Friday, August 20, 2010

Why So Serious?? & Sarah 1st Art ~LO :)

Hello my dearest readers. :) Above is a picture taken by my hubby last night. Why she was so serious? Because she was watching Barney!! I played the DVD on the desktop, so every time I wanted to check my FB, I need to pause Barney... & every time I paused it, Sarah would cry!!! Hahahahaaaa... She's a little bossy & spoil!! :DD

Here is another layout that I managed to finish last night :) phewww...

As you can see, there's no journal in my layout like I always do. Because I think just showing the pictures really tell the story :)

Actually this layout is a FSFS' August Challenge by Iling (Dolly). She wanted us to scrap 2 layouts & make a small brag book. I'll let you know all the details later. ;)

Thanks for looking!

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