Friday, April 30, 2010

When Baby Sarah was 12th Day!!

Hello my dear readers! Hope everyone is fine & in good health. I wanted to share this special photo with you.. Actually, I almost forgot about this picture!! :) I really love this picture of us... It really touch my heart.. This picture was taken when Baby Sarah was 12th days old!!

Wait for something special... ;) Currently, I've been trying to scrap but.... my workloads arggghhh.... nevermind I'll try to scrap later as there is another challenge at FSFS.. This time we have to make 3 layouts!! :s I haven't start anything yet!! I'll give the details later about it when I'm free okay? ;)

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

~Be Yourself Truthfully - LO~

Hello.. I just finished updating the FSFS' blog. Phewww... Now, I'm sleepy.. But before I go to bed, I wanted to share you the 2nd part of my challenge was a layout about yourself! Yes, it's easy right? You can do anything to your layout, there's no restriction but a journal about yourself must be included :) here is my layout.

The Journal:
I'm so lazy to write it down, so if you want to read it, please click the image itself :)

The title:
Be Yourself Truthfully

I tried to make a frame by stamped it using stamp pad alone, then I stamped flower motives using crackle paint. I dried it with heat embosser.. It did crackled but of course just a little, you have to see it closely LOL...

As you can see, I'm really sleepy now I want to sleep, no more energy to 'talk' more!! LOL..

Oh yes, if you want to see more of other members' creation please click here FSFS. Thanks for looking :) I'm off!! ZzzzZZZzzzz....

Thursday, April 15, 2010

I made it!! STB!!!!

Heloooooooooo!!! I can't believe it!! Hail to Scrap That Baby! I made it!! :D I was selected as 1 of the 10 Fabulous Favourite!! I didn't expect to win or even selected as one of the favourite!! I just participate for fun, since I love to scrap about my Baby Sarah!!! Beside my layout Always love you is a very simple layout I must say! *excited overated* hahaha... Anyway you can check the 10 Fabulous Favourite here! ;)

Thanks for reading :)

P/s: Baby Sarah is having a fever now :( I wish I'm not a teacher so that I can take a day off to take care of her.. But what to do it's my job.. Oh yes I think the fever is because of her teeth!! Ok my dear readers I need to prepare to go to school now... *sigh*

Sunday, April 11, 2010

~ Baby Sarah - 7 month ~

Good morning!! Hello everyone!! I'm Baby Sarah!!

I like to touch my daddy's camera!! Yes, his big camera!! I like to pull the camera's lenses to my face!! As you can see in the above picture!!

My mummy became my CD (creative director). See? I looked cute sitting like that, Am I? Hehehehe....

This is another special pose for my mummy's dearest readers. The title for this picture is...... "In deep thought".... All the pictures above were taken on 1st April 2010. My 7 month birthday!! :D

Hope all mummy's dearest readers enjoy these simple posts from me!! Bye, bye *waving*!! :D

Friday, April 9, 2010

~Sleeping Beauty - LO~

Hi again my dear readers! :D As I promised you this morning, I uploaded the pictures of my layout. This layout is part 1 of 4th cropping session. 2nd part is coming soon.

In the 4th session, I wanted to do something different. Instead of going online & chatting & discussing, I send messages in their Facebook!! Yup! A refreshing way for us! So, all they have to do is just check their Facebook's inbox. Simple as it is. No hassle.

This time, I gave them the instructions. There's always a first time. Oh before I forgot, Renee, Anis & Dolly are the participant this time. My challenge for them were 2 layouts!! Hahaha... 1st one must be all handmade embellishments, if possible (or at least 70 - 80% are handmade embellishments). In this layout, I asked them to put not more than 3 pictures of their kids doing something which means any action, eating, singing, drinking or even sleeping ;) & to make it even harder, I asked them to include sewing or stitching!! Hehehe...

My handmade flower, pot, butterfly & stitching of butterfly's trail.

The Title :
Sleeping Beauty

The Journal:
Baby Sarah is my beautiful princess.
Look at her, isn't she adorable? She is.
Oh, my Sleeping Beauty.....

Thanks for looking!

P/s: There'll be a 2nd one by the end of next Sunday or Monday ;)

Red Cricut??????

Morning my dear readers! Ooooo.... Lovely Red Cricut!!!! Wish I have this 1!!! Hehehe... I want to win this!!! Even though I have 1 already!! I want to win this!!! Arrrggghhhh... I love shiny, reddy thing!! Hahaha.. Please, Dear God help me to win this Cricut Cake.... *in silent praying mode*

Okay, now, go, to this site ---> Cuttlebug Challenges if you haven't. Oohh I really hope I'm winning this Cricut Cakeeee...... Really want to win it that baddd.... Hahahaha...

P/s: I just finished a layout on Wednesday, will try to post it up later ;)

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Scrap That Baby! Blog!!!

Hello again! Are you a scrapper? Are you a mother? Do you like to scrap about your baby? So hesitate no more go to this blog --- > Scrap That Baby!

I'm really proud that my scrapper friend, Gracie from Phillippines is one of the DT. So what are you waiting for?

Monday, April 5, 2010

Just Another Blog! ;)

Good morning my dear readers! :) Hope everyone is well. Here is another new blog I just created. Please visit it for more information ;) Well, just click the above image. Thanks for looking! :D