Sunday, May 31, 2009

~Made 4 Each Other~ LO..

Just like I promised you last night, here I posted my other LO. It's been ages I wanna scrap this picture.. Finally, yesterday when my mojo was been good, I was able to scrap it :) Oh also I managed to write down the perfect journal for this LO.. Talking about 'Scrapper Block'! LOL..

Title : Made 4 Each Other

Journal :
God created men & women for the purpose of life...
God created a man & a woman to unite in a holy wedding...
God created us so that 'we are made for each other'...

Thanks for looking :)

P/s: I love my own quote hehehe.. I know, I know lame... XD

Sunshine, The Photogenic Girl & A Winged Cat?

Here I present you....~~ SUNSHINE, THE PHOTOGENIC GIRL!~~

Hehehehe...Sunshine is still in training mode. She's a new model to my hubby :) actually to get a perfect pic like this is very difficult for my hubby.. Aaahhh.. She's definitely a very expensive model!!! So arrogant & difficult to take a better pic of her.. But somehow in this pic, she behaved for my hubby!!! Another accomplishment for my hubby, yeahhh!!!! :D She's so cute in this pic, I can't resist the temptation to not publish this hahahaa... So last night I begged my hubby to do some cropping & editing on this pic. You like this pic?? Any cat to hire?? XD


I can't believe it...A winged cat?? Hmmm... Winged cats do exist in this world.. Actually, they are not wing that meant to fly but it due to some appendics growing... Errr... I don't know how to explain it.. Anyway you can find the article about this cat here.

Okay, I want to write down the journal on my LO.. Hehehe.. I promised you last night to post another LO today but...My brain got stuck!! I need to think what should I write.... Argghhh....


Saturday, May 30, 2009

~Just Married~ A Layout Gift for My Sister :)

Here is a layout for this month! Pheww.. Actually I wanted to scrap my pictures but I haven't develop it yet!! So.. I ransacked my photos collection... Tada!! I just found the right pictures to scrap using the Layout Sketch Challenge #27 by Beary Box.

These pictures were taken back in year 2007 hehehe.. Although my sister had been married for about almost 2 years now.. But the pictures were taken when they just got married.. That's why the title Just Married. ;)

Title : just married

Journal : They are perfect for each other... They are made for each other... God Bless Them...

This LO is my belated gift to my sister hehehe.. Well she was happy when she saw this LO!! I'm glad :)

Thanks for looking :)

P/s: Wait for tommorrow for I will post another LO ;) My mojo is good today hahaha XD

Friday, May 29, 2009

Terminator Salvation...

Last night was another movie night with my DH. Terminator movies are one of my classic favourites. So this one is no exception ;)

Christian Bale as John Connor.

One of the machines.. I'm amazed in this movie, they are about five types of machines!! I've never seen those machines before in other Terminator movies!! It really amazed me hehehe... This machine (as shown above) reminds me of those 'Sentinels' in Matrix Trilogy (those who watched Matrix will get it). Hehehe too much sci-fi huh?

I really enjoyed this movie. I rated it 8 out of 10 stars. Warning : More Explosives & Guns.. Minimal violence for humans.. Hehehe.. For guys who love it go for it.. For those who are not into action movies, don't go.. Hehehe..

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Buku Permintaan or 'Dowry Book' & some good news :)

Hi dear readers! I'm so sorry because last night I couldn't get through & keep my promise... Due to the 'nature of broadband' bleurgghhh... So here I present you my '1st dowry book'.

Ain't the paper itself lovely?? Aaahhhh.... I love that paper!! I went to Shabby Chic with my DH, I don't remember when & saw this PP!! I instantly knew what to do with this PP!! I had this idea in mind to made it into 'a dowry book' for my sister!! Gosh!! It worked!!

Up close & personal..Hehe.. Anyway I decided to make a not so feminine book but not too masculine book.. Just a well balanced combination of PP & ribbons!! Am I that happy? Oh yes!! I'm so proud of myself that my 1st attempt was succeed!! Hehehehe... So anyone want to hire me?? Not to forget to mention I combined my scrap skill & book binding skill in this book making ;)

I'm glad now & happy to say "Congratulations to my sister, Anna & her fiance, Bob" now they are officially engaged... Teeeheee... I can't hardly wait for next year... Yup decorating her 'hantaran' & her room!!!! That's my favourite things to do!! Just like what I did to my sister's room & my room during our weddings back in year 2007.. Unfortunately, I don't remember where did I put the pictures of our wedding rooms!!! Hehehe... I'll try to find it & post it in my blog some other time.

Thanks for looking.

Anyway I'm still waiting for more comments from you my dear readers, because I'm going to give some special gifts to some lucky readers in conjuction of my bloganiversary!! Yup good news!! Oh yes before I forget, in order for you to be qualify in this lucky draw please become my followers :) Hey you got nothing to lose! I really appreciate it :)

P/s: Thanks to Suzi for your honest comments. You're automatically in my list of lucky readers ;)

Monday, May 25, 2009

About 11 Days to 1 Year Bloganiversary!!!!

My blog will become 1 year old in about 11 days!!!! Yipeeeee!!!! I don't know what will I do to celebrate this bloganiversary.. But 1 thing for sure, I want to say Thank You to all my dear readers. I didn't expect my blog will have many sweet readers ;) & some loyal followers :D

Anyway, I'll definitely do something about my blog.. Meaning more active in blogging LOL.. So, in the meantime, I welcome to all of you to wish me, drop me some comments, etc, etc.. By answering my simple questions "Why do you like my blog? What is the most interesting thing in my blog that you like?"

