Saturday, March 27, 2010

Great giveaways from Pamela!!

Hi all!! Here I am to announce there's a great blog which well, give giveaways.... Wow!!!! So hurry click all the links below if you want a chance to win!!

All these wonderful giveaways are given by dear Pamela. I always followed her work as a silent reader before. Then I need to do something so that I don't miss seeing her uber works! I decided that I become her follower. I also remember adding her in my facebook & sent her a message to tell her that I'm her follower.. Gosh! It sounds like I have a crush!! *blushing* Hahahaha.. :D Okay my dear friends, readers I wish you happy clicking, commenting & winning!! I hope I'll win those stamps *drool* hehehe... XD Amiiinnn to that!!! :D

~Greatest Love - Lo~

Hello, hello again!! This month is a very productive month for me! I made another layout!! :D

This layout was from my 3rd cropping online session. This time with Renee (again, hehehe..) & Dolly Yong. The ideas were Handmade Embellishments (Dolly), A Song which can be the title or the journal (Renee) & Picture/s of Our Family (Myself).

This session took place on 25th March 2010 at around 10.30pm. This time Renee set the dateline until the next day (which means we had to finish it in 24 hours). But due to some reasons, I was unable to meet the dateline :s

Title: Greatest Love

~Because the greatest love of all is happening to me. I found the greatest love of all inside of me. The greatest love of all is easy to achieve~

The title & Journal, I took from Whitney Houston's song. :)

My handmade embellishment.. I bent the wire with my bare hands... Oucchhh my next list will be plier :s Then I put it into PP by sewing it a little bit there, a little bit here (I used the plain back side) & then I cross stitched it to the layout. The heart shape was a diecut (from boxes, yes I tore the corrugated box & die cut it) & I glued ribbon all around it :)

Our Family photo.. This photo was taken on my birthday last year :)

Thanks for looking! :)

Thursday, March 25, 2010

~Always Love You & Little Fingers - LO's~

Hello!! Here I am again ;) this time I want to share with you my 2 latest layouts ;)

This layout was from my second cropping online session (yesterday) with my Scrapper In Crime, Renee & her buddy Hsiao Ling. This time our ideas were Monotone (Renee), 3 photos only (Hsiao Ling) & Cut-out (by me).. This proven a very challenging to us 3!! Hahahaha.. In fact I didn't meet the dateline which is bad, bad, bad!! Hehehe.. I got busy yesterday.. Then this morning I got inspiration out of nowhere to create this simple layout.. & I am satisfied with my own layout.. Phewww!! Monotone really prove very challenging!!

Here are my cut-out hearts shaped (stamped heart shaped images on a red PP) & I assembled it into 3 flowers :) well I stamped some swirls below the flowers first before gluing the 3 little flowers.

Title: Always Love You

Baby Sarah was born on 1st September 2009. She is my 1st daughter. She is my 1st love. She is our 1st entertainer. She is our cute living doll. She is our adorable child. She is our precious princess. She is our cheeky baby. She is our sunshine. She is our brightest star. She is ours. I can't tell you how was I feel at that time. I was holding her for the 1st time, I didn't know whether to cry or smile... But I do know that, Baby Sarah, Mummy Will Always Love you.

This 2nd layout was made on the same day as my 1st cropping online session. It seemed my mojo flowing real good that day ;) It's my 1st time to use the Webster's Pages.. Oh my those pages are really beautiful on its own that I don't know how/what to do with it!!

Title: Little Fingers

Look at those tiny fingers... They are sure very tiny & cute... I love Baby Sarah's little fingers... I love Baby Sarah so much... I don't want to let go her little fingers... Love you Baby Sarah..

At first, there's nothing on this side.. But after much consideration, I thought I need to put something on this side.. So I tried to put the flower, button & metal butterfly on it.. I love it!! So I glued it on that spot!! :)

Thanks for looking!

Attention For Scrappers:

By the way, for any scrappers, can you tell me what is exactly Paper Piercing? Because I got confuse with this term.. I think I remember in a magazine (I don't remember which one) stating that you cut out any shapes & assemble it into images (3D images) & it was called Paper Piercing.. But then, yesterday I googled it... Paper piercing means you pierce the paper to make a pattern... Which I assumed quite right to the term. But then please any of you can tell me what exactly Paper Piercing is?? Gosh I'm still a newbie~!! LOL.. Well better ask than pretending you know something that you don't know right? :D

Once again, I'm really thankful if anyone can clear my head & tell me exactly what is Paper Piercing... Thanks in advance :)

P/s: Wait for something new from me!! ;) But I need to be in order first then I'll let you my dear readers to be the 1st ones to know ;)

Monday, March 22, 2010

An Altered Clipboard & A Layout~

Hello my dear readers :) here I present you an altered clipboard & a layout.

