Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Ip Man (Yip Man)

Warning : Contain Spoilers.. Well for me hehehe.. So you better not watch this trailer if you want to watch the movie!

We watched the movie at Mall, Gadong. We chose the 5.45pm show. We just got home at almost 10pm (after eating & some window shopping). I rated this movie 9 stars out of 10!!! Cool!! A very nice way for us to end year 2009 by watching this great movie. :)

P/s : Violence. So definitely not for kids.

Zain Bhikha - Give Thanks To Allah..

I love this song. Really touched my heart, Allah Hu Akhbar.

The 10 Things... In Princess Gizmo's Life Of 2008.

Hi. Salam. Before I go any further, I would like to wish you,




10 Major things happened in the 'Princess Gizmo's Life Of 2008'

1-Posted to another school to teach music lessons :) it was perfect! Why? Because I need to change scenery!!


3-My 1ST Wedding Anniversary & of course my Birthday hehehe..

4-Meeting my Idol, Rozi Yunos.

5-Meeting the 1st DT of Shabby Chic for the first time, Sharon, Lia & Emily.

6-The Birth of My Other Blog - Let's Get Creative!!!!!

7-My 2nd Honeymoon & yes of course it's our vacation too hehehehe... :D

8-My ability to alter many items this year!! Especially My 2009 Organiser.. I'm loving it!!

9-Glad to know I still have some truest, oldest, reliable & trustworthy girlfriends Diani (2004), Rahmah & Rena (1992) & Suzila (1991). Glad to know some Scrapper Buddies!! Especially Elda & Renee.

10-My adventure! Brunei River Night Safari Tour. Will upload the pics as soon as possible :)

P/s: Yes, some shopping too.. Which I don't need to include all the links here.. Hahaha..

10 Things I Wish To Do In 1430H/2009M :

1-Less gossip. I.e. Don't talk nonsense & non-informative things.. So please don't expect me to talk more when not 'required'. Iyalah kan kurang kan dosa! Hehehe..

2-More time for me & family. I want my life to be at least like those either in 'Fresh Prince of Bel Air' or 'My Wife & Kids'!! Hehehe.. I don't want my life to be like those in 'Desperate Housewives'!! No way!!

3-Scrapping & altering consistenly. My goal will be at least 3-4 LOs, 2-4 Projects & 3-4 Card making per month.

4-I'm avoiding any upcoming conflicts. Don't give your opinions or saying at all.. I learnt my lesson, 'zip' your mouth is the best way & will ignore whatever I see/hear. You know the saying 'Pisang berbuah 2 kali'? Ah!! That's the one I'm avoiding!! To prevent myself from repeating the same mistake.

5-To organise my life, yes, as a wife, secretary, maid (cleaning up my room after my scrapping!!), etc, etc...

6-Try my best to do my job as a Teacher. :)

7-To get fit?? Hohohoho... The usual one! XD

8-Save more money.. I.e.. Less spending.. :'( hehehe

9-Keep organising my workplace either at home or school.

10-Lead a happy & problem free (meaning any problem!!) life as a wife, teacher & scrapper!! :)

So whoever read this please write the 10 things in your life 2008 & what you wish to do in 2009! C'mon, it will be fun & at the same time a reminder for yourself ;)

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Happy Birthday RENA!!!!

Happy Birthday Girl!!!

To my dearest friend Rena, Happy Birthday To You!! Mudahan dimurahkan Rezeki, dipanjangkan umur, sihat badan & mendapat jodoh yang baik. Amin..

Love you my friend!! :)

Monday, December 29, 2008

My Days In Singapore...

Sorry for the late update on my vacation in Singapore. Enjoy!

Day 1

Our Breakfast @ KFC!

In the Singapore Flyer. My hubby said "I think we're lost!"

Ooohhh... The butt of the angel.. *blush* hihihihi...

After we finished our ride, we went to the ground floor & had lunch. I don't remember the name of the restaurant. But the Chicken Curry Mee was scrumptious!!

My hubby ordered Wet Kuay Teow Seafood.

