Tuesday, January 19, 2010

*Edited Version - My Resolutions for 2010...

Hi my dear readers.. Hope I'm not too late to talk about resolutions huh? Hehehe... When I reflected back my resolutions of last year .... Oh my god!! I couldn't achieve most of it!! Especially no. 3, 5, 6, 8 & 9!! Whoooaaahhh!! Hahahha... Guess being pregnant made me less productive in my 'crafty works' LOL!! Ohh my I'm bad at keeping organise too... In fact my room is still a mess LOL!! But for no. 5 'to organise my life as wife' that I can maintain :) Alhamdulillah.. For no. 6, I was in the middle of 'calamity' yup I'm talking about the inconsistent education system that being carried last year.. I tell you 'MAJOR CONFUSION WAS EVERYWHERE IN TEACHERS' LIFE' LOL... & for no. 8... *sigh* hahahahaha... XD no need to tell!!

Okay my resolutions for this year will be:

1-Be my best to become a SUPER MUM!! :)

2-Be my best to become a VERY GOOD SCRAPPER!! Trying to scrap at least 1 layout per week (which is I do currently, now I'm planning for my 3rd LO *grinning*).

3-Be my best to become a SUPER TEACHER!! I really mean it!! Because I'm a class teacher now, means more responsibility. I just hope I can cope it as best as I can!! (1 of this is, I planned to make my lesson plan in advance...Yup I did it for 2 weeks now!! Results = my weekend is stress free!! Yippeee!!! Yesterday I did my lesson plan for next week which means my weekend will be not disturb!! Double yipppee to that!! I'm trying to maintain it, luckily my hubby support me all the way, in fact, he's the one who reminded me to do my LP yesterday, my dear hubby I love you so much!! Mwaaaaahhhh!!!)

4-Trying to be MORE PRODUCTIVE in my SMALL BUSINESS... *erkkk*

5-Trying to be more ORGANISE ... in ..... EVERYTHING!! (I hope so!! LOL!!)

Yeahh!!! These 5 will be my new resolutions... Hopefully this year will be a very meaningful year to all of us, Aminn... :)

Major things happened in my life 2009 were:

1-Baby Sarah was a wonderful addition to my small family :) *she's the first grandchild for my husband's family & 2nd grandchild for my family* (LOL i tend to forget the existence of my own niece!! Faten!! Sowwwiii darling hehehe) :)) She was born on 1st September 2009/11th Ramadhan 1430.

2-Baby Darwish is another addition to our family. He's my nephew & also my son (I breastfeed him too :) technically, he's my son too & my sister also breastfeeding my baby, so she's her daughter too :) ain't it wonderful? We have 2 kids already? *grinning*) He was born on 3rd November 2009.

3-Managed to organise a first baby's day out for Baby Sarah with her 2 godmothers (unfortunately 1 of her godmother couldn't make it).

4-Enjoying my life as mother & I am a proud mother :)

5-Enjoying my stress free life last year, when I said stress free, I really mean it. Of course I got more stress as a teacher but I tried to make it less stress & smile a lot!! The result is?? My Baby Sarah who loves to smile :) In fact, my daddy once called her 'SMILLING SARAH'. :)) Everyone said she's one happy baby :))

So that's the major things happened in my life last year :)

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