Thursday, April 28, 2011

Holly Spring Designs CT~

Hello everyone! *waving excitedly* I'm happy that I got chosen to become part of Holly Spring Designs Creative Team!!! Can you find where's my name? ;)

I'm so happy this is my first time to be a part of a CT. To my surprise I'll be the hybrid scrapper!! :D I'm more than willing to do it. As you can see lately, I love digital scrapbooking ;)
Wish me luck ladies & gents :)

P/s: I really wish I'm in good health now :( flu, cough, sneeze, please go away.....


Tuesday, April 26, 2011

I Will Always Love You, True Love & Be My Valentine ~ 3 Digi-Layouts

Hi everyone :D I made this 3 digi-layouts in about an hour woohooo!! They are all very simple :D
But I'm loving each of it.

I Will Always Love You
This layout I made especially for Masjuana ;)

True Love
I made this layout especially for Renee ;)

Be My Valentine
This layout is especially for H Ling. :D

I love all~I used
Shabby Princess - mix of 2-3 digital collection.

I'm glad that my 3 scrapper friends really love my layouts :D

They are so special to me. I love being their friends :) I hope our friendships will last forever.


Sunday, April 24, 2011

Another Digi-Layout ;)

Hi everyone~ Just want to share about my 1st FSFS' Bloganniversary Giveaway is open until 30th April 2011. So click here to know more on how to win this album or click on the picture of the top right (it will direct you to the link) ;) This album consists 7 layouts sized 8 x 8 which are ready to be fill with your pictures! Amazing right?

Here is another layout i made yesterday. To my surprise my digi-layout didn't have any title & journal!! After I made this layout, I decided it is already beautiful~ (I know, I know, I'm a bit ermm..vain? Nope! Show off? Lol!)

Remember when I said about Holly Spring? Yup, I used her digital collections for this beautiful photo. I used & combined 2 Holly Spring Designs, Sweethearts in Spring & Vintage Love.

She's 1 of my bestfriends, Rena. This picture was taken during her engagement day & she'll get married to my brother-in-law!! Hooray!! Welcome to the family~


Friday, April 22, 2011

ATC's - Dreams & 1st FSFS' Bloganniversary Giveaway~

Hello everyone~ This is the 2nd time I made ATC's. We are required to use the peeling technique, which I love very much! I love this technique & will include it in my layout sometimes :D

Title: Dreams

To know about this peeling paint technique you can click here.

This is my handmade album cover for the 1st FSFS' Bloganniversary Giveaway~ You can see more pictures of this album here including the back of the album.

This is the inside of the album ;)

Yes, all 7 pieces of 8 x 8 layouts specially scrapped by us could be yours!! Do you want to know how to win this album? Just click FOLLOW my blog, FSFS & Gadgetry + Artistry + Motherhood & don't forget to click LIKE our FB pages, Scrapper Maya & Scrapper Renee. Please LEAVE A COMMENT on this FSFS' blog if you want to win this giveaway. (We will ship Locally & Internationally! Horray!!) Oh you still have time to join the Family Theme Layout Challenge, I extend the dateline until this Sunday, 24th April 2011 (11.59pm).

Thanks for looking ;)

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

A Digi-Layout & 2 Simple Layouts~

Hello. How are you my dearest readers? I was sick yesterday. So I went to the clinic. I felt really dizzy in fact, I still feel dizzy a bit now! Oh no, I'm not pregnant, yet! Hahaha :D

Anyway, I just finished this digi-layout & I finished 2 other layouts yesterday. :)

I love trying new style on Digi-Scrapping. I was blog hopping & found this blog Holly Spring Designs :) I'm impressed & never expected to do this kind of layout. So here I am trying it!! :D I love it. I know it's simple but I've never crop picture like this & digi-scrap like this before right? So it's kinda new to me :D I need to learn more from my dear husband. He's so good, erm no, he's very good in this photoshop stuffs!! Hahaha.. Lucky me huh? ;)

This 'Dream' layout was done on February or March but I forgot to stick down the journal (yup those journal stickers!!) because I misplaced it. Yesterday, when I saw this layout I was like hmmm.. it's now or never!! Hahahaha..


Sarah with her Granddad (my father).

This is the 2nd layout I finished yesterday.

~Adore My Baby~
I just made a very simple layout :)

The card journal.

Word 'Adore' is part of the PP, 'My' I sprinkled with blue glitter & 'Baby' I embossed it :)

Thanks for looking ;)


Sunday, April 17, 2011

My 1st Hybrid Layout~ My Family~

Hi peeps! I'm feeling good today & excited too! As this is my first time to create a hybrid layout!

Title: My Family.

Journal: My family is a gift from god. I thank Him for this precious gift. I pray to Him to keep my family safe from harm. Amin.

My handmade flower using THz technique (remember I created this flower?)

I cut out the fence! It's very tiring but fun!! & I love how it made the picture stand out!

