Sunday, June 13, 2010

Scrap That Baby! Karacoma, Prince Of Persia, A-Team, Karate Kid & A Road Trip To KK.

Hello everyone! Here I am again. :) Just want to share some wonderful news & some simple movie reviews from me as usual ;)

First news, I made it for the second time!! :)) Yes, my Meow layout, had been picked as one of the ten fabulous favourites for the Prompt 5 Favourites at Scrap That Baby! I'm so happy at that time & completely forgot to announce it ASAP.. LOL..

Secondly, my hubby, Mr. Armie's work on Karacoma has been featured here --> Ranoadidas! He was called by Rano, himself that he wanted my husband's permission to use his pictures of Karacoma. The next day, I checked Ranoadidas, I didn't find any article about Karacoma or pictures taken by hubby..I'm a bit disappointed. So my husband as usual said to me, hey, it's okay if my pictures didn't get publish.. Well, life goes on.. Akekeke... Then few days later, while I was busy playing with Baby Sarah, my hubby text messaged me about his work has been featured!! Yes, in Ranoadidas ;) He didn't expect it to be featured but his colleagues were the ones who noticed it & told my hubby about it. Now, isn't that great? :D

Oh, before i forgot. Karacoma is a local English group. So please support our local group. I've heard their songs, hmm.. not bad for a local group! In fact, they did win some awards. If you want to know more about this group, this is their bio on their achievements, portfolio etc..

Now, let's move to the movie reviews of mine (I will make it really short, I mean it.. Hehehe).

Prince Of Persia
This movie based on game. I didn't play the game but my hubby do. So he told me about the game. I rated this movie 8 out of 10 stars.. I love the actions!!!

Another great action movie!! Oh & funny too!! There's no need for me to ramble about this movie, JUST WATCH IT!! I rated this 8 out of 10 stars.

The Karate Kid
This movie should be called The Kungfu Kid.. LOL.. As usual one of my favourite Chinese Actor, Jackie Chan ;) was in this movie. Jaden Smith is a very inspiring new actor, I love this kid, he got his father's expression. Like father like son ;) I rated this movie 8 out of 10 stars. SO GO TO THE CINEMA NOW!!

Pheww... Currently, I'm working on a layout...maybe after that I'll try to scrap another layout...Oh yes, I'll be away from Brunei starting tomorrow. We'll have a road trip to KK. Yippee, our first family trip with Baby Sarah!!! :DD So, please wish us a safe trip. :)

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