Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Extending Dateline Of Your Layout Submissions..a

Hello all! How are you? I've been hibernating for a while but...I did some blogging on my 2 other blogs... Just some Malay story & some crap to share. I'll tell you the links to my 2 other blogs later ok??

Anyway, have you become a follower of mine?? Come, be a follower & wish/greet me either comment here or shout at my C-Box! You maybe 1 lucky winner of my bloganniversary candy ;)

For scrappers who are my followers, have you finish scrapping a layout about Father's? You may win a Shabby Chic $20 Gift Vouchers! Due to some reasons, I extend the dateline (yes, extending it) of your layout submission to 8th July 2010. I'll announce the lucky winners a few days after that. So what are you waiting for scrappers?? Come join my challenge!! (Don't forget to be my follower so that you'll be eligible to join it) ;) May the best win!!

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