Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Princess Gizmo Crafty Store...

Here, officially I announced My Business Blog :)

Princess Gizmo Crafty Store.

I'm sorry that my blog is so simple, it's still in the process of renovation. Thanks for your support. :)

I AM VAIN!! ~ July's LO..

Hi people, sorry for the late post! Actually I've had finished this LO last night..Buttttt I was so sleepy that I didn't want to take a pic & post it hehehe.. Sorry!!

This is my 2nd time submitted my LO to Are You Feeling Groovie? July's challenge. I really love this month's challenge caused the Featured Groovie Guest Designer of July is Ka Nad!! Love her works!!

In this challenge, we are required to include:
-Theme - 'Me' LO (hence the vain me!!)
-Multiple photos
-Corrugated board
-Must include our current favourite embellishment

All checked! My current favourite embellishments are pearls, laces, ribbons & butterfliessss!!! Hehehehe...

The Journal :
"I love to pose for the camera. I love to dress up. I love make-up. The camera loves me too! Hey! I am vain!!"


Thanks for looking :)

Monday, July 27, 2009

Maria (Korean version)

I love this Maria version.. From a movie called 100 Pounds Beauty, yeah I know it's an old movie.. But I love this song so much.. I really want to learn Korea & Japan since I was small.. Hehehe.. Meanwhile I'm trying to finish my scrap (hopefully by tonight...), please enjoy this video! :D

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Altered Board ~ By Groovie Java Cafe Challenge

Hi there! This is what I've altered for the last few days :) I joined a mini challenge in Groovie Java Cafe Forum. In this challenge, we were given some materials, it's up to us whether we want to scrap or make a project using the materials. Here, we were given 3 punched butterflies, a wire butterfly (the brown one), a piece of stamped note (the stamped note obviously,duh!Hehehe) & a piece of small decorative scalloped paper (down,right corner, the note on top of it was from my collection).

So what do you think of this simple project?? Thanks for looking :)

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Meet Up @ Shabby Chic

Hi dear readers/bloggers!! It's been a week I didn't blog hehe..

Anyway DH & I went to Shabby Chic, The Mall to meet up couple of people.. I want to take my 'items' from Lia.. Teehee.. Of course I want to meet my dear idol Sharon too!! But she was nowhere to find!!

I also got the chance to meet dear Lulu, a good friend of Suzie :) yes, she was 1 of the lucky winners of my 1st bloganniversary giveaways. She & Suzie too!! Coincidentally!! Hehehe.. Oh yes the other winner was Elda who happened to join a class by Lia that evening :) I didn't get the chance to take a picture with her cause she was in a hurry, but I left her my money to take my items from Lia. Later Lia was coming so just told her to give my stuffs to Elda. *sigh* too bad I couldn't join any classes due to the H1N1 scare!!! (My mummy & mum-in-law forbid me to join the classes!! Ouch!! As you can see me for the first time, I'm already getting 'fat'!! Hehehehe..) I REALLY WANT TO JOIN IT!!!!!!!!! I WANT TO JOIN THE FUN LIKE LAST YEAR!! Buttt have to take care of myself & baby first, right? Anyway for you 'my little baby' mummy will do anything :)

Okay after the meeting sessions, DH& I went to Besteastern. There I met Sharon! Finally, she was inquiring about the books that supposed to be arrived on time for the book signing but too bad.. It didn't arrived on time!! Luckily I got my Scrapbook Asian Style copy back at Singapore last year signed by Sharon ;) Am I lucky or what?? Hehehehe...

Okay, that's all for today!! :) Have a nice Sunday!!

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Faten's 7th Birthday... & Winners Of My Bloganniversary~~

Hi dear readers/bloggers. How are you? Hopefully all are well & in a very fine condition. I'm so lazy to write down about the whole birthday event... Hehehe.. Talking about my lazyness to blog!

Anyway my niece's birthday fall on every 4th of July, yup the Independence Day Of US.. Hihihihi... Anyway we celebrated her birthday at my brother's home (obviously, it's her parents' home :P) Since the AH1N1 thing, I made a decision to quarantine myself, for fear of my health & our little baby.. So I didn't manage to buy even a single gift for my niece!!! Oucchhh!! Then I remembered I have quite a collection of stationery (yup as a teacher, I tend to collect more stationery, such as, pencils, coloured pencils, rulers, etc, etc...). I chose a box of water coloured pencils (Faber Castell), a box of coloured pens (Faber Castell) & a box of crayons (Stabilo).. I felt something was missing, hence I made this simple sketch book for her!!! It's a complete gift!!!!

Why I gave her these things??? Because everytime she come to our house she will see/find/ransack my stuff especially stationery!!!! She loves to draw & colour.. She was very excited to see my gifts, in fact my gifts were the first one she opened up!!! Hehehehe... I didn't write any name or left a card with my gift, so I asked her, "Who do you think that gift from?". She replied with a sweet smile "Angah." I was amazed that she knew the gifts were from me!! She knows that I'm the creative one :P

Oh yes, my brother told us that morning (yesterday), when Faten woke up from her sleep, she was talking to herself "Today I am 7 years old." The dining room was filled with our laughter!!
Wow!! I thought I was going to make it short & simple... Bad blogger!! Hehehe.. :D

P/s: Angah is my nickname, in Malay customs, each aunt & uncle will have their own nicknames. For example, if you're the eldest, your nicknames will be 'Sulong' or 'Tua', so if you're a guy, you can be called Tua or Pak Long. While Angah is a short form of 'Tangah' or 'Tengah' means I'm the middle of my siblings. I'm the 3rd daughter of 5 siblings. :) I can be called 'Mak Ngah', 'Tangah' or 'Angah'. In this case, my mummy chose Angah. Hope you'll understand my brief explanation on this Malay nickname terms.

Okay are you ready for the announcement of winners????


LULU!! (Winner of my 1st giveaways)

ELDA!! (Winner of my 1st giveaways)

AINN!! (Winner of my handmade book)

SUZIE!! (Winner of my last giveaway)

So congratulations ladies!! :)

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

A good news! :)


Hi dear readers/bloggers!! Today is 1st of July 2009! I have a good news!! This layout that I submitted to Are You Feeling Groovie?... was selected as one of the winners!!! I'm so thrilled to win this challenge & it was unexpected that I won it!! *blush* because the other layouts were also absolutely beautiful.. Alhamdulillah, rezeki.. :)

Due to school reopen, I didn't manage to pick some lucky winners for my bloganniversary. But not to worry, I'll promise you, in about a week I'll pick & announce who are the lucky winners ;)