked us to follow her design w/ the same provided materials.

After we were finished the given task, she continued to explain the design. She said better to do sketches of the layout, it will make your scrap easier. Turned out she was right!! When I did the sketches, which I've never make in my life before, in a few minutes, I made about 3 sketches! I, myself quite surprised! :) so we follow this LO which I think look better than the other 2.

Our final tasks were to pick a pattern paper & 3 different pieces of plain papers!! Arghh.. It must matched w/ our chosen pictures! This was when I got stuck!! Now, I know my weakness is unable playing w/ the right colour! Eventhough Beverly told us, actually there is no right or wrong in scrapbooking. Hmm.. Need to experiment more..

The result is lovely! I just made a very simple & clean LO! I love it :) well maybe I'll sign up for other classes! Hehehe..

Thursday, August 7, 2008


I watched Susuk @ The Mall Gadong w/ my friend Diani. I really want to know how good the movie was... My rating? I gave it 8/10stars! Not bad for a Malay movie! I think this is the second best since Puteri Gunung Ledang.. Oh believe me u'll get what I mean when u watch it. The movie is about glamour people need 'susuk' if u want to stay longer in entertainment.. which is sadly true.. Na'uzubillah.. What for huh?? Stay Forever Young? When your internal rotten? I mean our inner organ also aging u know.. So we just take care of ourselves, eat balanced diet & exercise.. The western people don't use 'susuk', i think hehe.. Well they get botox!! Haha I think it's a modern 'susuk'. Anyway better botox than susuk! But then in Islam, botox is haram...It also applied to susuk.. So u girls out there, don't ever try 'susuk' ok?

Way Back Into Love (Full Version)

Hehehe.. I just found the perfect 1! So hope u'll enjoy singing it!!

I really love this song! How about u? Pls leave some comments. TQ. :)

Nation War!! Procyon Won!!

Yahoooo!!!! Last night we(yaloh me & beloved hubby) played the online game CABAL. We went to the Nation War Channel & our nation Procyon won!! Hahahaha... Just want to post it for my reminder next time.. Hehehe...

Music & Lyrics

Morning! Yesterday, I watched a DVD titled Music & Lyrics.. I LOVE THIS MOVIE!! All the love songs are GREAT!! U should watch it! OH my I love the songs!!! When my hubby just got back from work, he watched the last part of the duet. He said the song is nice. In fact when we were on our way home, he was singing it!! He was like "Damn, it stuck in my head! Hehehe" we laughed. I want to find the OST of this movie. So here I present u the most beautiful song, WAY BACK INTO LOVE.

Oh yes.. I'm sorry, I just like this scene very much, so if u want to find the complete one. Please feel free to find it hehe.. The bonus section.. Who are starring in this movie? LOL..

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Online Shopping? Oh no!

Just now, I browse an online scrapbook shop, Scrapbook Delights Brunei (yes, our own scrapbook online shop!). I registered few days back & all the things are lovely! Now, I'm in the middle of thinking whether to buy it or not? Actually it's more 'when' I want to buy it? Oh I need to consult my hubby first hehe.. He's my consultant (no charge at all :p), so need to discuss w/ him first before I buy anything hehehehehe.. ~Shopping is a cure to a broken heart~ Singing in a very loud pitch! Sumbang tia!! Hehehehe.. Here take a look of the items that I want to buy..

Fasting & Bellydance?

I was fasting yesterday, so as usual so many 'tests' for me hehehe.. Dugaan.. I got mad @ a student.. Fuhh.. Actually, this unusual student always getting on my nerve w/ his 'cleverness'!! I mean it doesn't hurt me at first, but slowly his 'intellingence' behaviour really irritated me.. Yesterday after he questioning me in 'a tone' that I really hate, I bombarded him w/ lots of questions! Trying to control my anger. But couldn't help it.. Had to let it go. Maybe because it built up inside me ehhehehehe.. I don't care.. Anyway I had to stop my lesson & diverted my attention to him asking him some 'relevant' questions & at the same time giving them some advice.. How to respect your teacher.. Well, they were in total silence, maybe that was the first time they had seen me gone mad!! Uwahahahhaa.... Let them see the real me!! So whoever mess up w/ me unnecessarily.. They'll know the consequences - my 'laser' -- zzztttt....

Last night I got belly dance class @ 7-8pm. Just after breaking my fast I pack up my things & 'zoom' to the studio.. U can imagine w/ a half full tummy & doing a belly dance, what will happen? Hahahaha.. I couldn't move nicely! Oops I mean sexily!!! Hehhehehe.. But at the end of the class I managed to do better. Syukur2! Hehehe.. So here I'm again fasting & belly dancing later at the same time & place.. ARghhhh...

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Mini Album in Process & Scrapbooker's Resolution?

Hi. Last night I already finished 'papering' my album for the mother themed scrapbook. Fuhh.. It's a lot of work involved! Glued the scrap papers to the word album then press it nicely then had to cut & trim all the excess papers, what a lot of work!! This is my first time working on the word album hopefully it'll be a success hehehe.. Then later when I get home, I'll try to find pictures!!!! Then I can embellish the album.. I'll post the finish product, definitely but it will be like maybe by the end of this month uwahahahhaa... Malu eh.. I'm nervous..

