Friday, April 9, 2010

~Sleeping Beauty - LO~

Hi again my dear readers! :D As I promised you this morning, I uploaded the pictures of my layout. This layout is part 1 of 4th cropping session. 2nd part is coming soon.

In the 4th session, I wanted to do something different. Instead of going online & chatting & discussing, I send messages in their Facebook!! Yup! A refreshing way for us! So, all they have to do is just check their Facebook's inbox. Simple as it is. No hassle.

This time, I gave them the instructions. There's always a first time. Oh before I forgot, Renee, Anis & Dolly are the participant this time. My challenge for them were 2 layouts!! Hahaha... 1st one must be all handmade embellishments, if possible (or at least 70 - 80% are handmade embellishments). In this layout, I asked them to put not more than 3 pictures of their kids doing something which means any action, eating, singing, drinking or even sleeping ;) & to make it even harder, I asked them to include sewing or stitching!! Hehehe...

My handmade flower, pot, butterfly & stitching of butterfly's trail.

The Title :
Sleeping Beauty

The Journal:
Baby Sarah is my beautiful princess.
Look at her, isn't she adorable? She is.
Oh, my Sleeping Beauty.....

Thanks for looking!

P/s: There'll be a 2nd one by the end of next Sunday or Monday ;)


Suzila A said...

love it! keep em coming girls!! :D

The Nostalgic Scrapper said...

simple, honest and precious journalling.