Monday, May 17, 2010

Pictures of Us.. @ Shabby Chic (Sharon's Classes)

Hi my dear readers, as I promised before, here are the pictures were taken on 1st & 2nd May 2010.. Yup, 2 days getting dirty with Sharon Chan! Akekeke...

Day 2

After we had finished our lesson, I asked my hubby to bring Baby Sarah to Shabby Chic!

She's an instant celebrity! Even Hilda managed to hold her to my surprise! (Why? Because Sarah sometimes afraid of strangers! But that day, she was my brave little girl, I'm proud of you Sarah :) ) Too bad I forgot to ask hubby to take picture of Baby Sarah & Hilda.. Boohoo...

Sharon with Baby Sarah.. Look at Sarah... Hmm.... I was afraid that she'll pull those tiny white gold necklace... :S But fret not!! Auntie Sharon wouldn't mind...Surely...Not!! Hahahahhaaaa :D

Oh gosh... My baby is so into it!! She loves to pose!! Guess who's fault is that? Hahaha XD

Day 1

This picture was taken on our 1st day with Sharon. I forgot to borrow my hubby's DSLR.. So no more pictures!! :) Well, at least all of us enjoyed her class. Thanks Sharon! :D

P/s: I will try to take picture of my album & post it here ASAP, of course album made during Sharon's class :)

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Suzila A said...

ahhaaa!! trying to train the lil one to be a scrapper i bet ;) keep it up babe! she's be the cutest baby scrapper on earth!! :D