Actually my resolution of this year was to make a LO atleast 2-4 pieces/a project/a mini album per month. But it turned out I got so busy even now I could barely make time for it... I'm not a fast scrapbooker.. I'm still in the beginner phase.. PHeww... So when it come to scrapbooking, I work at the speed of a turtle!! Hehehe.. I even have many unfinished LO!! Arghh... Try to finish it this year...

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Dixie Chicken & Shabby Chic

After we finished our belly dance, we went to Dixie Chicken. My hubby was hungry hehe me too! So was Rena. Then Rena got an appointment. Beauty appointment u! Hehehe.. So my hubby & I went to Shabby Chic. Hehehe actually yesterday I already went there w/ my friend Diani. But I just wanted to see the Team Design's works & asked Irene about the classes. So today, I wanted to negotiate Irene about this class I'm interested. I wanted other time because the time given for the class falls on working day.. :( luckily, Irene tried to find other persons who maybe have the same problem as me so I'll be able to attend the class during non-working day!! Yahooo!! Just hoping someone have same problem like me, then problem solve eh?? Here the pic of things I bought @ Shabby Chic, I can't hardly wait for that 'Double Stamping Day' anymore!! Urghh!! Have to buy something!! What a 'Shopascrapaholic' lah!! hope I manage to do some decent scrap hehe..

*Shopascrapaholic - shop+scrap+holic = ? I just invented a new word!! Hahaha..

Belly Dance

We got Belly dance @ 2pm. There were me, Rena & a Chinese lady named Yen, I think hehehe.. I'm bad at remembering people names.. Started from this week, we'll have belly dance thrice a week!! Yippe!! So those who are interested please come to the Paul & Olivia Studio. Next week we'll have class on Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday.

So, basically the schedules are as follow:

Tuesday @ 7-8pm
Wednesday @ 7-8pm
Thursday @ 8-9pm

Wahhh... Sakit pinggang ni... Hehehe... I love Belly Dance! "Yeah move the hips to left, right, make the 8 figure, do not move your shoulders, keep your abs in!! Well Done! " Those are the words I always hear from Necie.. Hehehehe don't get mad at me Necie :p

Daddy's Birthday - 2nd Aug 08

Me & Family @ Seafood Paradise.

The handmade card for Daddy. Theme 'James Bond' hehehe..

Yesterday was my father's birthday. We dined out to celebrate his birthday. We chose Seafood Paradise @ Q'lap. ~ STEAMBOAT~ Or known as 'KapalStim'! Uwahahaha.. Not Funny! I know uwahahaha.. Still have to laugh at my own joke!! Hehehe.. Anyway didn't take any pics of the food because.... We waited for about an hour!! So we had no mood to take the pics, we need to feed our grumbling tummy first... Oh yes this is a hand made birthday card I made for daddy.. It's very simple yet I love it!! Happy Birthday Daddy!! We Love U Very Much!! Mwaaaaahh100x..

Delifrance In Miri - 1st Aug 08

Seafood Platter YUMMY!!! Already Half Eaten! Hahaha..

My hubby & I went to Miri on last Friday. We reached there at about 11pm & I was so hungry (I ate just a little breakfast!) when I saw Delifrance (Parkson), I persuaded my hubby to eat there!! I miss Delifrance!! Remember there was used to be 1 in Yayasan?? So, I took chance to eat there lah... Hehehe... Unfortunately my favourite dishes was not available! In fact, most of the dishes were not available! Only a few can be ordered!! I ordered Salad Potato&Tuna, my hubby ordered Seafood Platter!! Which looked so yummy *rubbing my tummy* hehehe.. We couldn't wait any longer as soon as our dishes were placed on our table, we eat ravenously!! Hahahaha we forgot to take the pics before we eat!!

Friday, August 1, 2008

New Lesson & Free Lesson @ P&O

New Lesson

A Hip Hop Lesson will be introduce tommorow @ 2pm! Well, I'm not sure about the time yet at least it's around that time hehe... The instructor is a lady!! Surprise, surprise!! Her name is Rochelle, I think that's the spelling. Hmm.. Need to make sure how her name spelt.. Oh yes the chinese lady's (who learn ballroom dance) name is Leng. Fuhh..

Free Lesson

There'll be a free Belly Dancing lesson this Sunday @ 2pm. If I'm not mistaken too.. Hehehe.. I'll make sure about it tommorow.. I'll post the phone no. & the address of that place tommorow, Insya-Allah.

Belly Dancing Just Rena & I

Last night we got belly dancing class @ 8-9pm. Just two of us were there.. Well we learnt new moves again!! I felt so excited even Rena excited hehehe.. This time we have to ermm.. 'GEleK GelEk' ahahhahahaha... Really I tell u! It was fun! I meant very very fun!! We have to practice till perfect because something big will be happen in the near future which I can't tell u what is it.. Shhh... I've got a secret... Uwahahahahahaha..