Sunday, May 30, 2010

Meow ~ LO...

Hi again. I wanted to share another layout that I made today for Scrap That Baby! I couldn't resist to scrap this pictures of Baby Sarah playing with her stuffed kitty!! :D


The Journal:
Sarah is so in love with her MeowMeow, This cute cat was a gift from Sharon. When I first showed it to Sarah, she got super excited!! I said 'Meoooww'.. The next day, when she saw it, she said Meooww to it! LOL!! XD

When I showed this layout to Baby Sarah, she got super excited & didn't stop moving & wanted to reach the pictures!! She even smiled happily!! Hahahaaa... She knew the pictures were of her! ;)

Thanks for looking!

Baby's Day Out~LO, Altered Frame, Baby Sarah & MeowMeow & Are you already my Followers? ;)

Salam & Good morning everyone! Today is Sunday! Few more days, we will be having our school holidays!!! Yippeee!!!!

Anyway here is the layout of my Baby Sarah that I scrapped last evening in about 25 minutes.. I was aiming for 15 minutes but because of getting choosy to choose the right buttons, I finished it in 25 minutes instead!! Boohooo!! But still, I'm happy at least I managed to scrap!! Initially, I wanted to submit this layout to Are you feeling groovie? which I did email my layout soon after that, but I think it was too late.. But never mind.. I'm happy I managed to scrap!!! :DD

Baby's Day Out

This was taken on her first day out.. We went to JP with her 2 godmothers.. I especially love this photo of Baby Sarah.. I love it!! She's so Irresistable right? I know! ;)

My Dear Friend ~ Altered Frame

I made this frame as requested by my colleague for her good friend's birthday gift. I'm glad that she love the altered frame & I asked her permission to post the images, she gave her permission & told me that her friend love that gift!! :D You wanted to see more close up images?& The full story how & why I altered a frame for her? Are you interested to hire me? ;) Please click this --> Princess Gizmo Crafty Store.

Baby Sarah & MeowMeow!

Another treat for your eyes!! ;) Baby Sarah with her MeowMeow... The gift that she got from Auntie Sharon. Hehehe... First time, I showed her the stuffed cat, I said Meoooowww.... She got super excited!! The next day, when I came home from school, I played with her & kept saying 'Meow' to my surprise, she replied 'Meow' too!!! LOL... She's one cheeky girl!!! :D I love you Baby Sarah..

Are you already becoming my followers?? Because I have something special for you my dear readers!! ;) So be my followers & stay tune!!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Be My Followers!!

I'm back!!! LOL.. Anyway.... I wanted you (yes, you my dear readers) to become my followers if you want to win a small gift or blog candy! I will tell you why later & there'll be another exciting event for me...That you have to wait for the 1st June 2010... Don't worry, it's not something major but I know you'll get excited like I do now... The idea is keep playing in my head like I can't get a song out of my head..Get it? Hahaha... Really wish I can tell you now, but I need to be patience...

As you know, I've been blogging for almost 2 years now!! I couldn't believe it... I was like.... Hmm... 2 years??? So that's why I want you to be my follower to be eligible to have/want/need my blog candy!! Hahahaha... Right now, I'm still searching for the right things to be give as my blog candy. I have some but I need to add more... I'll share you the details on 1st June 2010, see ya ;)

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Mid-Year Exam, Singapore Students (Keming), Simban & Hubby's Website..

Hello!! How are you all? Now I can breathe!! Pheww!! Why? Because no more hectic life at school!! Now I can concentrate on my mark sheets... Yes we were having our Mid-Year Examination which started on 12 May & just on this Monday Singaporean Pupils were visiting our school which ended today... I was 1 of the in-charge teachers on traditional games.. The game is called Simban. In this game, what we need are pebbles... Yes, pebbles. It's a throw & catch game with some rules.. If you want me to do a thorough explanation (& maybe want to see the pictures of how the game play, please do tell me, I am more than willing to share you about it! ;) )You can see from the picture below, I was looking at the students (yes, I was the one who stretching the leg lol) (Photo Courtesy of Cikgu Siti Zaleha).

Okay here is the link to my hubby website AR.Photography so please feel free to drop by :)

Now, the clock is ticking..tick, tock, tick, tock.... This June will be special for me!! Why? Just stay tune! ;)

Sunday, May 23, 2010

FSFS' layouts & Scrap the Girls layout :)

Hello my dear readers. We meet again :) Here I post 4 layouts that I made in this month! Phew.. Actually I made 5 but I need to reserve that LO for a long time..(you'll see it maybe by the end of June). All the below layouts are for FSFS, but I haven't upload any pictures as I need to group all the pictures then I'll be able to upload it there. For more info about the challenges on these 3 layouts you can click here, FSFS - The 5th Challenge hosted by Renee.

The 1st Layout "Huh?"

