Friday, November 28, 2008

New Look & Shopping!!

My new hair cut..Gosh it's been a long time I wanna cut my hair!! Finally!! :)

My 'Sinful SB items Purchase' of the day!! You can't blame me since it's 30% of at Shabby Chic hehehe.. & coincidentally all the item I bought are pink!! Hehe :D

The gift in conjunction of 2nd Anniversary from SC :) my, my, my what a happy day!! :D

Altered Board ~ A friend's request for her Mother's b'day..

The finished art by me.

Picture of her parents.

I purposely leave this space blank for her to write down some birthday wishes for her mother. As she didn't give any specific instruction, I didn't dare to put some kind of writing or notes even simple wishes like 'Happy Birthday'. Customers are always right, am I right? Hehe..

This board I made as requested by a colleague of my hubby. This is her 2nd time requesting my service. Of course I charged her as I chose & bought the items for her. Hopefully, her mother will love this gift as she loved the previous LO i made for her b'day last year.

Thanks for looking.

P/s: I showed this to my mummy, she also loves it.. *sigh* meaning I have to make 1 for her eh? Hehehe :D

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Happy, Happy Birthday!! iPod, Heat Tools, SB items & comics..

My Dearest Hubby Bought this iPod as my Birthday Gift!!!!! Oh yes he let me chose what gadget I want!! I've been eyeing for this *Baby Blue*.. He bought it on the spot after I chose which one *wink, wink* Thank you Hubby!!!!! Mwwwaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh......

My Dearest Good Friend Suzie, gave me an $80 Voucher!!! Yayy I finally got to buy my Embossing Heat Tool & the powder..Well I spent more than $80 hehe so have to pay extra..You know the voucher only for spending $80 only meh.. Anyway I'm so happy, hyper happy, super excited when Suzie give me this!! Hehehe... *Grinning widely*

This gift I got from registering the DT classes at Shabby Chic. :)

Yup bought this Japanese comics for myself :p it's been a long time I haven't indulging myself in those comics... :D

All the above items were bought at Mall, Gadong. You know where to find it, no need for me to list down the shop eh.. Guess yesterday was a very happy day for me :) :) before we went shopping, we treat ourselves @ Swensen's.. Yummy those pizza chicken mushroom mayo... :D

Once again thanks for wishing me 'Happy Birthday' :)

Saturday, November 22, 2008

We Are Back In Business!!

Yup!! Our Blog 'Let's Get Creative!!!!!' is fully operational..It got a FACELIFT!! Lol.. Well it is still need some tweaks, but go ahead you can view, read, admire, etc, etc, etc....

P/s: Thanks to everyone who wishing me 'Happy Birthday' either thru messages, shout box, blog(oh yes Renee, thanks dear ;) you made me blush!! LOL ) & BruneiScrapperForum. I'm so happy today :) Love you!!

Princess Gizmo

Thursday, November 20, 2008

UNDER RENOVATION - Let's Get Creative!!!!! Blog .

Sorry to inform dear readers, that you're not able to access our 'Let's Get Creative!!!!!' blog for a while. It's under renovation. Sorry for the inconvenience..

Wednesday, November 19, 2008


- Jason Mraz Lyrics

Hello!! I lurrrveee this song!! Anyway November is a very good month ;)
My Coming Birthday!!
2nd, My 1st Wedding Anniversary!!
I'm joining the DT classes @ Shabby Chic due to their 2nd Anniversary!! Isn't it great??

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Cow & Chicken...

One day a cow & a chicken was talking about human.. Yup us!!

Chicken : Hey Cow!! You know what? I hate human!!!
Cow : Why hah??
Chicken : Because they keep taking my eggs!! STUPID HUMAN!!
Cow : Relax..
Chicken : How to relax?? If they keep taking my eggs..I don't have any..sadly grandchicks..
Cow : Well count yourself lucky Chicken!! How about me??
Chicken : Why?
Cow : You see human keep taking my milk..But yet they never appreciate me at all!!
Chicken : Meaning?
Cow : Well, isn't it obvious not even a human call me MUMMY!!!
Chicken :..........

