Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Honest Scrap Award...

I received this award from Naddy @ Ka Nad. Thanks Ka Nad. ;)

The rules that go with this lovely awards are to:
1) Thank the person who gave it to you.
2) List 10 honest things about yourself.
3) Pass the award on to 7 people.

10 honest things about me.. So here they are~~:

1. I love my hubby truly, madly, deeply, honestly...He'll be always my love :)
2. I love my family (both side, my family & hubby's family) & my close friends, you know who you are. :)
3. I love scrapbooking but not enough time to scrap more!!!
4. I love to play games... Yeahh pathetic huh?
5. I love shopping!!! Who isn't????
6. I love to play with my cats.. Meowww~~
7. I hate hypocrites....
8. I like small cute, colourful things!!!! They are cute!!!!
9. I love altering but need to learn more..
10. I'm pregnant now :) yes that's the truth!! :D

I'd love to pass on this award to:

1. Ka Rozi
2. Suzila
3. Sharon
4. Edleen
5. Jaz
6. Renee
7. Elda

Friday, June 26, 2009

Ever The Best Of Friends ~ LO...

Here another LO that I managed to finish last night & add some final touch this morning :)

I made this LO based on Groovie Scrapbooking Inspiration Challenge (Stash Inspired Challenge - Items have words & alphas on them) by Feli.

So I took out every items that have words & alphas on them, I got rub-ons, paper & words stamp image. Too bad the words stamp image on the flowers weren't that clear.. *sigh* I should use more bolder colour ink stamps.

Anyway, I just love the simple outcome... It's cute right???? Hehehe... I love this LO.. :)

The title : Ever The Best Of Friends (the dark blue & yellow coloured rub-ons).

The journal : I put rub-ons (the writing in black colours) 'A friend is someone who knows the song in your heart & can sing it back to you when you have forgotten the words - Anonymous' & 'When I count my blessings I count you twice! Great minds think alike! I like the way you think..'

& a piece of small paper with the words 'Good, Fun, Laughter, Friends, Life'. So there is no need for me to put my own journal as all these words really potray my feeling for my dearest friend, Diani :)

She's one of my trustworthy, reliable, accountable friends that I ever have!! I've known her since 2004. That was when she got posted to teach at my former school, she kept asking some advice on the class she taught, which was taught by me before her.. From that moment, we become the greatest friends. :) She's a true friend & also a family to me.. This photo was taken during my solemnization (nikah).

Okay that's all for tonight :) I need to rest early tonight. Btw, I made an altered item today, but I haven't finished it yet!!! Maybe I'll continue it tomorrow & try to post it asap.. Yes it due to shortage of time hehehe... I watched the Transformers.. Will try to post about the movie tomorrow *yawn*..

P/s: I got another set of giveaway as you can see before this post :) so what are you waiting for? you still have the chance to win!! ;)

Good night & thanks for looking!!

Another set of giveaway for my 1st Bloganniversary~~

Here is another set of my simple giveaway. Consists of 3 pieces of PP (Pattern Paper), 4 pieces of ribbons, a black felt (with details isn't it lovely?), a plain chipboard (can be paint, stamp,etc,etc) & a plastic of handmade embellishment.

So what are you waiting for? Drop some comments Why Do You Like My Blog? & sweet wishes on my 1st bloganniversary (till 27th June 2009, TOMORROW WILL BE THE LAST DAY!!) :) Just remember to become my blog followers in order to be qualify in this giveaways!! Good luck ;)

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Girlfriends always grin~ Lo..

Hi people! Today I managed to finish a layout based on the Groovie Scrapbooking Inspiration Challenge. For this month we need to scrap based on this cover.

Here what I did.. :) just a very simple layout. But I love it.. I made it so simple, I didn't even bother to put a journal hehehe.. The title itself : Girlfriends always grin.

In this picture, Elda @ Lating Panda is my first scrapbooker friend :)

So Elda, weren't we look good in this pic?? ;)

Thanks for looking.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

*Power of Staring*

Sunshine : What ya looking at?? Miaaowww....

Me : Why? I can't look at you?

Sunshine : *staring*

Me : *staring back at her!*

5 minutes later....

Me : Okay! Okay! I give up!!

Sunshine : Purrrrr..... Told ya, never underestimate the power of cat's staring!

Me : ^&%*&#%&#

Thursday, June 18, 2009

~LO - Skirts~

I'm trying to submit this LO to Are You Feeling Groovie? for the 1st time. Well I really like the challenge eventhough I'm not a very good scrapper *blush* hehehe.. Just want to join the fun of it!!

The Title : Skirts

The Journal : Skirts, skirts, I love to wear skirts!!! So people buy for me pretty skirts!! ;)

What I love most in this LO are.. The skirt I pleated & that cute hanger I made!!! LOL :D

Thanks for looking :)

P/s: I'm so sorry the quality of my pics is not very good... Hmm... Must be my shaking hands LOL!

My 1st Bloganniversary Giveaway..Yes the 3rd Giveaways ;)

Ok here is another humble giveaway :) I made this book last week but haven't got the time to take a pic of it & post it.. I'm so sorry. Due to my lateness to post this pic, I extend the dateline from 17th June 2009 (as I mentioned here) to 27th June 2009!! Yippeee!!!

So what are you waiting for? Drop some comments Why Do You Like My Blog? & sweet wishes on my 1st bloganniversary (till 27th June 2009)!! :) Just remember to become my blog followers in order to be qualify in this giveaways!! This book could be yours, it can be yours, or you can make it as a present to someone.. Etc, etc.. Good luck ;)

P/s: FYI the size of this book is A5 (half of A4). Oh yes those who had had wished me before are automatically involve in this draw :)

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Blood : The Last Vampire movie...

