Friday, December 18, 2009

Storm Warriors~

Hello again my dear readers :) yes, I watched this movie with my hubby yesterday at 6pm. I rated this movie 8.5 out of 10 stars!! Yes 8.5.. Because it full of action!! Yaaay!! & I love the story line!! Double yay to that!! Ekin Cheng is still charming although he's getting older now LOL.. But still he's one of my favourite Chinese actors!! It's been a while I didn't watch Chinese movie like this. I like Storm Warriors better than Storm Raiders. Why? Because Storm Raiders' plot was very, very, very lame! Storm Warriors is much better!! The CGI was very cool!! In fact, it remind me of the Spartan! Cool!! However, I'm a bit dissapointed on Nicholas Tse's character. His character was... useless.. I mean come on, where was he after he took that treasure?? It's better his character was not there from the beginning at all!! Such a waste! But all in all, I assured you, it's worth to watch it. Have fun watching it! ;)

P/s: I'll try to upload another LO I made this morning. Wait for me ;) now it's time to sleep.. ZzzzZzzzZZzzzz.....

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