I made this tag from my Webster's Pages' Ladies & Gents Digital collection! I layered the Digi-PP & typed the title & journal on it. Then printed it out! I love it! ;)

See those cute butterfly? Another cut out from WP PP (the one with well? What's collection is it? Hahaha I forgot!)

I cut out those cute deer & slip in the fence! Tada~~

Btw I have another 2 layouts to finish! Mr.Mojo is being kind to me..Hopefully I can finish it I wish...

Thanks for looking :)


Saturday, April 16, 2011

True Love ~ Digi-layout

Wow! It's 12.36 midnight! Hahaha.. I already feel sleepy but I need to upload this digi-layout of mine at Facebook but apparently I encountered some technical problem & my layout couldn't be upload!! Boohoo!!! So here I am with my droopy eyes blogging about this...

True Love~

Journal: I know it's true love when we embrace each other imperfections.

I'm trying for a 'clutter look'..which I rarely do..& immediately I love this layout!! Not the best but best in my eyes!! Hahaha.. Can you spot a button here? Hehehe I created that button using Country Estate PP!! :D it was a hard work! So I managed to create only a button! Lol!

I used
Webster's Pages Digi Collection: Ladies & Gents, Country Estate & Hollywood Vogue
Shabby Princess Digi Collection: Sprout, Sweetie Pie & Yours Truly Expressions.

Thanks for looking :)


Wednesday, April 13, 2011

AR.Photography ~

*An advertisement from a wife of a photographer to the world hahahaha..*

Just want to share here about my dear husband's passion ~ Photography!! ;)
He does portraitures, pre-weds/post-weds, wedding, fashions/bridals & others formal event as well as informal. If you're interested to see his work please click here for more details.

Thanks for looking ;)


Tuesday, April 12, 2011

My Lovely Family ~ Digi-Layout being featured at InspireMe!

Hi everyone. How are you? :) This digi-layout I made yesterday & wanted to upload it last night...but.....

I posted it at InspireMe & unexpectedly, my digi-layout was chosen as Banner Of The Week!! :D

This is the 2nd time my work has been featured at Inspire Me. I print-screened my page.
Tada~ It's rare to see all my pictures in one place! You can see the banner, my digi-layout & the side bar featuring my digi-layout ;)

The side bar ;)

I used Webster's Pages' Ladies & Gents Digital Collection.

Thanks to InspireMe for choosing my digi-layout :)) I'm honour & feel very happy!!


Sunday, April 10, 2011

New Blog Challenge ~ Divas By Design (DT call).

Hello good morning ;) Here I am trying out for a DT call by Divas by Design.

Currently, they are looking for 5 new DT members. The DT call will run until 20th April 2011. All you need to do is, post about it in your blog & don't forget to include your 3 best works :)

Ok, here are my 3 best works. For more details on each work, you can click the below link provided (below each picture).
Click the above link to see the rest of the pages.

Click the link above to see more close up images of this layout :)

~Beautiful~ Altered Canvas~

Click the link above to see more close up images of this altered canvas :)

Coincidentally, all my 3 best works were using Webster's Pages!! Lol! Well, I can work well with others too ;) I love to try out all type of craft. Recently, I made ATC, inchies, twinchies, card & felt doll! Hahaha...hey now I'm rambling =_=' oopss sorry! Hehehe..

Thanks for looking :D

Psstt..If you are not interested in joining the DT call, you can win those fantastic candy! Just go to the blog ;)


Saturday, April 9, 2011

Sarah, Handmade Doll & Engagement Folder.

Hello everyone ;)

Just a quick update but with lots of photos! Lol!

"Mummy do I look pretty?"


These photos were taken on 6th April 2011. I clipped on the ribbon which was a gift from a friend of mine (She's a very good crafter!). When I took out my handphone to take photos of her with that cute hair clips, these were the result. All with her sweet smiling! I love her very much!!! :D she's my sweetheart baby!

Next was a handmade doll that I stitched last Wednesday! :D I know it's not that beautiful or pretty! Hahaha.. but I was inspired by Tim Burton's Nightmare Before Christmas! So I made my own version but cuter with pink colour instead of black! Lol! This was my first time stitched a felt doll :)

This big, alive doll, is specially made by me hahahahhaa!! I love this big doll of mine forever ;)

Next will be an engagement folder (or dowry book the way that I like to call it) that was requested by a very good friend of mine for her engagement day (yesterday). :)

Front cover. I used Webster's Pages' PP from the Hollywood collection ;)

Inside. Slip in for the list of requesting from the bride to be.

A close-up look :)

Anyway if you're looking for a customize engagement folder, don't hesitate to contact me @ my email, Or you can like my Facebook Page & comment there ( :) I will always check it from time to time. For more other altered items or handmade cards (or you want to check the price), you can go here.

Thanks for looking. :) have a nice weekend!