After shopping at MWL, Laines & other shops, we had dinner @ Burger King!! We really missed Burger King. So on the way home, I saw the sign of Burger King & immediately alerted my hubby! Hehehe... In this pic, I pointed a pimple on my nose!!!!

Day 2

@ Vivo City.

Had lunch @ Pizza Hut. Yummy Cheese Meatballs!!! I even ordered Spaghetti Meatball!! Very Scrumptious!! Too bad we can't find this menu in Brunei :(

In Sentosa. U see the Giant Merlion??

Being a good samaritan.Hehehe.. After the couple asked my hubby a favour to take a photo of them, my hubby asked the man of his Sony SLR. He told my hubby it was set to manual when in fact it was set to auto.. Hehe.. Then he told my hubby, they just bought the SLR recently!! No wonder all their pictures were dark.. So my hubby gave them some tips.. He made their day! :)

Caught in the act! My hubby was explaining some of the basic functions of the SLR. Hehehe.. He was a tourist who helped other tourists... Ain't he sweet??

Can you see us in the video cam?? Haha..

Hubby turned to take the video cam..

Picture of me.. Who else? I love those veiny things.. Hmm... Where can I find one in Brunei huh?? Hehehe..

A panorama... Of the walk way.

The sign board. Later hubby bought tickets to watch the Sentosa 3D & 4D Magic!! It was such a blast!!

After 3D & 4D cinema.. I'm so tired to take a proper pose!!! Hahaha.. I pouted to say I wana go home!!! Love the night view.. I love the full moon.. Aauuuuuuuuuuuu...............


We bought the 3-in-1 tickets. Yes, Singapore Zoo, Night Safari & Jurong Bird Park.

My hubby used his zoom lense.. See?? How scary if it was near...

Me again.. Wore the new hat!! LOL..

I don't remember what was it!!!! Help!!!

Grrr... Ain't she a beauty??

This one I don't remember he or she.

Oh yes this is a she.. Purrr...

Look at his serious face!! Handsome boy!! I really wished they are not wild so that I can hug this big cats!!!!!!!! I love cats, from small to big!! LOL..

Ermm.. I don't remember their names too!! Damn it!!

Up close! So cute, so chubby like me!!! Haahahaha...


~Di mana dia anak kambing saya? Anak kambing saya...~

"Mirror, mirror on the wall, who has the longest tail?"

So cute!!! The mother & her baby :)

"Don't steal my food!"

Animals in training.. So here a picture of the training monkey.. Cute!!

GORGEOUS!!!!! I want one!!

Too bad the polar bear was too far.

Hehehehe... I remember this one!! MEERKATS!! I love meerkats. So those who don't know what is a meerkat, just remember Timon & Pumba in Lion King. ;) Can you spot how many meerkats in this pic?

Time to enter the Night Safari. Sorry we were not allowed to take pictures of the animals using camera w/ flash!!


Ooohh.. Pretty Deer!!!

Sign board..

Another panorama.. Hehe..

So sorry, I didn't upload many pictures. Just enough for viewing here. If you want to view my previous entry on Singapore click here. Thanks for looking :)

~Fixing A Broken Heart~

Fixing A Broken Heart by Indecent Obsession & Mari Hamada

I'm sorry I didn't post anything about our Brunei River Night Safari. I'll post it later. Meanwhile, I've been looking for this song!! I love this song!! *sigh* just don't have the right partner to duet with!! Hehehe.. ~You really know how to start~~Fixing a broken heart~~Your emotional tools can cure any fools~~whose dreams are fallen apart~~

Wish I have the courage to sing in public hehehe.. Maybe someday I'll post a video of me singing? Malu lah I.. XD

Friday, December 26, 2008

BBQ & Bedtime Stories & The Real Girlfriends In My Life..

BBQ @ 25th December 2008

We had BBQ yesterday.. Not because we were celebrating christmas hehehe.. But we celebrated our beloved mummy's birthday.

The Food... Can you smell something is burning??? LOL..

Waduh!! Posing betul!! Macam MINAH ROCKER yo!! With her short hair & layered & her erm playing guitar, she looked like a REAL MINI ROCKER!!!! Our own LITTLE GUITARIST!! Hehehe...

