Sunday, July 25, 2010

Predators, The Sorcerer's Apprentice & Inception movies~

Hello my dear readers. How are you? Today it's raining again... I wish I could sleep all day in this cold weather hahaha...Anyway just want to share some my own movie review.. Well just some simple reviews..

I love Predators, it reminds me of the 1st Predator. The story line was almost the same except, it got some new elements & some twist to the plot. I rated it 9 out of 10 stars ;)
Warning: Blood & Violence...

The Sorcerer's Apprentice:
A very entertaining family movie! Well, typical Disney! Who doesn't love Disney? I love Disney!! I love Nicolas Cage's performance in this movie. He's one of my favourite actors ;) I also rated this movie 9 out of 10 stars!! So, what are you waiting for? Bring some kids to watch this movie too!!

A very serious & intriguing movie! Although I'm not a fan of Leornado Di Caprio, I saluted him in this movie! He made his character so real!! A combination of Matrix & Bourne Identity. You should watch this movie. This movie I rated 9 out of 10 stars too!!

All these 3 movies are really great!! I just wished we have a 3D cinema here!! *sigh* Most movies now are made into 3D..

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

~1 month 14 days~ Digi LO...

Hello.. I know it's 12.35 midnight... I just awake after breastfeeding Sarah & put her to sleep :) I wanted to continue my sleep but feel the need to share another digi layout that I made yesterday morning. I got a one day sick leave, so back home, trying to feel better I scrapped this layout.. Actually I scrapped it the night before but only half way finished, then I went to sleep.

I actually love this digi scrapping!! I got bitten by digi-scrap bug!! LOL...
Okay, I need to go back to sleep, the medication take effect.... See you :)

Thanks for looking.

P/s: expect for more digital layouts when I don't have time to make the traditional one ;)

Monday, July 19, 2010

~Happy Baby~ Digi LO...

Good morning... I wanted to share yet another simple digi LO. :) It seems I'm addicted to digi SB!! I don't know that it so addictive!! There's another Lo in the process teeehhheeee....

Thanks for looking! ;)

P/s: I'm so happy & glad that all my winners are happy with my gifts! :D

Masjuana & Janah are local, so that I can meet them & give their gifts. Where as YaniHunny is a Singaporean, I'll post her gifts ASAP. Once again, I want to thank to you all for your care & support :) Love you!!!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

The Winner of My 2nd Bloganniversary Challenge!

I'm going to announce the winner of my 2nd bloganniversary challenge in a minute but first, I need to share these lovely submissions with all of you!

By Dolly

By Hjh Sucyzie

By Hsiao Ling

By Masjuana Mardandana

All layouts are so lovely, which put me in a difficult situation to choose 1 winner!! My hubby & I decided that the winner goes to.......................

Are you ready??

*Drum Rolls*






Masjuana Mardandana!!!!


To other scrappers, I have something special for you too!!! Each of you will receive a little blog candy from me to thank you for supporting me :)) So everyone is a winner!!!

The Winners of My Blog Candies!!!

Morning my dear readers!
Today, I'm going to announce the winner for my lucky draw!

The winner of my special challenge To Be Announce later.

So I'm going to announce this 2 lucky winners!!

The winner for this set of scrapbooking item goes to........

*drum roll*


The winner for this handmade book of mine goes to.......

*drum roll*

For my last blog candy....It will be mysterious...LOL... I will post about the blog candy & who is the winner later.

Stay tune!

For my 2 blog candy winners, CONGRATULATIONS!!!

My 2nd Bloganniversary!! :D

Hello!! Today is the mark of my 2nd bloganniversary (4th June 2010)!!! :D Wow! It's been 2 years & I'm still blogging :) To thanks my dearest readers, I want to give some candy ;) So below are the repetition of my 2 previous posts (with some editing). So please read carefully :)

A BND$20 Gift Voucher (Shabby Chic)

which you can spend at Shabby Chic!! Yippeee... Free spending spree!!! LOL...

Scrapbooking set..

which consists
5 pieces of PP,
a spool of ribbon,
a pack of clear crystal stickers,
a packet of eyelets (about 50 pieces of black & silver eyelets),
a pack of large square snaps,
2 packs of sequins (red & silver)..

*Here is my 3rd Blog Candy ;)
A handmade book

Don't you love the cover?? I use single line papers. So that you can write it on a perfect line.

Okay here are the term & conditions to be eligible to enter my lucky giveaways:

1- You must be a FOLLOWER of my blog (to ensure fairness, you know what I mean right? It will be unfair for a non-follower to win my giveaways).

2- If you wish to WIN the BND$20 Shabby Chic Gift Voucher, you must*SCRAP A LAYOUT... Yes a layout... I'll tell you the detail about what layout you need to scrap below *(this voucher only applied for local or anyone who intend to fly to Brunei in 3 months time. The voucher is valid for 3 months only).

3- If you DON'T WANT TO SCRAP, but when you become my follower you'll STILL HAVE a chance to WIN the SCRAPBOOKING SET or *A HANDMADE BOOK by Me (LOCAL & INTERNATIONAL SCRAPPERS applied ;) if the winner is happen to be an international, I'll mail the gift to you). All you need to do is to leave lovely comments on my 2nd bloganniversary (yes, comment here please), I love to read comments ;) & please TELL ME why you DESERVE to WIN my BLOG CANDY..

