Monday, December 21, 2009

Baby's Day Out & Avatar The Movie~~

My first day out!! On last Saturday (19th December 2009)

Hello my dear mummy's readers!! This time I will take over my mummy!! Hehehehe.. So how are you all?? :D Last Saturday, I went out with my mummy & daddy.. We went to the Jerudong Park Playground.. That was my first time out from the house!! Yippeee!!! I was told by my mummy that she wanted to take a photo shoot sessions with my 3 godmothers.. Unfortunately only 2 of my 3 godmothers were available for the photo shoot.. My other godmother, Diani was in KK during that time.. *sigh*... But anyway we just carried on!! :D

When we arrived at JP, I was amazed....with everything around me!! It was something new.. (p/s: I was sleeping in the car, when we reached our destination, my Aunty Rena & Mummy Suzie were already there waiting for us, blame my mummy for not feeling well!! Yup she got back pain that's why we were late. My daddy told mummy to cancel the outing, but mummy insisted to keep going.. She said 'It's now or never' hahahaha.. That's my mummy!! She kept her promise eventhough she was in pain.. Love you mummy!!Mwaaahhh!!!)

Just after my mummy carried me out from the car, I was awake.. wide awake!! I was surprised to see the new environment!!

We took lots of pictures!!! But mummy didn't want to publish all!! Mummy why mummy?? :P

Mummy Suzie & I.. How do we look?? :D Mummy Suzie is the caring & loving auntie. ;)

Auntie Rena & I.. We look stylish together! :D Auntie Rena the sophisticated auntie. ;)

My pretty mummy & I.. *ahem* did I say pretty? My mummy made me said it!! LOL..

Me & my proud parents..

We were on the swing :D

Took another family photo :D

My parents with their vain poses!!

My mummy & Mummy Suzie been friends since 1991. :)

My mummy & Auntie Rena been friends since 1992. :)

One of the entourage.. Mummy Suzie's fiance soon to be *wink wink*

I love this fun photo!!

Clowning time!! :D

Another pose of my mummy & I.. This time my mummy put a hat on my head! She was really worried that it looked like going to rain anytime that day!!

Take another picture with Mummy Suzie, this time with Uncle Shahrul. ;)

Another family photo... Then we went to the parking lot. My parents were discussing what to do after that.. They planned to have dinner & watch movie after that. But of course mummy need to breastfeed me first & wait for me to sleep!! Right mummy? After that we went home.. I was really hungry & tired.. Next thing I know, my parents went away to continue their outing.. Want to know more story from Mummy Suzie's side? Just click here ---> Suzila A
Okay mummy, I'm done.. Now it's your turn.. :D


AVATAR ~ the Movie

Before we went to watch the movie, we had our dinner at Fleur-De-Lys Kiulap. We were famished that I eat carbonara & beef & cheese croissant.. What surprised me more, my DH also ate carbonara & a quiche (which he rarely did! He never have to potion of food!! Especially at Fleur-De-Lys!)

Rena went to Q-Lap Mall first, since she had nothing to do heehhehehe.. Well I need to feed my Baby Sarah & Suzie need to got home because Shahrul needed to take a shower (he was working before dropping by to JP). So we gave our money & let Rena bought the tickets. Oh yes, Rine was came later to join us to watch the movie also. Rine is one of Rena & DH's school friend.

Okay I rated this movie 9 out of 10 stars!!!!! Yesss!! I love this movie & it really worth your money to buy the tickets (it was $9 each! Yikes!! One of the expensive movie's ticket I had ever paid!).. Have you seen Dance With Wolves (Kevin Costner was the main star)? There is a similarity to the story line between this 2 movies. Except, in Avatar it between humans & aliens.. I really love this movie & all the colour in the movie made me wanted to be in that place!!! You have to watch it to understand what I'm saying here!! I'm not going to tell anything about this movie anymore. So what are you waiting for?? GO WATCH THE MOVIE NOW!!!!! It's one of the best movies of 2009.

The conclusion for that day was --- I HAD A FUN, FUN, FUN FAMILY DAY OUTING WITH MY GIRLFRIENDS!! :D

Have fun!! :)

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Suzila A said...

great pictures! i want copiessss!!! :D

we should do more outings and movie-ingsss :D