Uwahahahahahhaa.. Hope you reader enjoy this stupid joke!! XD this joke never fail me!!! :D

Monday, November 17, 2008

~LO - Tina~

~LO - Tina ~

I made this LO for the crop nite I owed.. Well to Brunei Scrapper Forum's crop and share. This LO is for the first challenge which required us to write down journal between the strips of PP. But I made the 2nd challenge first because of the 'Hari Raya' mood hehe.... Well no harm done since it's just for sharing not competition rite? My 3rd LO, I'll try working on it tomorrow.. Pheww...

The Journal : 'Tina is my younger sister.. She is the one that I can talk to about almost... anything.. All I can say that 'I'm bless to have her as one of my sisters.'

Thanks for looking my not so great LO.. :)

Saturday, November 15, 2008

My Other Blog...

Here I am, to introduce to all my dear friends & readers a new blog of mine.. So please support this blog Let's Get Creative!!!!! & do leave comments :)

Thanks for visiting it! :)

Card For Renee..

This card, I made especially for dear Renee :)

Hopefully she'll like the card.. Can't wait to see her & of coz her baby boy hehe.. I just love babies.. *sigh* will have some of my owns..hehe.. :D

Friday, November 14, 2008

Scrapper Renee Having A Baby Boy!!

Alhamdulillah! 1 of my good scrapper friend, Renee just gave birth to A BABY BOY!! Glad both mother & son are in good health :)

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

My Purchase of Sizzix Die Cuts.

This is my purchase of Sizzix Die Cuts, The Tags & Classic Alpha.

I'm going to buy more for my collection.. Hehehe.. Anyway to those who want to purchase some die cuts like these please click at MJ.

But I haven't try my hand on it hehe talking about having a very busy month as a teacher huh?

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Happy Belated Birthday Zizi @ Renoa..

This altered toilet paper roll is especially for Zizi @ Renoa! I promised her I'll give her a b'day card..Well belated birthday card to be precise hehe.. Sorry dear for being way too late!! I'll give it next time we meet ok?? So for now you just manage to see it on my blog only!! Hohohohoho :D
Actually, I kinda make a promise to myself will make b'day, greeting, etc cards for people I know well & get along fine!! *sigh* wished I can come up w/ better creation than this simple altered card.....

I found this tutorial from Gracie who kindly share her creation & told where to find the tutorial. Thanks Gracie :)

P/s: Behind that tag card, I scribbled some notes for her ;)

** Edited - I got Tagged By Renee..

Here's the tagged replies:
1. Take a recent picture of yourself or take a picture of yourself right now.
2. Don't change your clothes, don't fix your hair... just take a picture.
3. Post that picture with NO editing.
4. Post these instruction with your picture.
5. Tag 5 people to do this.
Suzila, Hazel, Ernie, Ain, Normas, Gracie & Anih