Hi there. Just got home from the cinema.. We (me & my DH) watched Blood : The Last Vampire. I don't know what to say... The fighting scenes were okay well expect a lot of blood as the title of the movie suggested itself hehe.. But then many of the fighting scenes were cut... That's suck!! Where was the beheaded scenes?? Hahahhaa.... I mean c'mon this movie is supposed to be for adults not for kids so why cut the violent scenes unnecessary?? Anyway I've never seen the anime version of it but I did watched the spin-off this anime version which was called Blood +. So please don't compare Blood : The Last Vampire with Blood + cause they are not the same. But feel free to compare it with the same anime (yup the same anime with the same title).

What dissapointed me most was, the ending!!! It was crap!!! I was like whaaatttt happened??? They cut a scene which left us hanging & wondering!!!! So overall I gave this movie 6 stars out of 10 stars.. If they didn't cut all the scenes & let it be then I'll consider giving it 7 stars... Too bad.

: Gore, Blood, Violence, Vampire... I warned you if you don't like any of those, don't watch this movie..

Saturday, June 13, 2009

My Hubby Won the BFF Kg. Tamoi Competition!!

Congratulations to my DEAREST HUBBY!!!!

He won the 1st prize!! The name of the competition was BFF Kg. Tamoi Competition.. The winning picture is the 2nd one, The Old Resident :) Actually this picture was my favourite between the 2 pictures he sent. I like the way he 'touched up' this pic hehehe.. Do you get what I mean? Hehehe.. I'm so happy for him :) from last night till tonight!!

The prize & certificate ceremony was held last night.. So while waiting for him to come back home, I slept for a while & before that I texted msg him 'When you get home wake me up ok? So u win no?'

He replied 'Later tell u darlin'..

So I slept... Then I heard he opened the door & he woke me up.. So I woke up, sat on the couch, watched him surfing the internet & suddenly I turned my head to the right & saw a certificate & something beneath it!! I stopped breathing for a while & slowly my hand reached that 'something' I was like whattttt?????

'Dear u won the 1st prize?'

He just smiled & nodded!! I hugged him & congratulated him!!!!!!!!!!! Heheheheehehehehe talk being super excited!!!!!!! Alhamdulillah rezeki ;)

Sunday, June 7, 2009

~That's Who We Are~ LO.

Hi everyone! How are you? I managed to scrap a LO for my dear good friend Suzie!! Yeehaahhh!! Ain't it a good news?

This photo was taken by my hubby during our outing last year (we went to Kg. Ayer Tour by Flora & Fauna). He edited this pic on Friday & I love the outcome!!! It's perfect for the LO that I've been prepare for this pic!! What a coincidence!!

See?? I've been prepared this LO a few days before Suzie's birthday (ooopsss...It was May!! Sorry Suzie for this belated gift girl!). It just I either forgot or too busy to develop this pic until on Friday my hubby was playing around with this pic!! Hehehhee... So I scrapped it yesterday :) talking about my mojo is returning.

Suzie, I'll give you this on Wednesday ok? ;)

Thanks for looking :)

Thursday, June 4, 2009

~~My 1st Bloganiversary~~!!!!

Hi people!!! Today is my 1st bloganiversary!!!

Here is a picture of my humble blog giveaways for my lucky dear followers who drop by comments & wishes to me.

Don't worry~! There are 2 sets of main gift!! :)

My giveaways contain materials for scrap/craft:
~4 strand of pearls (0.5metre each)
~Gold band (roughly 1.6 yard)
~5 roll of ribbons (1 yard each)
~A bouquet of small blue flowers (my favourite!)
~A cluster of buttons
~A cluster of flowers
~5 set of A4 size specialty papers (10 pieces altogether)
~4 pieces of 6x6 scrap papers (Basic Grey brand)
~A matchbox!

There are more giveaways ;) I'll post the pictures on a few days~~

So what are you waiting for? Drop some comments on Why Do You Like My Blog? & some sweet wishes on my bloganiversary during this period (until 17th June 2009). Remember you must be my blog followers in order to be qualify in this lucky giveaways!!

Monday, June 1, 2009

~~3 More Days To Go~~

"Ice cream anyone?"

My new banner :)

Wooohoooo!!!! I finally made a new banner for my blog!!!! :D I couldn't stop grinning!!!! I'm really proud & satisfied with my own effort... Even though it's a very simple banner hehehehe... I'M LOVING IT!!!

The reason I changed my banner is to celebrate my 1 year bloganniversary in a few days... Yippeee... 3 more days to go then my blog is officially 1 year!!!

Anyway please do left some comments "Why Do You Like My Blog?" & don't forget to wish me ;) In conjunction of my bloganniversary I'm giving a small giveaways to some lucky readers who drop some comments/wishes... But... You have to be my blog followers in order to qualify in the lucky draws.. So far I prepared 2 set of main giveaways.. But sorry I haven't take a pic of it, will do it later or tommorow & post it here.

Thanks for looking/lurking :)

The Dialog Of June...

Sunshine : "~~Miaaaooowwww~~It's JUNE!!!!!!"

Me : "What??? June??" *panic*

Sunshine : "~~Miaaaaoowwww~~Scratch me or I'll bite you~~"

Me : *scratching her till I got bit by her* "Baaddd Sunshineee!!"

That's my daily routine with her... *sigh*..