Sunday, October 31, 2010

My take on FSFS' October Challenge.

Hello, good morning~ Here I am blogging in the early morning! :D I just wanted to share some of my latest layouts with you :)

This October challenge hosted by another FSFS member, Hjh Sucyzie.

This is the 1st layout for FSFS' October Challenge. The theme is bestfriend. You must include flowers & lace in this layout.

I sprinkled with some glitter on the flower ;)

I attached a ribbon behind the cardboard, to make it standout.

A little flower from a strip of PP.

The journal.

The 2nd layout, must be about couple before & after marriage. You must have journal too.

I decided the colour scheme on black & pink :))

Love is in the air~

The journal.

The 3rd one. A layout about your child with their cute/funny/sleepy face.

"Nah" is a Malay word. It's an expression. For example, "Nah, see you can do it." I don't know what better way to explain it to non-Malay people hehehe.. Sorry..

You can see her mouth saying 'Nah' hehehe so cute!!

The not so hidden journal behind the pictures.

Thanks for looking. By the way I'm trying to update my FSFS' blog later.. Ouch... So better check it next week if you want to see other members' take on July, August, September & October challenges!!! Waaaaaa I got many backlogs!!!! :s



Dawn said...

Awww these are beautiful!

Naddy said...

lovely LOs maya :)