Tuesday, March 15, 2011

I'm Officially A PP Hoarder!!! & ~Sarah Our Angel~

Hello everybody. It's been awhile I didn't update you all with my (not so interesting) daily life! So here I am ;)

This is my pattern papers that I've collected over the years!! :s

I've lost count.... Can you count those PP's for me??

Well, I got about another...ermm..wait...about 4 or 5 stacks of PP's!!! Ouchh!!
Now, I'm trying to sell some of my PP's. If you are interested to have a look & maybe buy some of it, you're welcome. Just click like my FB page on the right & look through my album (FYI, I only sell these PP in Brunei, I don't send it abroad sorry).

Ok, enough about being a PP hoarder!! While I was taking the above photos, I also took some pictures of Sarah. Now scroll down to see the pictures of our beautiful angel, Sarah :)

She's truly an angel sent to us by God. We'll always love you Sarah. Mwaaahhh!!


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