Sunday, February 27, 2011

True Happiness~ Lo.

Hello. Happy Sunday everyone. Here I am showing you my latest layout that I managed to finish last Wednesday. This layout was meant for Shabby Chic's Sweet Love Challenge, but at the end I decided not to join it. The reason was the title is too long.... ..... hehehe.. & I have no idea what's the appropriate title for this layout for once if I use the requirement title... so I decided to pass it! But anyway I love this layout of mine ;)

The PP & rosette ribbons are from Making Memories, the red love lace cardstock is from KI Memories, vellums are from Webster's Pages, the scallop border is from MME.

Thanks for looking ;)


Friday, February 18, 2011

Dad~ Digi-LO.

Helloooo~~~ Happy Friday!! I just want to share some wonderful news~ My youngest sister gave birth to a healthy baby boy last Wednesday!! So I have another nephew!! :D

Here is the picture of my brother-in-law with their baby boy ;)

Thanks for looking.


Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Sarah & Daddy ~ Digi-LO.

Hello. It's seems when I have no mood to do the traditional scrapping, I'll just open up my laptop & do some digi-scrapping. Hahaha... This year, it seems I got bitten by a 'DSB' (Digi-Scrapping Bug!!). I love to play with photoshop & how I can learn more in editing. Before I used to digi-scrap a simple & flat layouts. Now, I know how to make my embellishments look like pop-up!!

My hubby is my source of inspiration. He loves photoshop so much that I started to love it too but never have the courage to experiment/play! But then this year, I bought a few digital PP & embellishments & my digi-scrapping started to improve! :D Well, I'm still a beginner ;)

If you want to read the journal just click the picture to enlarge it :D

All from Webster's Pages Digital Collection (except a small circle embellishment near the journal). :) I *heart* Webster's Pages!!

Thanks for loooking!


Sunday, February 13, 2011

Celebration Of New Life ~ Digi-LO

How's your weekend? Mine hmm... Just another normal day but full of Sarah's cheekiness!! Lol. Here is another digital layout that I managed to finish just now :)

This is my take for Hybrid/Digital Challenge February 2011 by Steph Devlin (Webster's Pages). I had fun with this challenge. Later I will try to do the hybrid one! 'Try' ok? Haha..

Thanks for looking.


Friday, February 11, 2011

Our Lovely Sarah~ LO~

Here I am! How are you my beloved readers? :)) Do you remember my previous layouts My Little Beauty & Sarah With GrandMama? So here is the 2 pages layout that I made, but this time not digital ;)

Our Lovely Sarah~

Believe it or not, this are not butterfly chains. They are butterfly earrings!!

The hidden journal ;)

Thanks for looking ;)


Sunday, February 6, 2011

Sarah With GrandMama ~ Digi LO.

Hello, good morning! Just want to share this digi-layout that I made yesterday :) This is my little girl with her grandmama (my MIL). She was dressed up for her 1st time visit a neighbour's Chinese New Year. She looked adorable here right??? Hehe..

Oh yes, do you remember my digi-layout before this, My Little Beauty? This is another part. There'll be another part of it but this time it's not digi, it's traditional one. I just couldn't resist to scrap her photos wearing those cute pink dress of her own choice! Lol.

If she keep choosing her own outfit from this tender age, I think she'll be a fashion designer or fashion diva someday!! Hahaha..

Thanks for looking :)


Friday, February 4, 2011

My Little Beauty ~ Digi LO..

Hi! I wish to my Chinese readers a Happy New Year & May this year will bring more luck to you as it's a Rabbit year!! :D

Ok, not going to waste my time, I want to share you this digi-layout of mine! I made it last night. I really can't resist to digi-scrap this cute photo of Sarah!! Because she was wearing her chosen clothes! (Those super duper cute dress was her own choice! Yup she chose it 3 nights ago & we paid for it! Lol!)

My hubby took this photo of her before she went to an open house (as yesterday was Chinese New Year & yes with her grandfather & grandmother only). So naturally, I couldn't resist to scrap it immediately! Haha..

There was a story behind her dress. My husband & I were torn between 2 dresses, so we asked her to pick one. But did she pick one? Nope! She wanted both!! She took both in her arms!! So I pulled those dresses away from her & display in front of her & said 'Sarah, you only have to pick one. So which one?' She just froze (my maid was holding her) & her eyes was on this pink dress, I tried to swap the clothes to other hand, her eyes followed the pink one. Then I swapped it again to my other hand, still eyes on the pink one. Last swapped, still her eyes on this pink dress!! All of us laughed with her own choice! So I gave it to her & she gave me the sweetest smile in the world~~ :D

Thanks for looking. (This kit is from Webster's Pages' Magical Wishes).


Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Hugs & Kisses ~ Digi-Lo..

Hello everyone :) this is the 5th digi-layout that I made since yesterday. This is my first time trying 2 pages layout :) later I will try to finish my other layout, yes the usual one, not digi.

Thanks for looking :)