Sunday, March 20, 2011

Battlefield: LA ~ Movie

Hi everyone. It's been awhile I didn't update you all about movies that I watched! Erkk! :s It's about time for me to write again about my own review on movies.

Battlefield: LA

As the title obviously stated, battlefield. Yup, a battlefield between humans & aliens in LA!! There is 1 word to describe this movie 'AWESOME!!' I love this movie from the beginning till the end. It really captured my attention, my eyes glued to the screen! (except when I need to wipe tears from my eyes! Lol!). This movie is much better than Independence Day! If both movies are out at the same time, many people will agree with me! Hoorahh!! My rate for this movie is 10 out 0f 10!! Awesomeness!!! ;D


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