Thursday, September 16, 2010

Paper, Stamps & Pattern Papers!!! Scrapashopaholic??

Hi everyone :) just want to share something with you ;)

I'm so in love with this blog ~ PaperInkColor! Just now I read about her article, 'Let's talk Paper'. How I wish I can find all those paper (or at least 2/3 types) right here in Brunei! *sigh* Just hope I win some of that paper!! *Teheee*

Look at this stamp? Will you? Aren't they cute???? I just browsed Shabby Chic yesterday & decided I must go there that night to get those cute stamps!!! When dear hubby came home from work, I immediately show this to him!! I said I MUST HAVE THESE TONIGHT!! Hahahaha... We had to attend a 'doa selamat hendak belayar' (praying for a safe journey) that evening, I begged my hubby to bring me straight to Shabby Chic after that ceremony!!

Oh my I was so happy last night!!! :D I took too many PP it even made a hole in my purse!! I spent more than I intended to... Oopss... Talking about over budget & being a scrapashopaholic! (wow, it's a long word yet meaningful to me :P ) Well, what that plastic card for anyway?? Swipe away!! Hahahahaha.... XD

Hope you'll have a creative weekend!! ;)

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