Wednesday, March 3, 2010

~ Baby Sarah - 6 Month ~ & How come she's so cute & chubby? ~ :P

Hello!! Here is the picture of Baby Sarah taken on 1st March.. Isn't she adorable? She was trying to sit straight hahaha... She's sure so cute!! She kept waving her hands!! I love her!!

This picture was taken on 28 February 2010, a day before her 6th month birthday hehehe... Look at her!! I can't get enough of her!!! Hahahaha..

"How come she's so cute & chubby?"

Anyway, many people asked me about how come she's so cute & chubby... What does she eat/drink? Which I got asked a lot!! Either in real life, Facebook & even here. Hehehe.. Okay, I'll tell you now... Shhhh... Keep the secret okay? :P anyway I'm still breastfeeding her & she also take Anmum formula milk for baby. :) During my pregnancy, I religiously drank Anmum's milk for pregnant woman. Hence, the healthy baby princess :)

P/s: For the first time, I had altered a canvas on Monday!! Yippe!! I will try to take pictures of it & post it here. Oh yes, I'm also in the middle of making an album. ;) will try to finish it as soon as possible, I just need to embellish it a little bit. Thanks for reading :)


Benga said...

such a cutie and very pretty! happy 6 months!

Suzila A said...

happy six months baby sarah! be cuter! be chubbier!! :D

Edleen said...

she looks so Happy and Cheery!!! what a lovely Princess you have :)