Sunday, February 6, 2011

Sarah With GrandMama ~ Digi LO.

Hello, good morning! Just want to share this digi-layout that I made yesterday :) This is my little girl with her grandmama (my MIL). She was dressed up for her 1st time visit a neighbour's Chinese New Year. She looked adorable here right??? Hehe..

Oh yes, do you remember my digi-layout before this, My Little Beauty? This is another part. There'll be another part of it but this time it's not digi, it's traditional one. I just couldn't resist to scrap her photos wearing those cute pink dress of her own choice! Lol.

If she keep choosing her own outfit from this tender age, I think she'll be a fashion designer or fashion diva someday!! Hahaha..

Thanks for looking :)



Edleen said...

so lovely :) love the colours.

Mitsue Iwata said...

Wow! Maya, this is such a great layout! Can't want to see more....