Saturday, March 20, 2010

~A Wedding Photographer, A Make Up Artist & Bridal Collection~

Good morning my dear readers! Here is a photo taken by my husband. Currently he's a part time wedding photographer. Some of you might would love to look/browse his work & will be asking me 'Where is his blog/website?' Sorry to dissapoint you, at the moment he's still working on it.To contact him you can either call/sms me (I know some of the readers are my friends ;) ), send an email to me or add me as your friend in Facebook.

Just a quick info for you. Sometimes he collaborate with a Make Up Artis name Reyn. For more information about his work (Reyn) you can click here ---> Reyn Touch.

Oh yes, recently Reyn made another blog to showcase his Bridal Collection. For more information you can click here ----> Reyn's Bridal Collection.

Happy viewing! :)

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