Tuesday, June 8, 2010

FSFS' Layouts (5th Challenge/May 2010)

Hello my dear readers. Hope all of you are well & healthy :)

Here are 3 layouts of FSFS' 5th/May 2010 Challenge hosted By Anis Ling.

1st Challenge:
We must scrap a layout about our other half! According to Anis, it's unfair because we always scrap about our children, ourselves, friends, etc... But never a layout of our beloved husband/spouse/fiance/boyfriend! She wanted us to scrap his picture only to be fair & so that he will love us more that he'll buy more SB items for us!!! LOL...

My Cool Hero ;)

2nd Challenge:
We must scrap a layout using coloured & B/W pictures.. & PP only, no CS!! Hehehe...

Little Bookworm

An embellishment that I made, cute eh?

3rd Challenge:
We must scrap a layout by layering of PP/CS. Eyelets & Flowers MUST BE INCLUDED! I found this particular challenge was very challenging to me...indeed.. Because I'm not good at layering, you see my poor attempt?? Duhh... :P


You flip it & the journal is on the back of the PP :)

Thanks for looking :))

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1 comment:

Suzila A said...

you have improved a lot maya & i'm so proud that i'm a friend *hint2 la tu so nanti dapat minta buatkan LO with discounts! hehehe* :P

as i said before, with the fsfs' challenges, you girls have been so involved in creating the LOs and each & every one of them is just beautifully done! keep it up girls! can't wait to see the next work by you guys :)

maybe next time do on your fathers since father's day is coming soon :) just a suggestion :)