Friday, July 16, 2010

~The Art Of Pout~ LO... & We Lost A Great Principal..

Morning my dear readers ;) here I present you my most favourite layout!! :D

This layout is in conjunction of my 2nd bloganniversary!!!
I posted this picture (my FB).. everyone find it funny!! Hahahaha I know!! They looked funny but adorable, aren't they?

Special challenge from Me ("Father's Day") in conjunction of my 2nd bloganniversary..

1-The picture/s must include of him & his child/s. Only HIM & THE CHILD (if you choose your dad & yourself that'll be okay)... No. of picture/s up to you ;)

2-You must include at least 2 types of flowers, beads & ribbons/lace.

3-Use PP only...

4-Distress look must included. It doesn't matter whether a simple tearing as long as it got distress look.

5-Colour combo must be = pink, blue, green, brown & black.

*Remember that any scrapper be it local or international can join my challenge ;) may the best win.

We lost A Great Principal

Now, I want to share some sad news. Yesterday, my ex Principal passed away... I just met her over lunch on Wednesday, we chatted briefly, she said that she loved to look at my daughter's cute pics (FB).... I promised her to bring Sarah to her school next week... She did met Sarah last year indeed.. She said please don't forget to bring Sarah along... but.... Still I'll bring my Sarah to her school to meet my other colleagues :_( gosh... I'm crying again... I can never forget the way she looked at me... she looked me at me carefully & attentive as if she's trying to absorb every details of my face... as if she never looked at me before... well, I can say that she looked at me with the look of loving her subordinates... :_(

Al-Fatihah.. May Her Soul Rest In Peace...

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