Easy isn't it? So those who wish to *WIN the VOUCHER, please read below..

*Here is a challenge for you to scrap (if you want to win the Shabby Chic BND$20 Voucher).

I decided that I change my challenge, since Father's Day is around the corner, all you have to do is to scrap a layout of a father. He can be your own father, your husband, your grandfather, your uncle, it doesn't matter who as long as a father. :)

There are 5 elements that must be included in your layout:

1-The picture/s must include of him & his child/s. Only HIM & THE CHILD (if you choose your dad & yourself that'll be okay)... No. of picture/s up to you ;)

2-You must include at least 2 types of flowers, beads & ribbons/lace.

3-Use PP only...

4-Distress look must included akekekeke.... it doesn't matter whether a simple tearing as long as it got distress.

5-Colour combo must be = pink, blue, green, brown & black.

It's very easy right? :)
If you want to submit your layout, you can either COMMENT HERE THE LINK to YOUR LAYOUT (if you have a blog), EMAIL me , or TAG MY NAME on your layout through MY FACEBOOK -- but remember you have to add me first ;) The DATELINE for the challenge will be on *18th July 2010 (I change the dateline again due to some reasons & so that my husband & I will have plenty of time to choose the best layout).

If you have any questions please leave a comment here too :)

I wish you luck!! May the best layout win the voucher & may the lucky winner get my blog candy ( Shabby Chic BND$20 Gift Voucher) ;)

Friday, July 16, 2010

~The Art Of Pout~ LO... & We Lost A Great Principal..

Morning my dear readers ;) here I present you my most favourite layout!! :D

This layout is in conjunction of my 2nd bloganniversary!!!
I posted this picture (my FB).. everyone find it funny!! Hahahaha I know!! They looked funny but adorable, aren't they?

Special challenge from Me ("Father's Day") in conjunction of my 2nd bloganniversary..

1-The picture/s must include of him & his child/s. Only HIM & THE CHILD (if you choose your dad & yourself that'll be okay)... No. of picture/s up to you ;)

2-You must include at least 2 types of flowers, beads & ribbons/lace.

3-Use PP only...

4-Distress look must included. It doesn't matter whether a simple tearing as long as it got distress look.

5-Colour combo must be = pink, blue, green, brown & black.

*Remember that any scrapper be it local or international can join my challenge ;) may the best win.

We lost A Great Principal

Now, I want to share some sad news. Yesterday, my ex Principal passed away... I just met her over lunch on Wednesday, we chatted briefly, she said that she loved to look at my daughter's cute pics (FB).... I promised her to bring Sarah to her school next week... She did met Sarah last year indeed.. She said please don't forget to bring Sarah along... but.... Still I'll bring my Sarah to her school to meet my other colleagues :_( gosh... I'm crying again... I can never forget the way she looked at me... she looked me at me carefully & attentive as if she's trying to absorb every details of my face... as if she never looked at me before... well, I can say that she looked at me with the look of loving her subordinates... :_(

Al-Fatihah.. May Her Soul Rest In Peace...

Thursday, July 15, 2010

A teaser ;) & Random picture..

I'll post the full picture of this layout soon... ;)

~Love is in the air~ Ooopsss!! Love is in the neon lights?? ~
Hahahahha... :P

Just a random image I took last night. I wanted to take some pictures of blurry images, with some guidance from my DH, I love this picture the most!!

Thanks for looking! ;)

Saturday, July 10, 2010

My Beautiful Baby ~ Digital Scrapbooking

Hello!! It's been a while I didn't do a digital scrapbooking.. Well more into simple digital scrapbooking :) This layout took me about almost an hour.. Hope you like this simple layout of mine :)

Thanks for looking! ;)

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

~Our Beautiful Princess~ & some news..

Hello everyone, hope my sweet readers are well & in good health :) As you can see I'm busy during this month.. *sigh* So no chance to scrap or craft but I did alter a hanging frame for an ex-colleague of mine :) I'll upload it few days later. Oh yes, on 1st July 2010, our beautiful princess has grown even more beautiful, cute, cheeky & clever!! The above picture was taken exactly when she reached 10 months!!! Yipppeee!!! You can see that she grows faster!! Errkk!!!

The below pictures were taken a day after.

I put her toy on top of her head! Voila!! A toy hat on a cute head!!

Sarah: "Ai! Ai! Captain!!"

Eeeee.... Can you see my teeth now???

Can you see now? Huh? Huh??

Ooohh!! That's my picture!!

Scrapbook notes:
* The June Challenge on FSFS has to be postpone because some members were very busy. So I gave them chance to finish it. Well, after all it's a challenge for motivating yourself not a challenge to compete with each other ;)

*The July Challenge (FSFS) was set by Masjuana, which I find very difficult!!!!! Hahahahhaa... I will share the details later when I'm not busy. If any of you are interested to join us please do contact me via my email (, my Facebook (Maya HA), you can give a shout at my chat-box or if you happened to know any member of FSFS, you can contact them ;)

*The 2nd Bloganniversary's Father's LO: I'm please to remind you (yes, any scrappers :) ) that I extend the date of submission *again* (Last day to submit 18th July 2010). for further info, you can read here.

Thanks for reading! :))