Friday, February 26, 2010

~Why So Serious?~ LO...

Hello again! Here I am once again ;) This is my 2nd layout for January. *sigh* I didn't manage to scrap a layout per week!! Anyway with this short holidays, I'm trying to scrap at least a layout.. I miss scrapping! You can see this is a very simple layout... I don't know what to do... Talking about drain of ideas!! LOL..

Why So Serious?

I love this picture! I love it that she posed like a serious model! Seriously, she looked at her daddy's DSLR & striked this pose... She was so serious that time! LOL! This picture was taken when she was 3 month. ;)

Thanks for looking :)


Suzila A said...

why so serious? heee :D she's still so cute!!! :D love the layout. simple but sweet! love it! :D

Edleen said...

awww...sooo cute!!! we miss you @ Groovie Scraps Cafe too ;)

hope to "see" you there soon and have a fun weekend!

Vivs said...

Your baby is soo cute! pakai susu apa ia? berisi bah badannya and all!