Sunday, September 26, 2010

My 1st Birthday With My 1st Baby Girl ~ LO

Hello~ Is it me you're looking for? Hehehe.. Anyway how are you my dear readers? :) I had finished 2 layouts but managed to take picture of only 1 layout!! My hubby currently taking his DSLR with him.. sigh... But never mind that at least I managed to take one that matters ;)

Actually, this is the 2nd layout that I scraped within this week. So you'll have to wait to see my 1st layout. I joined Scrap The Girls. I love just love with what they came up.. I QUOTED this from the blog's September Challenge.

" September - the beginning of spring! Scrap a Layout using a photo of a "first" or "new beginning" - examples could be, first day of school, first haircut, new home, new marriage - the possibilities are endless!
Extra criteria - Use a WHITE cardstock base page, to make your entries look crisp & fresh for a new season :) "

Another shot ;)

Close up & a bit blurry hahahaha blame my shaky hands!!

Don't you just love that cupcake?? I love my cupcake dies!!

Thanks for looking ;) & stay tune for my other layouts.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Smile ~ LO

Hello again! Last night I had a quick chat with Michelle. Just a chat about life & scrap! So I took a peek at Scrap-It-Lah's September Challenge & I'm interested in it! I decided to give it a try ;)

I scraplifted DT Amelia's daughter layout. I swiped the ink pad on the corrugated paper (more likely a cut-out box! Lol). Instead of putting a swirly pearls or swirly crystals, I put a swirly felt & put some bling-bling on it!! :D I put the title down instead of across (limited space!!) due to my big picture.. Hahaha...

On top of the big red flower, I put a golden doily or doilie. Actually, I cut out the flower shapes from a square doily!! Because I couldn't find my circle doily! *chuckle*

Lastly, the upper right of my layout, I assembled the tags & put flowers in the middle of it. :) I'm done!! Pheww...

Thanks for looking ;)

P/s: I finished this layout at 2am!! Talking about juggling between being a mum, a hardcore FB's gamer & not so good scrapper!! LOL... XD

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Paper, Stamps & Pattern Papers!!! Scrapashopaholic??

Hi everyone :) just want to share something with you ;)

I'm so in love with this blog ~ PaperInkColor! Just now I read about her article, 'Let's talk Paper'. How I wish I can find all those paper (or at least 2/3 types) right here in Brunei! *sigh* Just hope I win some of that paper!! *Teheee*

Look at this stamp? Will you? Aren't they cute???? I just browsed Shabby Chic yesterday & decided I must go there that night to get those cute stamps!!! When dear hubby came home from work, I immediately show this to him!! I said I MUST HAVE THESE TONIGHT!! Hahahaha... We had to attend a 'doa selamat hendak belayar' (praying for a safe journey) that evening, I begged my hubby to bring me straight to Shabby Chic after that ceremony!!

Oh my I was so happy last night!!! :D I took too many PP it even made a hole in my purse!! I spent more than I intended to... Oopss... Talking about over budget & being a scrapashopaholic! (wow, it's a long word yet meaningful to me :P ) Well, what that plastic card for anyway?? Swipe away!! Hahahahaha.... XD

Hope you'll have a creative weekend!! ;)

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

~10 Things I Love About You~ LO~

Hello, hello!! I know it's 3.++ am~~ Hahaha... How's everyone? :) Today, I just finished this layout. :) I joined the Scrap That Baby's Prompt 12, Top 10 List.

I just couldn't resist to scrap this picture of Baby Sarah!! I love the way she looked in this picture! :D

A butterfly die-cut from Crate Paper Collection.

I die-cut the hearts & key shape (using Cuttlebug dies).

My beautiful Baby Sarah :)

The lists :)

10 Things I LOVE About You.. (Alphas die-cut - Cuttlebug).

Before I forgot, all PP that I used in this layout were from Crate Paper's Mia Collection.

Thanks for looking! :)

P/s: I'm too lazy, tired & sleepy to explain all the details. So I explained it briefly.. Haha.. Well nothing special though just a simple layout of mine :)

Sunday, September 5, 2010

My Handmade Organza Flowers~

Hello everyone. Yesterday, I made this organza flowers. They are not perfect but I love the outcome!! The reason I made this flowers are to put some embellishment on my daughter's gown!! I've searched at some haberdashery shops...Wow!! They are way too overpriced!! So instead I made my own flowers!! Cheapskate huh? LOL.. What do you think? :)

P/s: I'll take photos of 'before & after' my daughter's gown. ;) Stay tune!

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Smile ~ LO...

Hello everyone! :D Hope all of you are feeling super fine today ;) anyway just wanted to share a layout that I made a few days ago. This is a 2nd FSFS' August Challenge by Iling (Dolly). It left me with the brag book which I don't have the mood to make it!! Maybe I'll try to do it tomorrow. Actually I already did it but only about 30-40% done. Anyway I'll let you know the details of the August Challenge sometimes later. Bye!!

Thanks for looking!