Wednesday, July 7, 2010

~Our Beautiful Princess~ & some news..

Hello everyone, hope my sweet readers are well & in good health :) As you can see I'm busy during this month.. *sigh* So no chance to scrap or craft but I did alter a hanging frame for an ex-colleague of mine :) I'll upload it few days later. Oh yes, on 1st July 2010, our beautiful princess has grown even more beautiful, cute, cheeky & clever!! The above picture was taken exactly when she reached 10 months!!! Yipppeee!!! You can see that she grows faster!! Errkk!!!

The below pictures were taken a day after.

I put her toy on top of her head! Voila!! A toy hat on a cute head!!

Sarah: "Ai! Ai! Captain!!"

Eeeee.... Can you see my teeth now???

Can you see now? Huh? Huh??

Ooohh!! That's my picture!!

Scrapbook notes:
* The June Challenge on FSFS has to be postpone because some members were very busy. So I gave them chance to finish it. Well, after all it's a challenge for motivating yourself not a challenge to compete with each other ;)

*The July Challenge (FSFS) was set by Masjuana, which I find very difficult!!!!! Hahahahhaa... I will share the details later when I'm not busy. If any of you are interested to join us please do contact me via my email (, my Facebook (Maya HA), you can give a shout at my chat-box or if you happened to know any member of FSFS, you can contact them ;)

*The 2nd Bloganniversary's Father's LO: I'm please to remind you (yes, any scrappers :) ) that I extend the date of submission *again* (Last day to submit 18th July 2010). for further info, you can read here.

Thanks for reading! :))

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