That's all for today.. Oh yes, before I forget, I'll upload the pic of my 1st creation of dowry book tonight. ;) Thank you.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Thank You & Happy Birthday Cards..

Another post for today :) I made this 2 cards last week which I promise I'll upload the pics sometimes later.. So here they are..

This is a Thank You card I made for someone :) I'm not going to tell who... Anyway she's a very kind lady :) Ouch!! I forgot to adjust the ribbon!! Hehehe.. Nevermind..

This is a Birthday card for my dear sister who'll have her birthday tomorrow. Hehehe.. Since she seldom check my blog, I decided to post it tonight!! Can you see all the PP I used? Yup it were from the goodies I won from ArtzDeScrap's 1st Anniversary! Yup.. Actually I made another project from these'll have to wait for a long time... Cause I'm on a 'crafter's block' LOL...

Ok that's all for today. I'll try to post my other project on Monday, remember about the 'dowry book or buku permintaan' I told you before? ;)

Thanks for looking :)

Night At The Museum 2 : Battle Of The Smithsonian

Hi everyone. How are you? I'm not fine... I have fever... *cough,cough,sneeze,sneeze* since yesterday.. But today is worse... I slept for hours!! Hehehe.. Luckily it's Friday :)

Anyway, last night we watched Night At The Museum 2 : Battle Of The Smithsonian. I love this movie just the way I love the 1st one :) My favourite part was when Kahmunrah was ordering his 'underworld army' (body = human & head = bird) to attack Daley... That part was the most hilarious part!!! Hahahaha.. I swore I laughed so hard last night!!

It's a fun movie to watch & a great stress reliever :) so what are you waiting for?? Rated for this movie 8 out of 10 stars... Definitely worthed to watch it ;)

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Long Stitch Binding Books...

Hi everyone :) here I am! Hehehe.. Tonight I'll show you my 2 books (long stitch binding books). Pheeww..

I didn't embellish it lavishly because I think the cover are already lovely. I just attached ribbons to make it look more perfect! :) Ain't they cute?

These 2 books are for Teaching Practise Teachers who helped us a lot.. Particularly me.. Hehehe... The pink 1 for a female teacher, the other one for a male teacher. :) I hope they'll like it..

Thanks for looking :)

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Saying something...No pictures...

Hi everyone!! Here I am again... With nothing to share.. Well there are few to share but I'm so lazy to upload the pictures.. Yes pictures tell the story.. Hehehe..

Well good news for me, I managed to make a few cards & a dowry book for my sister (Buku Permintaan). I'm so glad :) I love the book, it's simple & yet it's simplicity just make me fall in love w/ my own creation!! Hahahaha.. XD anyway I'll post the picture of 'buku permintaan' next Monday (25th May 2009). Wait for it ;) The pictures of my cards... Hmmm will try to upload it in few days time.

Ok that's all people..

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Star Trek & Long Stitch Binding Book...

I love this movie!!!!! My reasons are : 1- Kirk is so damn cheeky hehehehe love his character!! 2- Spock is also 1 fine damn character with 'logic' hehehe... I love both characters!! If they make another movie, ermm I mean continuation of this movie I'll definitely watch this movie!!! I gave this movie 9 stars out of 10!!! Yeahhh!! Talking about a damn good movie!!!

Here was my latest book.. I made this long stitch binding at Ka Rozi's (as usual the master of book binding ;) in Brunei) last Sunday on 3rd May (we were the last class! Phew! I'm so lucky! If not I have to wait for like 2-3 months to attend her class... Which means I'll be screaming 'NOOOOOOO.....' XD). Actually we were required to make 2 long stitch binding books...but I'm so lazy I managed to do 1 only hehehehe.. I'll try to make the 2nd one within this 2 weeks (if I'm not sooooo lazzzyyyy! XD)

I love the flowers that I attached at the spine of the book & I even love more of my 'twisted heart shaped flowers'!!! That was my 1st time twisting flowers into a heart shaped!!! :D

Thanks for looking :)

Monday, May 4, 2009

Fast & Furious 4 & Wolverine..

Fast & Furious 4

X-Men Origin : Wolverine

Hellooo!! A quick update on movies we watched last month.

Fast & Furious 4 - I love this movie!! If you like the first Fast & Furious, you should watch this movie. So far Fast & Furious & Fast & Furious 4 are both my favourites. F&F 2 & F&F3 - not my favourites.. I gave this movie 7 stars out of 10.

X-Men Origin : Wolverine - I love Wolverine!!! I mean I really love this character! I love Gambit too!! I used to play these 2 characters (SEGA) when I was still young XD I love games & still loving it but now I'm not a hardcore gamer. I simply love to watch my hubby plays his PS2 & XBoX 360. :) Well I do play sometimes when he needs another player hehehe.. Okay back to the movie!! I love this movie!! But honestly I expected more from this movie, I could feel there's something missing in this movie, I can't tell what but then it didn't matter as long as the story line is still interesting. I gave this movie 7.5 stars out of 10.

Upcoming Movies: Star Trek, Night At The Museum, Transformers.... I don't remember what else...