1) Where and when was your last kiss? *SMOOOCHHH* I'm kissing my hubby lah sapa lagi? Ehem...
2) What color underwear/boxers/thong wearing now? Black & pink lacy thong uwahahahaha XD
3) What are you listening to right now? Nothing...Well bunyi air-con, my hubby w/ his pc & me typing the answers!!
4) Whats your favorite number? Plenty!! Well...3 come first hehe..
5) What was the last thing you ate? Indomie!! Hahaha yup wet indomie w/ egg yum2..
6) When was the last time you smiled? I'm smiling now.. Answering these annoying tag :P
7) How is the weather right now? Dark since it's night.
8) Who was the last person you talked to on the phone? My hubby..
9) What is your worst habit? What?? U want me to list down?? Hmm.. Can kissing your cats consider worst habit? Oh yes splurging on SB items... That's my worst habit.. XD
10) Do you drink?- as in what? What kind of question is this?? Be specific please.. Drink can be describe as 'drinking alcoholic liquid' which I never drink & will never drink in my life.. Haram yo.. Hehe..
**11) Do you dance? Hell yes!! I love dancing!! Eventhough I'm not a good dancer!! XD
12) When was the last time, if ever, you blacked out? I'm not sure if I ever blacked out..
13.) Girlfriend/Boyfriend? Ishh..My hubby is my boyfriend lah :D
14) Your Hair color? Black..
15) Eye Color? Dark Brown..
16) Do you wear contacts? Never..Maybe I will..But need to do some eye check up first.. Wahh kabur dah....
17) Favorite day? Spending my time w/ hubby
18) Favorite Month? Whenever we have school holidays, that'll be our favourite months..Yes this apply to all teacher!!
19) Have you ever cried for no reason? Well if I ever cry it must be due to some conflict, sad movies never fail bring tears to my eyes.. :'(
20) What was the last movie you watched? Last night.. James Bond, Quantum Of Solace w/ my hubby.
21) Favorite Day of the Year? Any school holidays.
22) Are you too shy to ask someone out? Like who?? My hubby?? NO lah..
23) Last advice you received? Never care about other people personal life when they don't need you!! Yup I learn my lessons already urghh.. Really hurt me.. Got people blaming me for what I didn't say/do..
24) What was the highlight of your weekend? Being w/ hubby.. :)
25) Chocolate or Vanilla? always the best!!
26) What is the last text message you received? Yesterday from MJ..Hehehe..I got to take my order from her.. :)
27) What is the last text message sent? MJ.. Told her I already got there (meeting point)
28) Who was the last person you call? My hubby I think hehe :D
29) What was the last sports game you watched? Amazing race?? LOL.. I don't remember when was the last time I watched..Well I did watch badminton tournament during the Hari Raya..
30) When was the last time you slept in someone else's bed? My parents' bed few months ago I think..
31) Favorite movies? LOTR, Harry Potter, etc...
32) Favorite football Team? Sorry, pass!
33) What were you doing before this? Reading a novel.
34) Any pets? Plenty Cats..
35) Favorite Drink?
Well favourite drinks will be Miloh Ping/Shake, Ice Lemon Tea, Hot Tea & Sugar Cane
36) Butter, Plain or Salted popcorn? I don't eat popcorn..
37) Dogs or cats? Animals??
38) Favorite flower? Plenty..
39) When was the last time you got in trouble? Shhhh..Secret tu..
41) Have you ever loved someone? Ishh.. Who else?? MY hubby, my family, my cats aduhh ke situ pulak..
42) Who would you like to see right now? I don't know..
43) Are you still friends with people from kindergarten? No..Only the ones from secondary & ugama primary school :)
44) Have you ever fired a gun? Main game saja..
45) Do you like to travel by plane? Absolutely!
46) What websites do you go to frequently besides friendster? My friends' blogs, websites selling SB items, cartoon, education especially finding worksheet for pupils..
47). If you could be with anybody right now who would it be? Well I have my hubby already..
48) How many pillows do you sleep with? 2.
49) Are you missing someone? I miss my late grandma.
50) How was your day? Perfect!! Gosh!! It's the last question!!! Yayy!!!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

2 videos of cat's cute behaviour...

The Weird Cat Talking To A Moth..

Oh god this video reminds me of our cat Sunshine.. Whenever she sees a lizard, she'll behaving like this.. I know hehehe.. She feel so excited to see little animals moving & want to play with it but yet can't reach it.. So.. I'm lost I don't know how to explain it English!! I mean Sushine so 'geram hati' with the lizards that's why she behaves like that way too.. Oh yes she's even behave like this when we plays w/ her LOL.. Next time I'll try to video her!!

The Cat Tiggy Talking/Saying Hello

This cat is also reminds me of some of my cats.. Oh god I lost count how many cats do I have?? LOL.. I love it when they are meowing like this.. So CUTEEEEE...... Hehehe...

Hope you enjoying these 2 videos..

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Meeting my Idol Rozi Yunos!!! @ BCL Fayre..

