Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Trying to create Inchies!

Hello everyone! :) How are you all? I'm fine despite my denial of school reopen! :p haha..

Anyway, lately we FSFS members seem to be in the mood of doing something different. For example the ATC swaps (you can just see my previous post). Last week, I just asked them how about to do the inchies? & last night, I just asked them to make some card based on my preference. Hoorayyy to that!! We tried to be actively involve in different type of crafts!! I'm so glad that I formed FSFS :))

Ok for those who doesn't know what is inchies, below is the pictures of AWESOME inchies!! The measurement of inchies is 1 inch by 1 inch. (We didn't create the below inchies, I got this image from the net).

I'm sorry I don't remember where did i get the above image. I just googled & save it (totally forgot from where!). But credit will go to whoever create this. They are all gorgeous!!!

Now, I need to create!!!! Sayonara~

P/s: Please include the safety of Japan in your prayer....


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