Sunday, May 30, 2010

Baby's Day Out~LO, Altered Frame, Baby Sarah & MeowMeow & Are you already my Followers? ;)

Salam & Good morning everyone! Today is Sunday! Few more days, we will be having our school holidays!!! Yippeee!!!!

Anyway here is the layout of my Baby Sarah that I scrapped last evening in about 25 minutes.. I was aiming for 15 minutes but because of getting choosy to choose the right buttons, I finished it in 25 minutes instead!! Boohooo!! But still, I'm happy at least I managed to scrap!! Initially, I wanted to submit this layout to Are you feeling groovie? which I did email my layout soon after that, but I think it was too late.. But never mind.. I'm happy I managed to scrap!!! :DD

Baby's Day Out

This was taken on her first day out.. We went to JP with her 2 godmothers.. I especially love this photo of Baby Sarah.. I love it!! She's so Irresistable right? I know! ;)

My Dear Friend ~ Altered Frame

I made this frame as requested by my colleague for her good friend's birthday gift. I'm glad that she love the altered frame & I asked her permission to post the images, she gave her permission & told me that her friend love that gift!! :D You wanted to see more close up images?& The full story how & why I altered a frame for her? Are you interested to hire me? ;) Please click this --> Princess Gizmo Crafty Store.

Baby Sarah & MeowMeow!

Another treat for your eyes!! ;) Baby Sarah with her MeowMeow... The gift that she got from Auntie Sharon. Hehehe... First time, I showed her the stuffed cat, I said Meoooowww.... She got super excited!! The next day, when I came home from school, I played with her & kept saying 'Meow' to my surprise, she replied 'Meow' too!!! LOL... She's one cheeky girl!!! :D I love you Baby Sarah..

Are you already becoming my followers?? Because I have something special for you my dear readers!! ;) So be my followers & stay tune!!

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