Thursday, October 30, 2008

~Great Guy~ LO

The 5th Challenge LO - Great Guy.

The embellishments & journal

The Journal

The ribbons & flowers..

In this final challenge by Scrappin Kids, we were asked to make a masculine layouts w/ a few flourishes!!! Must still maintain the masculine LO.. Hehehe.. I rarely make it.. Well now I did a few. Here, I present another simple LO of mine. I don't have to explain eh?? Hehehe..

The Journal : "My husband is a very great guy. He loves to take pictures of people & animals... Especially Me & our cats!! LOL! I love my great guy.."

Okay I'm off to bed.. So sleepy.. TFL :)

Wednesday, October 29, 2008


4th Challenge - 4th LO - Aki Boi

Chipboards - swirl & heart had been inked using variety of Brilliance Ink.

The chipboard had been inked using Brilliance, Rocket Red.

The picture of Aki In The Pot!

In this 4th challenge at Scrappin Kids, we are required to create an LO using 5 different of SB mediums or 5 different colours of same medium or even mixed mediums. They can be more than 5.

The SB mediums used here are :
1-Making Memories Paints : Dusk, Evergreen, Deep Coral, Deep Sea, Grapevine & Nutmeg. The title, the dots along the card stock (Deep Coral & Wheat) & paints behind the picture (especially the two upper paints, Deep Coral & Dusk) were using MM paints.

2-GlimmerMist : Kiwi, sprayed on the brackets & stalk of the flower (chipboards).

3-Adirondack Bright Acrylic Paint Dabber : Sunset Orange was dabbed behind the picture especially the lowest paint.

4-Stickles : Icicle & Aqua. As border along the paint (picture) & at the picture itself.

5-Pigment Ink Brilliance : Red Rocket, Galaxy Gold, Cosmic Copper & the Pearlescent - Poppy, Beige, Crimson, Rust, Purple, Orchid, Lavender & Sky Blue. They were used at the below card stock as the shape of the ink pads themselves, on the flower, heart & swirl chipboards.

The Journal : "Aki Boi is already 10 years old!! He likes to pose in front of the camera.. Even in this pot, he still pose for us!! LOL! Aki Boi, The Cat In The Pot!!"

TFL :)

Monday, October 27, 2008

*~I Love Colours~ (Edited)

This is my take on the 3rd challenge for Scrappin Kids. In the 3rd challenge we are required to create a 12 x 12 LO using pattern papers no more than 4 x 4 inches in size. They can be smaller than 4x4 but definitely not bigger than that! Its up to us how many kinds of pattern papers we use!!! We also have to include photo(s) and a short journaling regarding our choosen theme.

*My Journal : I love colours!! As you can see in my LO, I love red, pink, blue, green, brown, black, violet, etc... I love to paint my world with COLOURS!!

*P/s: On my picture, there is a rub-ons saying 'Paint your life with happiness'..Too bad the word Paint is invisible!! LOL..Because it was rub-ons my hair which is black!! :D

Thanks for looking :)

Budi. Teh tarik asli. Banar.

Enjoy the video hehehe :D


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Sunday, October 26, 2008

~LuV 2 BE with you~

2nd Challenge - 2nd LO ~ LuV 2 BE with you

My take on 2nd challenge in Scrappin Kids. In the 2nd challenge we are required to come up w/ THE MOST CREATIVE PHOTO MATTING EVER. In this LO, you can see that the mating is mixed.. I don't know where to start hehehe :D

The Journal : "He is my boyfriend, he is my bestfriend, he is my soulmate, he is my true love, he is my other half, he is my husband, he is my Everything!! I Love You! Luv 2 Be with You..."

Thanks for looking! :)

~Kimono Lovers~

1st LO~ Kimono Lovers.

My take on 1st Challenge for Scrappin Kids.

The journal : "These pictures were taken during our honeymoon. I love wearing kimono!! That was my 2nd time wearing a kimono, but it was my husband's 1st time!! We had fun that time pretending we were Japanese couple. Hence the title - KIMONO LOVERS!!"

Pheww..Thanks for looking! :)

Friday, October 24, 2008

*~I LOVE YOU & PICTURE PERFECT~ Layouts (Edited)

1st LO - I Love You.
This LO for the Win-A-Rak October/November Challenge.

2nd LO - Picture Perfect.
This LO for the Ed's Sketch October Challenge.

The 1st LO supposed to be submit today!! Cause today is the last day of submission..but due to our 'comment pleading for some extend' were heard, it's been extended until 24th November!! Yippee!! The ironic thing is, I just finished it!! LOL! In this challenge, we are required to include tearing paper, paint/paints & multiple pictures (more than 2).

The 2nd LO for Eds' Sketch..Well made a LO & included any journalling stamp. I love this LO very simple..Well I looked pretty there!!! LOL! Vain!!! I just posted it to the Groovie Forum & didn't expect they already put it up in Ed's Sketch! I was like 'Wow! They are fast!'

