Wednesday, June 30, 2010

30 Blog Followers!!!!

Wow!! I didn't expect my followers to reach 30!! :DD This means, I will add another blog candy!! This blog candy will be for my followers, as long as you become a blog follower of mine, you're eligible!! Means you'll be automatically included in the draw!! ;) Isn't it great??

For my silent readers, this is your chance, so click & be my blog follower, no need to comment!! Easy right!! Yipppeee!!!...

P/s: I created the picture above cute eh? Hehehe...

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Extending Dateline Of Your Layout Submissions..a

Hello all! How are you? I've been hibernating for a while but...I did some blogging on my 2 other blogs... Just some Malay story & some crap to share. I'll tell you the links to my 2 other blogs later ok??

Anyway, have you become a follower of mine?? Come, be a follower & wish/greet me either comment here or shout at my C-Box! You maybe 1 lucky winner of my bloganniversary candy ;)

For scrappers who are my followers, have you finish scrapping a layout about Father's? You may win a Shabby Chic $20 Gift Vouchers! Due to some reasons, I extend the dateline (yes, extending it) of your layout submission to 8th July 2010. I'll announce the lucky winners a few days after that. So what are you waiting for scrappers?? Come join my challenge!! (Don't forget to be my follower so that you'll be eligible to join it) ;) May the best win!!

Friday, June 18, 2010

Attention To My Blog Followers, A Little Change For My Bloganniversary Challenge!!

Hi again just want to make a little change for my bloganniversary challenge!! So Attention To My Blog Followers;

I decided that I change my challenge, since Father's Day is around the corner, all you have to do is to scrap a layout of a father. He can be your own father, your husband, your grandfather, your uncle, it doesn't matter who as long as a father. :)

There are 5 elements that must be included in your layout:

1-The picture/s must include of him & his child/s. Only HIM & THE CHILD (if you choose your dad & yourself that'll be okay)... No. of picture/s up to you ;)

2-You must include at least 2 types of flowers, beads & ribbons/lace.

3-Use PP only...

4-Distress look must included akekekeke.... it doesn't matter whether a simple tearing as long as it got distress.

5-Colour combo must be = pink, blue, green, brown & black.

It's very easy right? :)
If you want to submit your layout, you can either COMMENT HERE THE LINK to YOUR LAYOUT (if you have a blog), EMAIL me , or TAG MY NAME on your layout through MY FACEBOOK -- but remember you have to add me first ;) The DATELINE for the challenge will be on *30th June 2010 (I change the dateline so that my husband & I will have plenty of time to choose the best layout).

If you have any questions please leave a comment here too :)

I wish you luck!! May the best layout win the voucher & may the lucky winner get my blog candy ( Shabby Chic BND$20 Gift Voucher) ;)

1st Scrap Whispers (FSFS) - I'm the 2nd one in list ;)

I'm backkkk!!!! :D How are you my dear readers? :) I just got home last night. Phewww... What a tiring but wonderful journey :))

Finally, I'm going to share this layout to all of you.. This challenge is called Scrap Whispers initiated by Renee who got inspired by other blog that conducting this kind of challenge :) She asked my opinion about this challenge after much discussion we decided to try it & see. If it's a success then we'll host this kind of challenge if possible every month at FSFS. You know to give some variety & make it more challenging.

What I did to scraplift her layout.. I reversed the sketch layout, used prima bling instead of pearl, used my wedding (bersanding) picture instead of solemnization (nikah) picture & cut out of felt PP instead of PP.

Here, I'll explain in brief, Renee showed me her layout (you clicked this link & you'll see what I meant) which I need to scraplift & I can't show her layout to other participants. Then when I finished my layout, I showed it to the next person in list, Dolly. But I only need to show my layout for her eyes only, so she must not show my layout to anyone & scraplift my layout. Do you get it? I'll explain it in details ASAP in my other blog when everyone has finished uploading their layouts :) so stay tune! ;)

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Scrap That Baby! Karacoma, Prince Of Persia, A-Team, Karate Kid & A Road Trip To KK.

