Saturday, January 1, 2011

1st & 4th Challenges Of FSFS' December 2010 Blast!

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1st Challenge Of FSFS' December 2010 Blast! (1st December 2010)

Hello.. It's already 12.00 am!! It's 1st December of 2010!! Are you ready for the First Challenge Of FSFS' December Blast?

Your first clue will be altering!! Yeahhh!!! I know we never have the chance to alter something during our sharing sessions ;) So my first assignment will be:

'To alter a journal':
-The journal can be a brand new notebook or you can create your own journal (making your own) from scratch.
-Must consist some recycled items (used).
-Colour theme: Pink, Blue, Green, Red, Gold (You can choose at least 2 colours).
-Use techniques such as Stamping, Embossing, Layering, etc,etc..
-Tell me what inspire you to alter your journal (the way you alter your journal).

Good luck ;)

Don't forget to drop by at Renee's blog 12 hours later for your 2nd challenge.




4th Challenge Of FSFS' December 2010 Blast! (15th December 2010)

Hello! Good morning peeps! Here is the 4th Challenge FSFS' December 2010 Blast! As you can see Renee had posted the 3rd Challenge 12 hours ago about scraplifting a previous layout & here I am to ask you to scrap using this sketch! ;) So now it's all about LAYOUTS! ;)

You create a layout using this sketch. Any pictures, any styles, any mediums, any embellishments, etc, etc.. It's up to you, as long as you scrap using this sketch ;)
So what are you waiting for?? GO SCRAP!!! ;)


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