Thursday, December 16, 2010

My 1st Keepsake Box~

Olla!!! :)) How's everyone? Hope everyone is fine. This is my keepsake box that I made since last Sunday. It was easy! But then I didn't make it in one go! I made it bit by bit. You know I was busy watching some series (since it's school holidays!), so I worked on this box on & off! :))

I hope you like what you see here. Masjuana (one of my scrapper buddy) was the one who inspired me to make this keepsake box. Well, you can find the tutorial on YouTube. I'm sorry I forgot which video was it, but if I'm not mistaken the keepsake box's tutorial was by Marion (I'm not sure her full name). Just search keepsake box, I'm sure you'll find it :)

Thanks for looking :)


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