P/s: We didn't take many pictures of the BBQ event, so sorry..


I rated this movie 9 Stars out of 10!!! Why?? Because it was FUNNY & ENTERTAINING till the END!! Ask the girls & the guys they'll definitely agreed with me!! Inda rugi ku lanja dorg.. Hehehe.. B4 that we ate at Fleur De Lys. Our favourite place. Yup! Our = me, my hubby, suzi & her darling. Rena came later after done some window shopping hehe..

The Real Girlfriends In My Life!!

Yes, they are a few girlfriends of mine that I trusted w/ my whole heart. Really!! I've known Suzi & Rena since 1991 & 1992 respectively.. Yup both of them!! They really know my habit.. Good, Bad? Yes, they know it...Believe me ;)

Coincidentally Suzi was our senior in MD (Rena & I were her Junior). I've been meaning to treat Suzi & her Prince Charming (hehe...) to a movie. Iyalah Nawaitu dlm hati.. Masa lapas jumpa ia balik atu.. You know spending time with an old friend of mine ;) So I tagged Rena along.. Yes, she's my partner in crime when it comes to moviessss.... Hehehe.. She's one of my truest oldest friends beside Suzi.

Thanks Girls for the Fun!!

Too bad I can't invite my 2 other friends, Rahmah (my other partner in crime masa bujang2 dulu) who's so busy w/ her baby & Diani (was a colleauge of mine & we are still in touch, I love her like my own sister) who's just lost her father recently (innalillah) If both of them were there too... I don't know what will happen... Hahaha... It will be a melting pot!! I'll be in Heaven!! Surrounding by my bestest friends!! Hehehehe.. Gosh!! Bila tekenang2 rindu I sama dorg ni... :(

I miss you girls!!! Really wish that I can gather you all!!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

My 2009 Organiser & Lost....

Finally, I'm able to post this!!! I know, I know that I said I will post it in the morning but... Hehehe.. Sorry.. So now I present you this altered organiser of mine.

This was my 1st time altering an organiser. I bought the refill (Day To Day schedule) in Singapore. So I thought I should alter the cover instead of buying a cover (you know the typical cover for organiser). I cut some cardboard of different shapes.

Front cover I used transperancy. I cut it to fit the organiser. Then I tied a gold ribbon onto it & made 2 pair of bows.

The next cover is made from cardboard. I pasted the PP (patterned paper) on front side & CS (cardstock) on the back. I distressed the edges the paper of both sides. The front side, as you can see I embellished it with flowers, butterflies, crystal (small butterfly), felts, stickers & stickles. I even label it with my name hehehe.... :D

The next layer, I also used card board & covered it using PP on the front & CS on the back. As always I embellished the front side with some stickers, flowers & crystals (yes, the black & yellow bee).

This is the back cover of my organiser. As usual, I pasted PP & CS on the front & the back of it respectively. Then I tied a gold ribbon again.

At the back, I just tied the ribbon in its simplest form. Voila!! My first organiser! I'm so happy with it eventhough it's not that beautiful but it's enough for a 1st timer like me :)


Here I just want to share, that I've finished watching LOST Season 4. It was SUPER AWESOME!!! Full of surprises, twists & even answers to some questions. In fact right now, I'm still watching it, well the special features. I love this DVD!! I can't hardly wait for the next 2 seasons!! Arrggghhhh.....

1 of my favourite character! Sawyer.. I like his character in LOST. He was a very selfish guy from the beginning of the season but slowly changed to a very sensible & caring person.. Hehehe.. My other favourite characters are, John Locke & Sayid. These 3 guys are the guys I'm willing to follow if I'm 'LOST'.. LOL... XD

My 3 favourite female characters will be Ana Lucia (too bad she died early), Juliet & Sun (the Korean?). Kate is off my league. Hehehe.. I just don't get it, why is it so hard for her to choose between 2 guys??

Oooo...Sexy baby!! You drive me crazy!! Hahahaha... Not.. I just like this character who's so sacarstic in every word he said.. Hehehe XD so have anything to share about them?? Please feel free to share :)

P/s: I got another project to finish, so wait for me will ya? :)