Friday, December 4, 2009

Movies : 2012 & Assassin Ninja.

Hi my dear readers!! Morning everyone!! :) It's been a while I abandon this blog of mine.. Anyway.. Just want to share my reviews on movies as I used to do like before ;)

2012 is a story about the end of the days... When in fact... I think... Just from my humble opinion, it was actually not the end of the days.. Anyway forget about that, let's focus on the story first. The story line was good. The casts of actors & actress were brilliant. The effect was amazingly creepy real!!!

I don't want to comment about anything else, as this movie is already expired (as I assumed this movie is no longer played in the cinema hehehehe at this time as I wrote about it!). So my rate for this movie is 8 out of 10 stars. :)

The 2nd movie is Ninja Assassin. Before I said anything, let's be frank, if you don't like action + violence = bloody movie, this movie is not for you. Well decapitated hands, heads, legs were everywhere... When I said everywhere, I really mean it. The story line was a bit lame.. I mean come on, just want to revenge?? I'm okay with the revenge thing but I don't see how & why he wanted to revenge... I just don't get it... The reason for his revenge was not good enough, well for me hehehhee.... The violence & action was fantastic... Ermmm... What I meant was the way the ninjas move (which is CGI involved, yeah as usual) was so COOL!! I love something new :) Oh yes.... Rain's body??? *DROOL* It motivated me to resume my workout!! I need to tone up my body... *sigh* need my toned biceps & triceps back!!! Hahahaha... Seriously when I saw his body it really motivated me to work out!! :) The rate for this movie is 8 out of 10 stars.

Okay peeps! I got to go... Need to do some school work... I'll try to post some of Baby Sarah latest pictures later, Insya-Allah. ;)

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Suzila A said...

sharul slept half way through 2012.. we haven't watched ninja assassin. you know it's not my kin of movie but sharul has been begging me to go. we'll see if he sleeps again this time pfft!!