So very Beautiful

I just finished this layout :) I was having a cropping online session with my 2 wonderful scrapper ladies! Mas J & Renee. It was our 1st time having an online session together. Each of us provide idea. Renee wanted us to use only PP in unlimited amount but CS is not allowed at all! Which really annoyed our dear MJ hehehe.. :P MJ wanted us to include a handmade flower. Lastly, I wanted us to include buttons & ribbons. Voila!! This is my simple layout..

I stamped 2 same butterfly images on the PP & put a cutout on the layout. I also did the same to the Title but I made a mistake because I didn't put big glue dot to make the title more pop-up! Well never mind, we are learning from our mistake right? :)

The Journal & the flower. I stamped heart shaped image on a PP then cut it out & assembled it into flower, this technique is also known as Paper Piercing. :) Isn't it lovely?

The Journal:
Baby Sarah is our first daughter. This was our first trip to Jerudong Park with her. She was amazed with everything. I especially like this picture because She is So very Beautiful...

This is a clipboard that I altered in 2 days. :) I love the result!!

Flowersss... Love flowers..

Can u see the crackled paint? I'm so in love with crackle paint now *swoon* hahaha..






Okay, here is another bonus for my dear readers!!

A future public speaker in the making!! LOL!!!

Isn't she cute???? :D
Thanks for reading & looking! ;)

Saturday, March 20, 2010

~A Wedding Photographer, A Make Up Artist & Bridal Collection~

Good morning my dear readers! Here is a photo taken by my husband. Currently he's a part time wedding photographer. Some of you might would love to look/browse his work & will be asking me 'Where is his blog/website?' Sorry to dissapoint you, at the moment he's still working on it.To contact him you can either call/sms me (I know some of the readers are my friends ;) ), send an email to me or add me as your friend in Facebook.

Just a quick info for you. Sometimes he collaborate with a Make Up Artis name Reyn. For more information about his work (Reyn) you can click here ---> Reyn Touch.

Oh yes, recently Reyn made another blog to showcase his Bridal Collection. For more information you can click here ----> Reyn's Bridal Collection.

Happy viewing! :)

Friday, March 19, 2010

~I'm Happy!!!~

Hello my dearest readers! How are you all? I'm in a very good mood~~ Do you know why? It's the 1st term of school holidays today!!!! Yipppeee~

Here I made a simple editing of image telling you that I'm in the mode trying to be creative! What do you think of my simple image? :D it's been awhile I didn't play with Photoshop! ;)

Okay, right now I'm altering a thing... It's 90% done... So maybe I'll upload the picture tomorrow! ;) Enjoy your weekend!

Saturday, March 6, 2010

My 1st Altered Canvas!!

Hello!! Finally I post the pictures!! Sorry my dear readers for the late post. Anyway I love my altered canvas, even though it looks a bit childish!! Hahaha I don't care, as long as I'm happy! Right? ;) Pardon me the image is a bit blurry, blame my shaky hands!! Ouch!!

The 3 heart-shaped chipboards I painted it with red acrylic paint (MM). The 1st heart, a crackled heart, the 2nd heart is a glittered heart & the 3rd heart is a glossy heart. I *heart* these 3 hearts!! ;) The swirl I painted & stamped it.

I wrote the heart on that painted circle chipboard & made it glossy! :) I never use these methods before in any my layout.. This is my first time! ;) Simple but I like it!

Thanks for looking! :)

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

~ Baby Sarah - 6 Month ~ & How come she's so cute & chubby? ~ :P

Hello!! Here is the picture of Baby Sarah taken on 1st March.. Isn't she adorable? She was trying to sit straight hahaha... She's sure so cute!! She kept waving her hands!! I love her!!

This picture was taken on 28 February 2010, a day before her 6th month birthday hehehe... Look at her!! I can't get enough of her!!! Hahahaha..

"How come she's so cute & chubby?"

Anyway, many people asked me about how come she's so cute & chubby... What does she eat/drink? Which I got asked a lot!! Either in real life, Facebook & even here. Hehehe.. Okay, I'll tell you now... Shhhh... Keep the secret okay? :P anyway I'm still breastfeeding her & she also take Anmum formula milk for baby. :) During my pregnancy, I religiously drank Anmum's milk for pregnant woman. Hence, the healthy baby princess :)

P/s: For the first time, I had altered a canvas on Monday!! Yippe!! I will try to take pictures of it & post it here. Oh yes, I'm also in the middle of making an album. ;) will try to finish it as soon as possible, I just need to embellish it a little bit. Thanks for reading :)