Hello everyone! Here I am again. :) Just want to share some wonderful news & some simple movie reviews from me as usual ;)

First news, I made it for the second time!! :)) Yes, my Meow layout, had been picked as one of the ten fabulous favourites for the Prompt 5 Favourites at Scrap That Baby! I'm so happy at that time & completely forgot to announce it ASAP.. LOL..

Secondly, my hubby, Mr. Armie's work on Karacoma has been featured here --> Ranoadidas! He was called by Rano, himself that he wanted my husband's permission to use his pictures of Karacoma. The next day, I checked Ranoadidas, I didn't find any article about Karacoma or pictures taken by hubby..I'm a bit disappointed. So my husband as usual said to me, hey, it's okay if my pictures didn't get publish.. Well, life goes on.. Akekeke... Then few days later, while I was busy playing with Baby Sarah, my hubby text messaged me about his work has been featured!! Yes, in Ranoadidas ;) He didn't expect it to be featured but his colleagues were the ones who noticed it & told my hubby about it. Now, isn't that great? :D

Oh, before i forgot. Karacoma is a local English group. So please support our local group. I've heard their songs, hmm.. not bad for a local group! In fact, they did win some awards. If you want to know more about this group, this is their bio on their achievements, portfolio etc..

Now, let's move to the movie reviews of mine (I will make it really short, I mean it.. Hehehe).

Prince Of Persia
This movie based on game. I didn't play the game but my hubby do. So he told me about the game. I rated this movie 8 out of 10 stars.. I love the actions!!!

Another great action movie!! Oh & funny too!! There's no need for me to ramble about this movie, JUST WATCH IT!! I rated this 8 out of 10 stars.

The Karate Kid
This movie should be called The Kungfu Kid.. LOL.. As usual one of my favourite Chinese Actor, Jackie Chan ;) was in this movie. Jaden Smith is a very inspiring new actor, I love this kid, he got his father's expression. Like father like son ;) I rated this movie 8 out of 10 stars. SO GO TO THE CINEMA NOW!!

Pheww... Currently, I'm working on a layout...maybe after that I'll try to scrap another layout...Oh yes, I'll be away from Brunei starting tomorrow. We'll have a road trip to KK. Yippee, our first family trip with Baby Sarah!!! :DD So, please wish us a safe trip. :)

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Another Local Blog you should VisiT -- Dw33b

Hi everyone, how are you? Currently, it's raining in Brunei... Brrrr...It's very cold right now. Anyway, I've received an email from this kind lady that she stumbled on to my blog & saying that what I'm doing (scrapping/crafting) is great... Awwww... So sweet of her :))

Anyway, I went to see her blog, I must say here... She is one fine crafter! Indeed, I'm proud that there are more talented Bruneian out there!! If you want to see her work & buy some of her handmade (come on people support our local crafter!), you can visit her blog here --> Dw33b This is her personal blog --> Dw33b - Dw33by

Below are some images of her wonderful work ;)

For Beautiful Ladies Like Us ;)

I really love this one but too bad it sold!

This is so so so beautiful, I might buy it ;P


For Our Masculine Guy

So what do you think?? Great handmade jewellery right??

For your info, currently I love to promote our local bloggers especially that related to Art, Craft, Photographer, Writer, MUA (Make-Up Artist), Wedding Planner, etc.... If you want me to post about your blog, please contact me.. Till we meet again! ;)

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

FSFS' Layouts (5th Challenge/May 2010)

Hello my dear readers. Hope all of you are well & healthy :)

Here are 3 layouts of FSFS' 5th/May 2010 Challenge hosted By Anis Ling.

1st Challenge:
We must scrap a layout about our other half! According to Anis, it's unfair because we always scrap about our children, ourselves, friends, etc... But never a layout of our beloved husband/spouse/fiance/boyfriend! She wanted us to scrap his picture only to be fair & so that he will love us more that he'll buy more SB items for us!!! LOL...