Ok that's all. Thanks For Looking :)

*P/s: I didn't use any stamp on 1st LO.. Can you guess?? Hehehe :D Btw sorry for the mess in my 1st LO, I know, I know it's very simple..

Scrappin Kids' 1st Birthday!!

Starting from tomorrow 25th October until 29th October 2008, we will be in SCRAPPING FRENZY!!! Yup everyday we need to complete a challenge.. There are 5 main challenges to be completed (must be completed) & there are also 2 additional challenge. Oh I forgot.. It's been organised to mark the 1st Birthday of SCRAPPIN KIDS!!

*~Sneak Peek of My 2 LOs~ (edited)

This sneak peek of LO for Win-A-Rak Challenge. I just post a comment begging for the organiser to extend the date of submission & yes they did extend it into another month!! Ironically, I just finished the LO!! LOL :D

This sneak peek of LO for Ed'sSketch challenge. I actually finished it but only half way, I just finished it today anyway when I still have the mojo!

Later will post the LOs.. Thanks For Looking :)

*P/s: I'm sorry, I forgot to tell you that my DH took this pics. That's why I posted the sneak peek hehehe.. I love the way he took the pics of my LOs.. I will never be able to be good as him!! No worries, I'll post the full pictures of my LOs later ;)

~A Beautiful Lie~

"A Beautiful Lie"

Lie awake in bed at night
And think about your life
Do you want to be different?
Try to let go of the truth
The battles of your youth
'Cause this is just a game

It's a beautiful lie
It's the perfect denial
Such a beautiful lie to believe in
So beautiful, beautiful it makes me

It's time to forget about the past
To wash away what happened last
Hide behind an empty face
Don't ask too much, just say
'Cause this is just a game


(Oh Oh
The end of the world)

Everyone's looking at me
I'm running around in circles, baby
A quiet desperation's building higher
I've got to remember this is just a game

(So beautiful, beautiful
It's a beautiful lie
So beautiful, beautiful
It's a beautiful lie
So beautiful, beautiful...)


I love this song..It's a perfect song to me..It's meaningful..Enjoy..

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Finally..Ain & Fizah~Claim Your Gifts From Me~ :D

Especially for Ain!! Nah...Ur card ada tu inside!! :P

Pink for Ain!! Hehehe...

Fizah.. Nah for you also.. :) Sorry no card hehehe :P

Blue for Fizah!! Hehehe..

These two girls were my colleagues, Ain is already in Birmingham. Do u still remember I made a little pink card for her? I promised her to give the card but she didn't even give me her address!! Apalah ini budak! Hehehe.. Well Fizah will be going to Birmingham this Friday, so I just made this board for her as a gift :) sorry no card :p hehehe..

I made these board from cutting some big hard cardboard.. I design it especially for them to put something like pictures (on the top, yup the one w/ plastic) & below it to store maybe tickets to concert eh?? Hehehe.. :D glad I could finished it right on time. So girls please treasure my not so great gifts that I made it purposely to your like I mean the colours... You 2 like younger sisters to me.. I'm going to miss u girls which currently I miss Ain.. She's the one I used to talk to in the staffroom during our free time... Sharing some girly tales hihihihi :)

Bah apa g adik2 say ur prayers in my comments! Hehe inda ku tarik balik ni hadiah ah hohohohoho... :P

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Faten in Yellow Shirt..

Here another picture of Faten that I took last week.. Look at her!! Hehehe she looked sweaty but cute in her Yellow Trains Shirt :D

Monday, October 20, 2008

*Missing My Old Preschool Kids :( - edited.

My Preschool Kids. Their first day of school on 2nd January 2008. *Alai the one who wore tudung or scarf.

*Their creativity & imagination :) on their first day of school.

I moved from my old school at 1st May 2008. I was kinda sad leaving my kids :( I mean, after all my hard work to get them discipline & follow the rules of the classroom..I had to leave them?? I'm not bragging here, but in my experience as a Preschool Teacher (* for about 4 years), my kids are the most well-behave, well discipline & well-mannered. I'm very strict w/ my kids for the 1st 3 months (wow trimester huh? I thought it apply for pregnant woman only hehe :D ), then when they learn everything what TO DO & DON'T in the classroom (yes in school too :) ) *I had to leave?
*In fact I was crying on my last day of school, yes I admit it in front of my pupil's mother! We were talking about her gift to me. She chose her own present for me, she chose red clothes (4metres clothes) because she told her mother I like red. I was touched. Then I told the mother about her daughter (her name is Alai) who said to me 'Cigu, bila cigu pindah, jangan lupakan Alai ah..' roughly translated 'Teacher when you are gone, don't forget me..' soon after that I cried!! Even her mother!! *sniff, sniff*.. Wah I want to cry now!!!! Oh NO!!!!

I MISS MY KIDS! Hope I'll get the chance to teach preschool kids someday again.

