Saturday, November 7, 2009

~ Baby Sarah - 2 Months Old Pic ~ & A New Addition To Our Family ;)

Just a quick post..

This picture was taken exactly on 1st November 2009. She was exactly 2 months old on that day :)

Another new addition to our family~~
Two days later, my younger sister, Tina gave birth to a baby boy. His name is Ak. Md. Darwish.. What a lovely name :) will try to post his pictures later ;)
he got his mother's lips & chin! Hehehe.. Same like Baby Sarah, she got my lips!! :D

See ya!!

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Suzila A said...

ya Allah tabamnya baby sarah!! eeeeeeeeee!!!!! gerigitan ku liattt!!

congrats to ur sis again for the new born :D