Monday, January 18, 2010

~ Baby Sarah - 4 Months Old Picture~

I'm sorry for this late post of Baby Sarah pic! This picture was taken exactly on 1st January 2010. She's 4 months now! :D

Last Friday, we went to her appointment & she weighs 7.67kg! :P she's one healthy baby :D

I'll try to post my first layout of her sometimes in this week. My busy schedule as a mother & teacher doesn't allow me to update my blog *huhuhuhu* Currently, I'm working on a second layout :)

Enjoy the picture & thanks for looking :D


Edleen said...

she's Gorgeous and Adorable!!!

Benga said...

such a cute little angel! congrats Maya, I've been away too long :)
Happy New Year!

Suzila A said...

awww... she's so lovable!!! happy 4 months 'young' baby sarahhh!! mmmwwahhhh!!!!