Friday, June 18, 2010

1st Scrap Whispers (FSFS) - I'm the 2nd one in list ;)

I'm backkkk!!!! :D How are you my dear readers? :) I just got home last night. Phewww... What a tiring but wonderful journey :))

Finally, I'm going to share this layout to all of you.. This challenge is called Scrap Whispers initiated by Renee who got inspired by other blog that conducting this kind of challenge :) She asked my opinion about this challenge after much discussion we decided to try it & see. If it's a success then we'll host this kind of challenge if possible every month at FSFS. You know to give some variety & make it more challenging.

What I did to scraplift her layout.. I reversed the sketch layout, used prima bling instead of pearl, used my wedding (bersanding) picture instead of solemnization (nikah) picture & cut out of felt PP instead of PP.

Here, I'll explain in brief, Renee showed me her layout (you clicked this link & you'll see what I meant) which I need to scraplift & I can't show her layout to other participants. Then when I finished my layout, I showed it to the next person in list, Dolly. But I only need to show my layout for her eyes only, so she must not show my layout to anyone & scraplift my layout. Do you get it? I'll explain it in details ASAP in my other blog when everyone has finished uploading their layouts :) so stay tune! ;)

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