My hand got stamped!! Yup to tell that we did pay for the $5 entrance.. I love that stamp but I forgot to ask the lady where she got it!!!! *sigh* hehehe... :D

Here, I am at last w/ Rozi Yunos.. Meeting her.. I'm speechless hehehe... She's a nice person :)

As you can see on the table, there were many samples of her 'creative art'.. Yup binding the books!!!! I'm totally in love w/ her creations!!! Ka Rozi if you happen to read this, I LOVE YOUR WORKS!!!! So people if you wanna admire her work please click here.

P/s: I also met her other half. He's a nice guy & funny :)

My Shopping @ BCL Fayre ( Orchid Garden Hotel)

Kitchen Of Jasmine finally!!!!! I got to taste it from my friend's (Suzila) colleague!! I mean he offered it to us... So... Rezeki jangan ditolak musuh jangan dicari hehehe... 1st time tasted it, I fell in love instantly!! :D so far I only heard about 'the greatness of it' now I finally tasted it!!

The not so good looking mini cup cakes!!! Uwaaaaa.... I tagged it along everywhere so it stumbled lah... inside the container :'( sniff sniff... but but but...The taste...GREATTTTTT!!!! I love it!!!! Hehehe... I bought 2 containers... 1 for my family & the other for my hubby's family :)

My newly bought bracelet... Gold colour... I love it because of the texture.. I mean it's mixed... It's the last piece!! So I bought it!!!!! Crazy huh?? I just love bracelets..

A novel - My Story - POMPEII.. I love reading.. So it's been a long time I haven't read a good book!! Well since 2 or 3 months ago hehe.. Need to become a bookworm again.. :)

Actually there was one thing we didn't manage to take picture of!! The mosaic tiles!! I'm so in love with it.. *sigh* wish I'm creative as her.. Oh yes, she's the wife of Suzila's colleague. Too bad no pictures of any of her works.

So the conclusion is... I need to bring more money next time when this kind of fair/exibition are available!!! LOL... XD

The 2nd LO that I finished first hehe..

Title : Hari Raya 2008M/1429H

Sorry!! For my late post of my finished LO.. As I told you all, we are required to make 3 LOs. This LO is the 2nd LO, which we need to create an 8x8 layout inspiring the 'CUCUL' theme.. Cucul means the colourful bulbs for hari raya celebration...Ermm.. Well not necessary for hari raya only hehe.. It can be christmas, chinese new year, depavali etc.. Hahaha.. I know, I know I was supposed to finish the 1st LO but instead I finished the 2nd one first!! It was because I just happened to have the right picture & materials!! :D

In this LO, I cut green glittery PP, made mini ketupat, put some stars embellishments around the frame & put some stickles on the frame & on the ketupat. I also put some white ribbon at the bottom & blue glittery ribbons on each side of LO except the bottom. Oh yes I also glued a colourful napkin.

The Journal : This picture = taken = on 18th Oct.. That day was a memorable day for us. Yup, double celebration = Hari Raya & Teacher's Day. Here we were having fun! Pucker UP!!

LOL..yes we were having fun while my DH taking photos of us fooling around.. This picture was taken at Mamashasha's crib :)

TFL :)

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Good News!! I'm back for a while?? LOL..

Hello!! After hibernating for about 3 or 4 days?? I'm back!! Uwahahahahaha... Anyway the reason for my comeback is... I just finished an LO..well will post it up later.. Actually 2 LOs are on the way.. Tehee :D these 3 LOs are the one I owe to Brunei Scrapper Forum --> online crop few nights ago.. :D I just love the 2nd challenge which I finished it first!! LOL!! So wait for me! I can't hardly wait to share this wonderful LO :)

Saturday, November 1, 2008


Hola!! So people here I am.. Just want to tell to all scrappers & dear readers..I'm retiring now.. Yup, I need to organise my life first.. So many things to do this month. I need to do some school works, well to be precise, PLENTY OF WORKLOADS!! Especially this November is the most critical month. Need to do the scheme of works, some reports, marking exam papers (I HATE THIS MOST), etc... So.... I'll be retiring..Well hibernating is the correct word! Hehe.. So I'll be hibernating for I don't know how long.. Need to breathe the fresh air & clear my mind.. *Breathe In, Breathe Out*