Sunday, February 28, 2010

~Before Giving Birth Part 1~

Just want to share a picture with you! This was taken before I gave birth to Baby Sarah. :) Tomorrow Baby Sarah will be officially 6th Month!! Yeahhh!!! Will try to share more pictures next time.. If you request it so, I will try to post more. So you want to see more pictures? :P

Friday, February 26, 2010

~Why So Serious?~ LO...

Hello again! Here I am once again ;) This is my 2nd layout for January. *sigh* I didn't manage to scrap a layout per week!! Anyway with this short holidays, I'm trying to scrap at least a layout.. I miss scrapping! You can see this is a very simple layout... I don't know what to do... Talking about drain of ideas!! LOL..

Why So Serious?

I love this picture! I love it that she posed like a serious model! Seriously, she looked at her daddy's DSLR & striked this pose... She was so serious that time! LOL! This picture was taken when she was 3 month. ;)

Thanks for looking :)

Thursday, February 25, 2010

~ Baby Sarah - 5 Month Picture~ Movies= Tooth Fairy, Percy Jackson & Lightning Thief, True Legend & The Wolfman..

Salam. Hello everyone.. I'm so sorry to my dearest readers.. Been away from blogging world for awhile... I'm busy like a bee.... bzzzzz..... Okay here is the picture of Baby Sarah (I know, I know it was late..Sorry!) when she reached 5 months! She's tall!! LOL.. & Cute!! Hahaha... The pictures were taken after her morning bath of course she was bathed by my MIL... Hehehe... Talking about being spoil little girl huh? Anyway there were other pictures but it was at our other home.. Maybe I'll try to upload sometimes later ;)

Okay here were the movies that I've been watching for this 2 months. Not much. Just a little bit there a little bit here....
Tooth Fairy... I know.... It was last month's movie.. Still I wanted to include it here!! I LOVE THIS MOVIE!!! I gave it 8 out of 10 stars!! 1 of the most funniest movie ;) there's no need for me to put some review :P

Percy Jackson is an adaptation from a children story book. I enjoyed this movie as I'm craving for some fantasy/myth/epic movies!! I'll buy the story books though.. This movie was about children who were half human & half god, which means one of the parents is 'God' or they are rather known as SEMIGOD. As in Greek belief, there are many type of gods. I love the myth of Greek.. Full of mystery!! The rate for this movie is 8 out of 10 stars!!

True Legend is a chinese movie. I am a fan of martial art movies (as if you don't notice it already? :P hahaha). But my dear husband is a fanatic LOL!! Actually we wanted to watch 14 blades too (another chinese movie & the actor is non other than our own homegrown actor Wu Chun), but it was too late for us!! Due to my sister marriage, we weren't able to watch it on time. Never mind, back to True Legend.. As I will always say I LOVE THIS MOVIE!! 8 out of 10 stars! ;) a very entertaining movie.

The Wolfman is based from fiction book too.. Of course you'll always know this 'anything supernatural will never have a happy ending'.. So this movie will have sad ending which is not a surprise & indeed that what supposed to happen right? The sad ending as always for these kind of movies. Hmm... I need to find the books!! I rated this movie 8 out of 10 stars too. I love Anthony Hopkin! He's 1 of the best actors!! Benecio Del Toro, I salute him for bringing the character alive!! Both actors are exceptionally talented!! I must say!! Oh yes, BEWARE, this movie contain blood, gore, violence, duh! It's not PG rating movie.

So these are the movies that I've been watching so far for 2010. :) okay I'm off to bed now. *yawn* Thanks for reading my not so great posts.. :P

Friday, February 5, 2010

~Love Is in The Air~

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Thanks :)