Wednesday, January 26, 2011

3 Layouts of January 2011 :) All About Webster's Pages!

Hello my dearest readers. How are you? :)) Just want to share my latest layout that I finished less than a week ;)

1st layout, Our Little Diva~ Hehehehe... This photo was taken last year during our road trip to Miri, Sarawak :

2nd layout, Little Princess~ She looked so adorable here!!! She looks like a real little princess & she looks like a Korean too with those eyes!! Lol.. ;)

3rd layout, My Wish~ This layout I made especially for the 1st Challenge by a Guest DT at FSFS. So scrappers out there, please join the challenge (International scrappers are welcome) & if possible share about it in your blog, Facebook or Twitter!! Thanks a lot ;)

I really love this layout, because it's a combination of old PP & new vellum of Webster's Pages!! It blended well!!! I'm surprised & proud at the same time with the outcome! :D

I made these layouts since 22nd January 2011 & finished it yesterday :)) Almost all product are from Webster Pages, except the alphas & trims.


Sunday, January 9, 2011

Have Faith ~ Digi-Lo~

Good morning. I feel a bit dizzy due to the medication I take... Anyway, here is another digi-layout I made last night.

She's one of my favourite model & her name is Faith. That's the title ;)

Thanks for looking :)


Saturday, January 8, 2011

Acai, Faten & Sarah ~ Digi-LO ~

Good morning? How are you feeling today? I'm not fine. I told you last night that I got food poisoning, well both my hubby & I. Now, aren't we soul mate or what? Lol.. Now, my poor hubby is sleeping due to the medication effect.. Here I am trying to ignore the pain by digi-scrapping. Well the pain is still there....sigh...

I just couldn't stop this new addiction of mine! I bought another (ehem...quite a few set actually!) set of digital scrapping kits last night!! Lol... I decided last night, when I'm at my parents' in laws' home, I'll digi-scrap. When we are at my parent's home, I do traditional scrap!! Problem solve!! No more lugging around my SB stashes here & there!! :DD

Ok, the tittle of this layout, acai, faten & sarah. 'Acai' is a Malay word, it's a nickname for an aunt. So Acai, is our oldest sister. Faten my niece & Sarah is my daughter(in case, you don't know that! Lol) :)) This beautiful picture was taken on 14th February 2010, during our youngest sister's wedding. Isn't it a beautiful picture?? :D

Thanks for looking :)

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Friday, January 7, 2011

Daddy's Little Girl ~ LO ~

Hi again. It seems my mood to digi-scrap is on today! This is the layout i finished around 3pm, despite I'm not feeling well (due to food poisoning), I managed to scrap this beautiful picture of my baby & her daddy :)) This is a therapy for me, trying to ignore the pain lol.. Now, I need a rest.

I used Magical Wishes Collection by Webster Pages.

Thanks for looking :)


Magical Life, Beauty, Wish ~ LO~

Hello, good morning everyone. This is my 2nd digi layout of 2011. I bought Magical Wishes Collection by Webster Pages last night!! Remember what I told you last night about my resolutions? Here it is ;) scrap more!! Hope I'll have time to scrap more & more & more~ This is my take for 1st Special Challenge of FSFS' 2011. Just a simple layout :)) but I'm loving it ;)

Thanks for looking.


Thursday, January 6, 2011

Groovie Sarah & Mummy Will Always Love You... LO~

Hi everyone! Happy New Year 2011~ I know I wished it a little late but I don't care hehe.. So what's your new resolution/s? Mine? Hmmm... Let's see.. I want to scrap more!! Both traditional & digital :))

This Groovie Sarah was playing with her granddaddy's sunglasses. She looks so adorable right?? :D It's lucky my hubby got this moment of her looking away! :D This picture was taken on our last year road trip to Miri.

This digi-layout was the first layout of 2011~ I was browsing my old pictures this evening & found this! I wanted to scrap badly but my SB stuffs were left at my parents' home. So here, I was scrapped it digitally!! :) A very simple layout indeed but I'm loving it ;)

Thanks for looking :)

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Saturday, January 1, 2011

1st & 4th Challenges Of FSFS' December 2010 Blast!

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1st Challenge Of FSFS' December 2010 Blast! (1st December 2010)

Hello.. It's already 12.00 am!! It's 1st December of 2010!! Are you ready for the First Challenge Of FSFS' December Blast?

Your first clue will be altering!! Yeahhh!!! I know we never have the chance to alter something during our sharing sessions ;) So my first assignment will be:

'To alter a journal':
-The journal can be a brand new notebook or you can create your own journal (making your own) from scratch.
-Must consist some recycled items (used).
-Colour theme: Pink, Blue, Green, Red, Gold (You can choose at least 2 colours).
-Use techniques such as Stamping, Embossing, Layering, etc,etc..
-Tell me what inspire you to alter your journal (the way you alter your journal).

Good luck ;)

Don't forget to drop by at Renee's blog 12 hours later for your 2nd challenge.




4th Challenge Of FSFS' December 2010 Blast! (15th December 2010)

Hello! Good morning peeps! Here is the 4th Challenge FSFS' December 2010 Blast! As you can see Renee had posted the 3rd Challenge 12 hours ago about scraplifting a previous layout & here I am to ask you to scrap using this sketch! ;) So now it's all about LAYOUTS! ;)

You create a layout using this sketch. Any pictures, any styles, any mediums, any embellishments, etc, etc.. It's up to you, as long as you scrap using this sketch ;)
So what are you waiting for?? GO SCRAP!!! ;)