The 2nd Layout "Believe in Love"

I love these quote from Winnie the Pooh hehehe..

The 3rd Layout "So very Beautiful Princess"

I used Making Memories PP only on this layout :) Aren't they cute??

Girls' Day Out!!

I decided to join the May/Colour challenge on Scrap The Girls. Here are the pictures of my layout..

Almost all PP are from My Little Shoebox (except 2 little strips of pink paper, they are from Making memories & the Letters rub-ons from KCK).. They are so adorable!!! I couldn't resist to cut & use it on this particular picture :D

Thanks for looking :) Have a nice weekend everyone! :)

Saturday, May 22, 2010


Oohhh it's already late & here I am still awake blog hopping!! & Loving every blog that I visit.. They are amazing, inspiring & most importantly, they got candy!!! Yippee!!! Oooopss!!! Hahahaha... So if you want to try your luck please go to my side bars ;) Good luck!!

Do you remember the above picture?? ;) Click Here if you don't remember or you're new to my blog.. You'll get what I mean & why I'm crazy about these blog candy!! Stay tune!!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

A Blog Candy by CJ.

Hello my dear readers! :) Just wanted to share with you something!! I love this stamp set!!! It is a Unity April Kit Of The Month.. Wish I'm the lucky winner!! LOL.. So what are you waiting for go to this blog for more info - Memories Made From Bits & Pieces her works are wonderful! I love what I see there ;)

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Make-up Course (V2 Cosmetics)

Hello my dear readers. :) Hope all of you are in fine condition, it's raining season here.. Flu there, flu here, cough there, cough here, sneeze there, sneeze here, what else? Wet there wet here? LOL..

Anyway just doing a favour for a blogger to promote/spread the word about this make-up course. The make-up course will be held on October 2010 & the M.U.A is/are from Malaysia. For more info please visit this blog! :)

Monday, May 17, 2010

Pictures of Us.. @ Shabby Chic (Sharon's Classes)

Hi my dear readers, as I promised before, here are the pictures were taken on 1st & 2nd May 2010.. Yup, 2 days getting dirty with Sharon Chan! Akekeke...

Day 2

After we had finished our lesson, I asked my hubby to bring Baby Sarah to Shabby Chic!

She's an instant celebrity! Even Hilda managed to hold her to my surprise! (Why? Because Sarah sometimes afraid of strangers! But that day, she was my brave little girl, I'm proud of you Sarah :) ) Too bad I forgot to ask hubby to take picture of Baby Sarah & Hilda.. Boohoo...

Sharon with Baby Sarah.. Look at Sarah... Hmm.... I was afraid that she'll pull those tiny white gold necklace... :S But fret not!! Auntie Sharon wouldn't mind...Surely...Not!! Hahahahhaaaa :D

Oh gosh... My baby is so into it!! She loves to pose!! Guess who's fault is that? Hahaha XD

Day 1

This picture was taken on our 1st day with Sharon. I forgot to borrow my hubby's DSLR.. So no more pictures!! :) Well, at least all of us enjoyed her class. Thanks Sharon! :D

P/s: I will try to take picture of my album & post it here ASAP, of course album made during Sharon's class :)

P/s/s: Don't forget to be my followers my dear silent readers... Something will come up! :D

Monday, May 10, 2010

~Precious Moment~

Hello good morning my dear readers. Finally, I got the chance to blog last night. But unable to post it ASAP because I was so sleepy hehehe...

Here is the canvas that I altered, of course I altered with other scrappers led by our famous Shabby Chic DT, Sharon Chan!! :))

In her class, I learn many different techniques!! As usual she never failed to amaze me as always.. ;) Sharon you're the best!!

This canvas was made on 2nd May 2010. Day 2 of our lesson, yes there were 2 days. Day 1 we were making a very cool album!! I'll post it later too when I have the time..

Later I'll try to upload more pictures of Sharon & my Baby Sarah. ;)

Thanks for looking!! :)

Saturday, May 8, 2010

IRON MAN 2 & IP MAN 2 ~ Movies!!!

I watched Iron Man 2 with my DH last week on Thursday (at night as usual at Qlap Cineplex). I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE ROBERT DOWNEY JR.!!!! I LOVE HOW HE ACTED AS TONY STARK!! I DON'T HAVE TO TELL YOU HOW MUCH I LOVE THE MOVIE, DO I? LOL!! The rate for this movie is 9 stars out of 10!!! GO WATCH IT!!!!! :D

I watched Ip Man 2 with my DH too on last Monday (at night as usual at Qlap Cineplex). LOVE THIS MOVIE TOO!!! DONNIE YEN IS ONE OF THE BEST CHINESE ACTORS!!! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE HIS ACT!!! DO I NEED TO TELL YOU MORE? :P The rate for this movie is also 9 stars out of 10!!!