Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Mid-Year Exam, Singapore Students (Keming), Simban & Hubby's Website..

Hello!! How are you all? Now I can breathe!! Pheww!! Why? Because no more hectic life at school!! Now I can concentrate on my mark sheets... Yes we were having our Mid-Year Examination which started on 12 May & just on this Monday Singaporean Pupils were visiting our school which ended today... I was 1 of the in-charge teachers on traditional games.. The game is called Simban. In this game, what we need are pebbles... Yes, pebbles. It's a throw & catch game with some rules.. If you want me to do a thorough explanation (& maybe want to see the pictures of how the game play, please do tell me, I am more than willing to share you about it! ;) )You can see from the picture below, I was looking at the students (yes, I was the one who stretching the leg lol) (Photo Courtesy of Cikgu Siti Zaleha).

Okay here is the link to my hubby website AR.Photography so please feel free to drop by :)

Now, the clock is ticking..tick, tock, tick, tock.... This June will be special for me!! Why? Just stay tune! ;)

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