Sneak Peek For Ain & Hjh Fizah :p

Here is a sneak peek for Ain! ;)

& here is sneak peek for Hjh Fizah ;)

Well it's about 70% done hehe..30% more to go huh? Anyway just wait for the final result :) it can be later or tomorrow or the next day after tomorrow or even next week!! Hahahaha :D

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Musical Performance of Teacher's Day 2008 was a success!!!!!

Irfan, my only Primary 1 student. :) He was His Majesty's favourite. Oh my.. :D

This was the only shot I could take yesterday. So sad I could only take back view hihihihi..

You can see on the big screen that the kids were smiling & the front row were playing recorders.

Yes still looking at the screen! Hehehe.. We were so happy that they actually smiled on the big day!! What a relief!! Because during the rehearsal we repeatedly asked them to keep smiling, never stop smiling... You know to show that you're happy when singing the Teacher's day song!

After HM came to us, we took a few pictures w/ the students.

The 5 Fantastic Teachers from L-R = Normas, Hjh Linda, Me, Chrisy & Amal( Female only)

The students from 3 schools, SR Kg. Katok 'A', SR Kiarong & SR Dato' Jamil. The other 2 schools left early.. Too bad..

We were so happy no.. We were EXTREMELY HAPPY when they succeded in performing using the musical instruments & choir.. I guess all our hardwork were paid off :) Even His Majesty went down & mingled w/ us for a while & of course he asked questions to his few favourites.. Yes you're right, my Irfan!!! Guess what did he asked?

HM ' Sekolah dari mana? ' while HM pointed his finger to Irfan.

Irfan stammered ' Sekolah Kg. Katok..Mohon Ampun....' ohh poor him! He forgot to say 'Mohon Ampun' first hehehe.. Anyway HM was smiling hahaha.. I couldn't be happier :D

Anyway I didn't manage to take even a picture of the male teachers. I mean only 2 male teachers were left yesterday when we were busy posed in front of the camera.. Hehehe.. Ok hope the pictures really tell you the story :)

Hari Raya Pictures @ 18th October 08.

Me & Hjh CT @ her open house yesterday.

Her 3months old kitten

Yup the same kitten :)

Hmm a very shy kitten.. LOL..

Wow it's been a long time I haven't got to Hjh CT house..Hehehe..Finally!! The Laksa her MIL made were great!! Hmm.. I'm a bit regret didn't request 'a take away' hahahaha...

Pucker up time! LOL!

Laughing at ourselves! :D

Shasha & I
Me being vain... :D

Here are the shots took at Mamashasha @ Normas' Crib. Yup we (Suzie & I) were paying 'debt' so we are even! Yup she thought that we didn't want to go hari raya @ her place, in fact we wanted to surprised her. But she asked me on Wednesday, got no choice but to tell her :P

Friday, October 17, 2008

Tomorrow Will Be The BIG DAY! 1st time ever musical performance in front of His Majesty!!

Irfan in his sleep mode!

He's the only Primary 1 pupil that joined the musical performance among the 5 Primary Schools. This picture was taken on last Wednesday. He was so tired & maybe due to the soft melody song (yup it was my intention to make them feel sleepy by playing the Korean Song from Full House drama over & over & over again!) , he felt so sleepy & couldn't resist to take a nap! U can see he sat in front. He's always sit next to me.. Hmm.. Maybe that his favourite spot eh? Hehehe..

I couldn't resist the temptation to take a pic of him sleeping, yup I took this picture while driving, well when I stopped at traffic light I think. After I took a shot of his pic, I showed it to other pupils, then the noises subdue dramatically... My oh my they were so concerned not to wake Irfan up! I love them. :)

I'm excited, I'm overwhelming, I'm nervous, I'm happy & oh boy am I glad that tomorrow will be our final performance? I mean there'll be no more practising which I'm already tired of! But then I'm going to miss it :(


P/s: Ya Allah, hopefully everything will be alright. Amin..

Monday, October 13, 2008

Faten & Her Fashionable Hat!

HSM4 Wannabe!!! Akekeke...

HSM4 Wannabe!! Fashion Crime!! Alert the Fashion Policia!!

Are you sure you want to audition by wearing that ermm hat of yours?

Enjoy the pics of my niece w/ her own fashionable hat!! Akekekeke :D

Card challenge by Groovie Java Scraps Cafe

My card for the Groovie Java Scraps Cafe.

In this challenge, we are required to make a Thank You card using green & pink colour. I finished this card at 5.45 pm. It's a very simple card. TFL. :)

Card & Gift for MamaShasha..

This card I made it specially for Normas.

As you can see I sew the beads to make a necklace & the heart pendant.

My first altered notebook as a gift for Normas' Birthday.

Front & Back cover.

To Normas : I hope you'll like my simple gift for you. Susah I pikir tau nak bagi apa! Hehehe.. Sowi lambat bagi hehehe.. I told ya before be patience right? ;)