My Cool Hero ;)

2nd Challenge:
We must scrap a layout using coloured & B/W pictures.. & PP only, no CS!! Hehehe...

Little Bookworm

An embellishment that I made, cute eh?

3rd Challenge:
We must scrap a layout by layering of PP/CS. Eyelets & Flowers MUST BE INCLUDED! I found this particular challenge was very challenging to me...indeed.. Because I'm not good at layering, you see my poor attempt?? Duhh... :P


You flip it & the journal is on the back of the PP :)

Thanks for looking :))

P/s: If you haven't become a follower of mine, please follow me & comment on my Top Post on my 2nd Bloganniversary! :D Thanks.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

2nd Bloganniversary Layout Challenge!!

Good morning my lovely readers.. :) As I promised you last night..

Here is a description about myself.

"I'm a wife to a talented photographer Mr. Armie. I'm a mother to my Princess Sarah. I love to scrap, craft, sing & dance (especially belly dance)! I love cute little things like buttons, sequins etc... I love animals especially cats.. I love beautiful dresses. I love pastel colour especially blue, pink, green & purple.. I also love bright colours especially red, gold & silver. I love number 1, 3, 4, 5, 9 & 11. I love to read fantasy/supernatural/fiction/epic novels... I love to shop!!!!"

So, all you need to do is to scrap a layout based on my above description. I know it's challenging right? I want to see how you interpret my description into a layout.. Oh don't worry, you don't have to scrap my photos!! You can scrap your own pictures (favourite) provided you use my description as your challenge.. Fun isn't it? If you want to submit your layout, you can either email me , tag my name on your layout through My facebook but you have to add me ;)

If you want to check my terms & condition to be eligible & stand a chance to win my blog candy, please click here.


Tuesday, June 1, 2010

9 Months Sarah & My 2nd Bloganniversary Candy!!

Hi all..How are you?? Today is the mark of 1st June 2010 (well it's nearly 2nd June now lol). Baby Sarah is 9 months today!! So cheers!!! :DDD

Oooohhh I'll never stop loving her!!

Mummy will love you forever my Sarah..


Ok, below are my giveaways for my 2ND BLOGANNIVERSARY!! My 2nd blogganiversary will fall on 4th June 2010. I know it's few days early lol... I know my blog candy are not that much... But still I want to give some blog candy to my dear readers!! But, of course, there are things you need to do.... :)

A BND$20 Gift Voucher (Shabby Chic)

which you can spend at Shabby Chic!! Yippeee... Free spending spree!!! LOL...

Scrapbooking set..

which consists
5 pieces of PP,
a spool of ribbon,
a pack of clear crystal stickers,
a packet of eyelets (about 50 pieces of black & silver eyelets),
a pack of large square snaps,
2 packs of sequins (red & silver)..

Okay here are the term & conditions to be eligible to enter my lucky giveaways:

1- You must be a FOLLOWER of my blog (to ensure fairness, you know what I mean right? It will be unfair for a non-follower to win my giveaways).

2- If you wish to WIN the BND$20 Gift Voucher, you must SCRAP A LAYOUT... Yes a layout... I'll tell you the detail about it tomorrow *(this voucher only applied for local or anyone who intend to fly to Brunei in 3 months. The voucher is valid for 3 months only).

3- If you DON'T WANT TO SCRAP, but when you become my follower you'll STILL HAVE a chance to WIN the SCRAPBOOKING SET (local & international applied ;) if the winner is happen to be not a local, I'll mail the gift to you).

4- Finally, in order to be ABSOLUTELY ELIGIBLE, you need to leave lovely comments on my 2nd bloganniversary, I love to read comments ;) & please tell me why you deserve to win my blog candy..

Easy isn't it? So those who wish to win the voucher, please wait for awhile okay? I need to think what challenge should i give(yes, think because I got lots of ideas but need to choose it lol).
Stay tune!! ;)