Thursday, June 10, 2010

Another Local Blog you should VisiT -- Dw33b

Hi everyone, how are you? Currently, it's raining in Brunei... Brrrr...It's very cold right now. Anyway, I've received an email from this kind lady that she stumbled on to my blog & saying that what I'm doing (scrapping/crafting) is great... Awwww... So sweet of her :))

Anyway, I went to see her blog, I must say here... She is one fine crafter! Indeed, I'm proud that there are more talented Bruneian out there!! If you want to see her work & buy some of her handmade (come on people support our local crafter!), you can visit her blog here --> Dw33b This is her personal blog --> Dw33b - Dw33by

Below are some images of her wonderful work ;)

For Beautiful Ladies Like Us ;)

I really love this one but too bad it sold!

This is so so so beautiful, I might buy it ;P


For Our Masculine Guy

So what do you think?? Great handmade jewellery right??

For your info, currently I love to promote our local bloggers especially that related to Art, Craft, Photographer, Writer, MUA (Make-Up Artist), Wedding Planner, etc.... If you want me to post about your blog, please contact me.. Till we meet again! ;)

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