Thursday, March 25, 2010

~Always Love You & Little Fingers - LO's~

Hello!! Here I am again ;) this time I want to share with you my 2 latest layouts ;)

This layout was from my second cropping online session (yesterday) with my Scrapper In Crime, Renee & her buddy Hsiao Ling. This time our ideas were Monotone (Renee), 3 photos only (Hsiao Ling) & Cut-out (by me).. This proven a very challenging to us 3!! Hahahaha.. In fact I didn't meet the dateline which is bad, bad, bad!! Hehehe.. I got busy yesterday.. Then this morning I got inspiration out of nowhere to create this simple layout.. & I am satisfied with my own layout.. Phewww!! Monotone really prove very challenging!!

Here are my cut-out hearts shaped (stamped heart shaped images on a red PP) & I assembled it into 3 flowers :) well I stamped some swirls below the flowers first before gluing the 3 little flowers.

Title: Always Love You

Baby Sarah was born on 1st September 2009. She is my 1st daughter. She is my 1st love. She is our 1st entertainer. She is our cute living doll. She is our adorable child. She is our precious princess. She is our cheeky baby. She is our sunshine. She is our brightest star. She is ours. I can't tell you how was I feel at that time. I was holding her for the 1st time, I didn't know whether to cry or smile... But I do know that, Baby Sarah, Mummy Will Always Love you.

This 2nd layout was made on the same day as my 1st cropping online session. It seemed my mojo flowing real good that day ;) It's my 1st time to use the Webster's Pages.. Oh my those pages are really beautiful on its own that I don't know how/what to do with it!!

Title: Little Fingers

Look at those tiny fingers... They are sure very tiny & cute... I love Baby Sarah's little fingers... I love Baby Sarah so much... I don't want to let go her little fingers... Love you Baby Sarah..

At first, there's nothing on this side.. But after much consideration, I thought I need to put something on this side.. So I tried to put the flower, button & metal butterfly on it.. I love it!! So I glued it on that spot!! :)

Thanks for looking!

Attention For Scrappers:

By the way, for any scrappers, can you tell me what is exactly Paper Piercing? Because I got confuse with this term.. I think I remember in a magazine (I don't remember which one) stating that you cut out any shapes & assemble it into images (3D images) & it was called Paper Piercing.. But then, yesterday I googled it... Paper piercing means you pierce the paper to make a pattern... Which I assumed quite right to the term. But then please any of you can tell me what exactly Paper Piercing is?? Gosh I'm still a newbie~!! LOL.. Well better ask than pretending you know something that you don't know right? :D

Once again, I'm really thankful if anyone can clear my head & tell me exactly what is Paper Piercing... Thanks in advance :)

P/s: Wait for something new from me!! ;) But I need to be in order first then I'll let you my dear readers to be the 1st ones to know ;)


Brandi said...

Great layouts!

Paper Piecing is when you cut out a pattern and piece it together to make a design.

Paper Piercing is when you pierce or poke holes in paper to create a design/pattern.

Princess Gizmo said...

Thanks Brandi. So the Paper Piercing can be cut-out or piercing the paper literally. :) Thanks a lot!

Gracie Ann Tan said...

Hi Maya! Thanks for joinig us at Scrap That Baby. Those layouts are so beautiful. Keep them coming. :)

ScrapAddict21 said...

What beautiful layouts! Thanks for joining us at Scrap That Baby!

Sarah said...

gorgeous gorgeous layouts!!

Thanks for scrappin that baby!

Dani said...

Love your layouts! So precious!

Jenny said...

love your work. thanks for playing along at stb!

Kristin Summer said...

Wow! Your work is beautiful Maya!! Thanks for playing along at Scrap That Baby :)

Jackie said...

Hi Maya, what a gorgeous baby you have... lucky you!

Going back to your query: Paper Piecing vs. Paper Piercing.

As Brandi mentioned in the first comment, Paper Piecing is NOT THE SAME as Paper Piercing.

The one letter "r" in the spelling makes all the difference :

Piecing (as in creating something by putting pieces together) and

Piercing (as in making a design by poking holes)

I hope this helps :)

Princess Gizmo said...

Hi Jackie! Thanks!! My oh my.. I was really blind haha.. Need to check my eyes erkk :S

Now when I reread the statements, I made a mistake by misreading the spelling hehehe... Thanks once again :)