Friday, March 27, 2009

LO's : You & Me, Timeless Treasures & Piano's Lover..

First scrap based on the 1st given sketch (Brunei Scrappers' Forum).
The title : You & Me.

Journal : You & Me -> love to take pictures of ourselves!! Being you & me are the best thing in my life. you & me will stay together forever till we grow old! You & me are forever sweetheart! xoxo

2nd scrap based on 2nd sketch (duh! Obviously!)
The title : Timeless Treasures

Journal : Our wedding day was one of those Timeless Treasures... May our Love remains forever...

The last scrap based on 3rd sketch. All were from Ka Jazz's sketches.
The title : Piano's lover.

Journal : Sunshine always love to disturb me when... Well everytime I play my piano!!! I think she is a piano's lover! LOL!

Thanks for looking!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009


I got this Birthday Award from Gracie. Thanks dear ;) But then my birthday is not anywhere nearer hahahaha... What the heck..

This is what I needed to do:
1. Make a list of what you want for your Birthday.
2. The list should be 10 numbers.
3. Include the image of this Award on your Post.
4. Give it to 10 Friends of yours.

My Birthday Wishes are....
2. A sewing machine.
3. A house of our own (need lots of money!! Of course hehehe..)
4. A business of my own (so that I can QUIT MY CURRENT JOB).
5. Pursue my further study (preferably something related to ART or DESIGN).
6. Performing Haj Pilgrim with my hubby, my parents & parents-in-laws.
7. Travelling around the world!!!!
8. A more productive, imaginative & innovative ideas in my 'art'??
9. Healthy, wealthy, educated & prosperous family (hehehehe.. Chinese new year eh?)
10. Be a better person in term of a wife, daughter, sister, daughter-in-law, sister-in-law & perhaps a good mother? :)

Okay I pass this award to Suzila, Renee, Elda, Rozi, Hazel, Naddy, Baq, Edleen, Jaz & Mimiey.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Stab binding intermediate : Old School Album...

Front view.

Spine of the book

I Love it, how I put all the heart shaped ornaments on the ribbon!! :)

In fact, this is the most beautiful album I've ever made.. Hahaha.. Thanks to my colour coordination this time, I managed to make a very beautiful one... I really, really like this one.. Will make it someday... So those who are interested in learning this book binding art please visit Ka Rozi's blog for more information! ;)

Thanks for looking.. :)

All The Way From Singapore!!

Hello!! Last night, I was having dinner with my family at Lemon Grass. It was my youngest sister' treat (yup since this is her 1st treat with her own salary!! She just got a job last month, hehehe..) Then my father gave me an envelope with Singapore stamps on it!! I knew it!! This goodies are from ArtzDeScrap 1st Anniversary!! What I really treasured in this collection is the personal note from Liza Yet!! You see the paper of Goofy? Yup that's a note from her.. Sorry I forgot to take a pic of her note individually hehe.. I love the cute bugs on the pegs!! I already have some idea for that beautiful PP... Too bad I left all my SB tools at my other home!!! Ouch!!

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Watchmen, Street Fighter : Legend Of Chun Li, Dragonball Evolution & Inkheart movies..

I love this movie.. It was full of action. I love 2 characters in this movie, Rorschach by Jackie Earle Haley & The Comedian by Jeffrey Dean Morgan (remember Sam & Dean's dad in Supernatural? Yup that's him!). This movie is better than The Spirit (I swear This Spirit Movie made me sleepy at the beginning of the movie, middle, somewhere in the middle & I was restless!! I was eager to get out of the theater, too bad hubby wanted to stay!! LOL!!) So what are you waiting for?? Go watch this movie if you're into actions/violence/heroes!!

I gave this movie 7.5 out of 10 stars.. Beware: It's a Violence movie!!!!!!

Street Fighter : Legend Of Chun Li... I love the plot & the fighting scenes.. But please don't expect Chun Li to wear her trademark costume!! Because this movie is an introduction of her character..

I gave this movie 7 out of 10 stars. Beware : A little bit violence but bearable.

Dragonball Evolution : For God Sake!! I prefer the anime rather than the movie!!!!! Now I understand why people keep complaining & comparing it!! 1st my hubby kept complaining about the title of the movie... Yup... Dragonball Evolution?? What the hell? Evolution?? Have they read the comics? Or seen the anime?? I didn't understand at first, then he explained it to me a little bit which I understood. Then he bought the anime series (hehehe...) so indirectly I also watched some of it but of course not from the beginning.. But it made sense why the movie was ermm.. a little bit lame?? Well just let's say the story line is awful!!

I gave it 6 out of 1o stars. Verdict : As a viewer who was ignorant about dragonball, I found the movie was entertaining in sense of humour. :) but the fighting scenes & choices of actors were very dissapointing..

Inkheart, as usual I'm a fan of family/fantasy movie!! This movie was really good!! Brendan Fraser is one of my favourite actor. He is a Silvertongue (one who can read from the book & make it real!!). Gosh... I wish I have that ability!!! Hahahaha.... Anyway well not that ability but atleast I have the ability to be inside the books & experience the scenario... walking in a fantasy land full of mystical creatures *sigh* no way this will happen hehehe....

This movie deserves 8 stars out of 10!! Verdict : Very entertaining right from the start :)

Okay, this is my entry for today... Moviessss...... I love movies!! My next movies on the lists are Race To Witch Mountains, Transformers, Star Trek, Fast & Furious 4 & of course my favourite Harry Potter...

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Dearest Yen, Get Well Soon...

I was told by a friend of mine about this sad news. So I made a very simple card of encouragement for Yen...

We (hubby & I) went to Shabby Chic yesterday... I saw Yen talking with a lady & decided to let her be while I wandered around the store... After she met her other friends, then she approached me (Emily was there too). We hugged for a while... I didn't want to ask her about her conditions, enough tears for her... So I just asked her when she'll be back to her home & I told her I left a card for her at the counter.. She just smiled.. Then I took the chance to take some pictures with her as I remember I never took even a pic with her before!! She's a very helpful assistant, a sweet lady, a very caring lady & she is one of the original staffs of Shabby Chic.. I'm going to miss her... After awhile, I decided to go out from the store as more people were coming & the store got crowded. I said goodbye & hugged her... On my way out of Shabby Chic, my eyes got watery.... I was trying to control my emotion during that time... I didn't want to cry in front of her... I didn't want her to feel very sad when everyone who met her was crying...

Yen, if you read this, I wish you have a safe trip, get well ASAP & come back to Brunei, okay? :)